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Priyanka is patting Mishti’s back gently after finished feeding her. Mishti already slept. Priyanka places her on the bed and covers her with a blanket. Soumya increases the air conditioner temperature, so that Mishti won’t feel too cold. Ranveer is talking on his mobile.

Ranveer: You both know right what to do?? Ok, I will call you tomorrow. (He ends the call and goes towards them.) Mishti has slept??

Prinku: Yes. She is too tired due to jet lag.

Ranveer: (caresses Mishti’s cheek) If adult like us are feeling tired, this little baby must be very tired as well. (Soumya’s mobile rings.)

Soumya: It’s Rudra. I will put on loudspeaker. (Answers the call.) Hello, Rudra.

Rudra: Soumya, PriVeer are three??

Soumya: Yeah. We are on loudspeaker now.

Rudra: Good. We are on conference call now. Ishana bhabhi is on line too. Bhabhi….

Ishu: Yes, Rudra.

Rudra: You remember right what I said just now?? Just do like that. Don’t be scared. We all are with you. Just make sure no one sees the bluetooth on your ear.

Ishu: Ok, Rudra. (Adjusts her hair covering her ear)

Rudra: Where are you now, bhabhi??

Ishu: I’m going to enter the auditorium where the exhibition is going on.

Rudra: Ok. Enter and see what is happening inside there. (Ishana obeys and enters inside.) What’s happening, bhabhi??

Ishu: Media is questioning him I guess but I can’t see his face. I only can hear his voice.

Prinku: Bhabhi, let’s listen what they are questioning him first. (Ishana nods and they listen to the interview. They become angry when the reporters questions him about Ishana by mentioning her as mistress.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, go and interrupt them. Show confidence in your face and have a cunning smile.

Ishu: (confused) Cunning smile?? How to give cunning smile?? I don’t know to smile like that.

Soumya: Di, now you are going to meet the person whom you hate a lot. Will you give a sweet smile towards him?? Give a smile that having hatred in it.

Ishu: (nods) Ok.

Rudra: Good. Go now. (Ishana nods and enters inside the auditorium.)

Ishu: Who said that I have left him?? (Everyone turn towards Ishana in shock including Omkara. She smirks and walks passing the crowd who have surrounded there and goes towards Omkara who is looking at her shockingly.) Hi, baby!!! (She hugs him.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, kiss him. (Ishana is shocked and whispers ‘no’ at him while still hugging Omkara.) Bhabhi, remember that he has kissed you in front of this people only before this. Now you have to do the same.

Ishu: (breaks the hug) Do you know how much I missed you?? (kisses his cheek making Omkara shocks again.) Baby, why are they saying that I have left you. You only said that you have lost interest in me and ask me to leave for some days. Then why are they telling that I have left you for some other rich man. Do you think that I will do like that, baby?? (She says innocently holding his chin while Omkara is confused with her.) Why are you looking at me like this?? You didn’t expect me here?? (Goes near his ear and whispers) Or you never expect that will make a re-entry in your life again?? (Winks at him.)

Rep: You are his mistress, right?? What did you say?? You didn’t leave him??

Rep2: Then, where have you been these months?? Did he throw you out from his life??

Rep3: Why did you come back now?? Have you been ditched by the new man that you have returned back to Omkara Singh Oberoi again?? (Ishana feels hurt with those questions but she doesn’t shows it on her face.)

Ishu: (looks at Omkara) Baby, they are asking too many questions. Should I tell them everything?? (Gives a sarcastic look towards him while Omkara is bewildered seeing this side of her. He doesn’t say anything and remains silent. She turns towards them.) First of all, I didn’t leave him. He has felt bored with me and asked me to leave. That’s why I left. (Looks at Omkara) Right, baby??

Rep2: Is that true, Mr Oberoi?? Are you the one asked her to leave you?? (Omkara just keeps quiet.)

Rep3: You have proved that you are also like some other rich guys who will ditch the girls after using them. (Looks at Ishana.) How much did he pay for you to leave him?? He said that you are a gold digger. Did you get enough amount for your service as his mistress for those months?? (Ishana’s eyes are welled with tears with the question.)

