Siddhi Vinayak 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Riddhi’s past surfaces

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Siddhi Vinayak 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riddhi lies that she kept it to check her horoscope. He tells her that there are many papers in the house. She can read from them. She asks him if he also reads them stealthily. He corrects her pronunciation on which she makes a joke. He allows her to take those pages so he can sit in peace. She goes. He thinks she is too strange.

Vin’s parents are having breakfast. Riddhi crumples the paper and hides it in a vase. She thinks to hide those pages from other newspapers as well but to her shock, the papers are gone. She notices Vin’s father reading one newspaper. She thinks how to stop him. Vin’s father reads out an article (of a mother killing her son). How can a mother do so? Manjari says times have become really bad. You cannot even trust your shadow. Riddhi snatches the paper out of his hands. You are always reading paper and not eating. From today onwards, you will eat first. He happily agrees. Gauri Bhabhi is irked. Don’t know what magic she has cast on everyone.

Riddhi notices Raghu taking breakfast for Rajbeer and stops him as he is also carrying a paper with him. She reminds him that he eats brown bread. Rajbeer’s wife is confused and so is Manjari. Vin’s father is happy to see her concern for everyone. Manjari thinks she is too dangerous. No one can really understand what she is up to.

Riddhi very smartly manages to take out that particular page from the newspaper while Raghubir makes the article. She asks about Bhaiya who had only opted to have tea. Riddhi worries what if he sees the obituary.

Riddhi comes to Manveer’s room and greets him. He asks her if everything is fine. She nods. Gauri Bhabhi has set breakfast so I thought to ask you too. He tells her that he isn’t feeling like eating it. She takes the tea from him and drops it on him (as he was about to read the paper). She takes out the same page and helps him clean it. I am really sorry. You should wash it. I will clean here in the meantime. He goes. She heaves a sigh of relief.

Mona shows her scarf to Vin. Vin asks Mona who did this to her scarf. She takes Riddhi’s name. She does not like seeing us close. I left my scarf at your home when we were inebriated the other night. She got angry and took it out on the scarf. He calls it wrong but she finds it cute. She still thinks we are engaged. I believe she is in love with you. Vin tells Mona to think before speaking. She is married. Mona says you love her even though she is married. It is possible in her case too. she cares a lot for you and is concerned. He says the same for Riddhi.S he is like that only. She cares for Ma also. She cares of everyone. She is like that only. Anyone can love her. Mona says it must be really difficult to stay away from her. He nods. I don’t know how to stop myself from loving her! She suggests him to meet her husband once. You should know the reason behind your pain. He asks her if it will lessen her pain. She declines. Your pain might not decrease but you might be able to move on in life after seeing her happy with her husband. She takes his leave as she has a flight to catch. He bids her bye. She again tells him to do what she just suggested. Vin decides to meet Riddhi’s husband once. Mona is right.

Riddhi and her mother are in temple. Their puja is complete. Pundit ji gives them Prasad. Dadi shares that Riddhi came in her life when she was just 3 years old. After her parents died, I raised Riddhi like a mother and not as her Dadi. I never thought I will have to do this puja in her name one day. Riddhi comforts Dadi. You gave me a new identity by giving me Riddhi’s face and name. I cannot do much but I promise you, you will never cry again. Dadi says I thought I have no one when I lost my Riddhi. When I got you, I felt as if I got my Riddhi back. I used to miss her very much. Riddhi says apart from you there is someone else as well who misses Riddhi. He gave an obituary in newspaper. Dadi agrees. I fail to understand who it could be who still remembers today’s date even after 5 years! Riddhi is taking a round around the temple.

Pundit ji asks the guy to take the name of the person for whom he kept the havan. He says – Riddhi Shivam Singh, my deceased wife. Riddhi is passing by from there just then but Shivam’s eyes are closed. He feels something strange and looks up. Riddhi has her back to him. He keeps eyeing her in confusion. He closes his eyes again.

Manjari checks all the newspapers but cannot find the horoscope pages in any of them. Raghu says I know nothing about it. I kept them in every room like always. Manjari wonders who could have done it and why.

Dadi tells Riddhi they must find out who printed that obituary for Riddhi. Riddhi says whoever it is, it is associated with your granddaughter’s past. We must find out about that person asap. Shivam is standing behind them holding Riddhi’s photo.

Riddhi apologizes to Dadi for mumbling her troubles even on this day. Dadi says you are my Riddhi and you can tell me anything anytime.

Riddhi covers her eyes as the reflection blinds her. She looks at Shivam but he turns the photo towards him. Riddhi now asks Dadi what she should do about Mona and Vin. I don’t like it when I see them together. Dadi advises her to tell him everything. Riddhi is worried for Vin’s life but Dadi reasons that it will still be a shock if he marries Mona and later finds out about his marriage with you. She goes to get the car. Shivam sees Riddhi’s image in the mirror ahead and is stunned. Riddhi leaves with Dadi. Shivam wonders if it was in his mind or was it really Riddhi.

Vin’s father says how can Vin get engaged. Riddhi says I dint know what to tell you. Vin’s parents ask her to stop Vin. How can he marry again? He asks Manjari to come but Shankar reminds him of what doc said. He nods. We cannot overlook the truth though. Manjari worries for Vin’s life. It can kill him. I cannot let him get any shock. Riddhi speaks of what Dadi had suggested. Shankar seconds her. Manjari thinks why Riddhi cannot die. She is acting like a lawyer! I feel like killing her. Riddhi suggests checking with doc. Shankar agrees. manjari thinks what if doc tells them that Vinayak is completely fine. My plan will be foiled!

Precap: A girl is speaking to her father. She hands over the phone to Riddhi so she can guide him to the park. She takes the phone and tells her name as Riddhi Sinha.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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