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ISHWARI RAICHAND : After the death of her husband Ishwari has united earth and sky to give her children a good and better future and she has been sucessful in it

DEV & SONKSHI (sona) RAICHAND : Dev is ishwari’s eldest son who is a selfmade businessman . He had made his mom proud by this works. He is married to sonakshi (love of his life) . Sona is a nutritionist by proffesion and still continuous . Suhana is their one and only daughter
SANSKAR(sam) RAICHAND : second son of ishwari completeing his studies at st.Xavier’s college. Lucky & Naira are his bffs. He is serious aboit very thing in life. He has a good bond with his neice

SUHANA(soha) RAICHAND : A smart intelligent girl. She is going to be in 2nd standard this year. Quite naughty . For her her chahu and papa are superheros


PARVATI GADODIA : A strict grandmother who cares about her caste and custom and always forces her grandchildren to do so. Because of that swara and she always gets into war
SHEKHAR & SHARMISTHA GADODIA : Shekhar spends most of his time in business but even though he has a good chemistry with his children . Sharmistha wife of shekhar is a typical housewife and a loving women
KARTIK GADODIA : He is into the business helping his dad. He plays gitiar amazingly . He is strict as well as caring brother
SWARA GADODIA : A sweet bubbly girl . who belives in love stories and fantasies. She is a bit modern that others in her family.She is taking admission at st.Xaviers this year
RAGINI GADODIA : A simple and traditional girl who belives in god more than anything. For her falling in love means love after marriage. She is a expert sitar player


ARJUN KAPOOR : He is the first son of Tej and Jhanvi kapoor (who are setteled in Canada). He came to india to do a project with Dev

LAKSH(lucky) KAPOOR : Arjun’s brother whom is loves more than anything and wiseversa .He is a flirty type. He is completeing his studies in St. Xavier’s . Naira and sanskar are his bff


RAJNATH & SAKSHI GOENKA : They are a typical business family. Raj and sakshi shows the world that they are the most loving couple but the truth is something else

MAYA GOENKA : She is eldest of Mehrotra’s . Her husband’s death in an accident change her behaviour differently. Now is a business women who values Zero for emotion

SHAURYA GOENKA : He is a spoiled child.Because his mom&dad only had time for business. But he loves his sister more than anything and can go any extent for her


ABHISHEK & PRAGYA MEHRA : Abhi is a cool dad. Suportive husband and a loving brother.A rockstar. He is free minded guy without tension even though he struggled lot in past and his life took a new turn when he meet Pragya . Pragya is a sweet innocent women . She takes care of all her families needs

DURGA MEHRA : Abhi, het brother is everything for her as she know after their parents died Abhi took care of her. She have a great bond with Pragya
KAIRA MEHRA : Abhi’s daughter. She is going to be in 2nd this year. She is the only person to whom abhi always looses. Naughty and prankist

NAIRA : She is smart , bold and strong. Studies at St. Xavier’s . Laksh and Sanskar are her bffs. She is an orphan
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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow…lots of amazing jodies.shocking that maya’s hus died.wonder who he is

  2. Vanu

    post soon

  3. Nyc….. I hope uh would continue this!!!

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