Voice: How dare you to raise these type of questions to my bhabhi?? (All turn towards the voice and see Rudra who is shooting daggers through his eyes towards all of them. He barges towards them.) What are you all thinking about yourselves?? Just because you all are holding a mike, do you think that you can ask anything to anyone. Is that your professional ethics?? Don’t you feel shame to ask like that to a girl??

Rep: What is wrong with our questions, Mr Rudra Singh Oberoi?? That girl is your brother’s mistress. She must have been paid for that.

Rudra: She is a mistress or something else is none of anyone of your business. It’s her wish to become whatever she wished. You have no rights to interfere in her personal life. You all are here to interview Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi, right?? Just do that only. If you want to ask anything about her, just ask him. He will give all the answers. (Glares at Omkara.) You don’t have to ask my bhabhi. I won’t spare anyone who humiliate my bhabhi.

Rep2: What did you call her?? ‘Bhabhi’?? You are calling her as bhabhi??

Rudra: Yes, she is my bhabhi. If you want to know the answer, ask this man who is standing in front here. (Pointing towards Omkara.) I don’t have time to answer your useless questions. Let’s go, bhabhi. (Holds Ishana’s hand and takes her from there. The reporters turn towards Omkara.)

Rudra is driving the car while Ishana is sitting beside him. Rudra feels bad for getting Ishana humiliated again which he has expected. Ishana realised that he is feeling guilty with whatever happened just now.

Ishu: Rudra…..

Rudra: I’m sorry, bhabhi.

Ishu: (smiles) Why are you saying sorry, Rudra?? We already expected that. In fact, you too said that I will be questioned like that and told me to not to feel hurt.

Rudra: I know, bhabhi but still I feel bad when they said like that about you.

Ishu: But you have gave back to them nicely by standing for me.

Rudra: I want that Omkara Singh Oberoi to spill out the truth of your relationship with him from his mouth. That’s why I asked you brought you to his exhibition. This world who are saying that you are his mistress must know that you are not his mistress but his wife, Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi. The media must started to doubt when I addressed you as bhabhi. Let’s see how he is going to answer them.

Ishu: I don’t think he will tell them the truth, Rudra.

Rudra: No problem, bhabhi. We will make different plan to make him to tell the truth.

Ishu: But Rudra, why did you ask me to call him baby, hug him and kiss him?? He doesn’t even like if I am near him.

Rudra: That’s why I asked you to do like that. To annoy him.

Ishu: I never had called my NeilGau as baby but you asked me to call him as that. Ufff!!! (Making an annoying face while Rudra just chuckles seeing his bhabhi.)

Rudra: Let’s do one thing, bhabhi. After go back, wash your mouth using mouth wash. (He laughs while Ishana slaps his arm playfully.)


IshRu reached there and directly go to Soumya’s room where SouPriVeer are. SouPri hug Ishana.

Prinku: Are you alright, bhabhi??

Ishu: Yeah, I’m good. You all didn’t listen to whole happenings there??

Rudra: Bhabhi, I have cut their call before entering the auditorium. (SouPriVeer nod their heads agreeing with him.)

Ishu: Rudra came and stood for me that time. (They sigh in relief.) How is Mishti?? Did she cry??

Soumya: No, di. Mishti didn’t cry. She had her milk and sleeping peacefully. (Ishana sits beside Mishti and strokes her cute cheek while others smile seeing them.)

Shivaay enters inside the house angrily making everyone confused.

Shivaay: (screams) Rudra!!! (IshRuMyaPriVeer look at each other. Mishti started to cry hearing Shivaay’s loud voice. Ishana pats her back calming her.)

Rudra: Why the tiger is roaring now?? My poor baby get scared. (Pats Mishti’s back.)

Prinku: I know. It must be because of the hungama you have created in his darling brother’s exhibition just now.

Rudra: Yeah, right. Let’s go and see. Bhabhi, bring Mishti too. (Ishana nods and lifts Mishti. They leave from there.)

Living Room

Everyone has gathered there hearing Shivaay’s angry scream. TejSak are there too.

Kalyani: What happened, Billu??

Shivaay: I will tell you, daadi. Where is Rudra??

Rudra: I’m here only. (Shivaay turns and sees Rudra who is looking at him like he doesn’t know anything. Shivaay goes towards him.) Why did you do like that??

Rudra: What I did??

Shivaay: Don’t pretend that you don’t know what have you done??

Rudra: I have done a lot of things. Which one you are talking about??

Shivaay: I’m talking about Om’s exhibition which you have ruined just now. Why did you bring the girl there??

Jhanvi: What?? He took her to Om’s exhibition??

Shivaay: Yes, bade mom. Already the media questioned him a lot. Then, he took that girl there and he said she is his bhabhi.

Rudra: That is the truth. She is my bhabhi. This family’s bahu.

Jhanvi: Shut up, Rudra!! She doesn’t deserve to become Oberois bahu. You better send her and her baby from where you have brought.

Rudra: You are wrong, mom. It’s not that she doesn’t deserve to be Oberois bahu but the Oberois don’t deserve her.

Shivaay: (thinks something) Mom, what did you say?? Send her back?? That means she is……

Prinku: She is here only. (Shivaay turns and sees Priyanka. He smiles in tears seeing her.)

Shivaay: Prinku….. (goes towards her and about to touch her but she steps back.)

Prinku: Rudra bhaiya, I already told that no one can call me Prinku except you and Soumya. I think he has forgotten about that. Please remind him.

Shivaay: I’m your brother, Prinku.

Prinku: Sorry, you are Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi, not my brother. (Shivaay feels hurt hearing her words which are stabbing his heart. He hears a baby’s cry and sees Ishana standing beside Soumya holding a baby. His eyes started to fill with anger and barges towards her.)

Shivaay: How dare you to come here again?? You are the reason for my family getting break. You have separated my brother and sister from me!!! Why did you come here again?? What is your plan now??

Rudra: Don’t speak to her in that tone. I won’t stand that. And whatever happened are not because of her. All are because of your so called brother and this family including you. Don’t blame my bhabhi for that. And please lower your tone or my niece will become scared. (Caresses Mishti’s hair who is looking confused with the adults.)

Shivaay: (confused) Niece?? What do you mean by niece??

Rudra: Niece means niece. This is my bhabhi’s baby. I mean your brother, Omkara Singh Oberoi’s baby. (Shivaay is shocked.)

Shivaay: No!!! I won’t believe this. This girl is lying. This can’t be Omkara’s baby. (Towards Ishana) Hey!! Whose baby is this?? I know this can’t be Omkara’s. Tell me who is the father of this baby??

Prinku: Rudra bhaiya already told you who is the father of this baby.

Shivaay: (shouts) No!!! This can’t be Omkara’s!!!

Rudra: Why?? He doesn’t have the capability?? (All are shocked with Rudra’s question which no one expected. Shivaay becomes angry.)

Shivaay: What did you say?? (He raises his hand and almost slaps him. Ishana is about to go and stop but she sees another hand holds his hand before landing on Rudra’s cheek. She looks at the person who is holding his hand.) Annika?? Let go off my hand, Annika. Have you heard what he asked about our Om?? How he could say like that about him??

Annika: Let Omkara come back first and ask him if the baby belongs to him. Don’t simply raise your hand to hit Rudra. He is right in his situation. (IshRuMyaPriVeer look each other confusingly.)

Shivaay: Why we have to ask him?? I know this baby is not his. He hates this girl.

Prinku: (sarcastically) Oh, really?? Don’t forget that he is the one did artificial insemination to her. And he is the one tried to misbehave with her as well. The one whom you claimed to be hated by your brother. He did like that towards her only. (Shivaay keeps quiet.)

Tej: Let Omkara come, Shivaay. They want to hear from his mouth that the baby is not his. Then, we will do what we have to do.

Pinky: Don’t know whose dirty blood running inside the baby and she wants to give Oberois surname to the baby. (Ishana becomes angry hearing Pinky badmouthing about Mishti.)

Ishu: (goes towards her) Listen, I don’t care if you speak ill about me. But don’t say anything about my baby. I won’t take it.

Pinky: What you will do?? Haan?? I will speak like that only. You gave birth to someone else baby and claimed the baby belongs to Omkara. So that you can give Oberois surname for your illegitimate child.

Ishu: (angrily) I said not a word more against my baby.

Pinky: Just shut up and tell us who is the father of this baby??

Voice: It’s my baby!! (All turn and shock to see the person at the entrance.)

To be continued…..

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