Nimki Mukhiya 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi confesses his love for Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abhi says try to understand. I can’t marry sweeti. Nimki says because you love me? i will tell babbu. He says stop lying. Stop pretending. i know that he doesn’t love you. When will you fight for yourself? Nimki says what else should i do? He says I am talking about you. Are you happy there? Nimki says what will you do even if I am not? Sweeti loves you. If you wanna save anyone from that house save her. elena sees mom in her. She needs her. Haveli is my control. I will leave that place when I have to. abhi says what after that? Nimki says then tune is there for me.

Tune checks Ram’s temperature. He gives Ram medicine. tune says mauha has a problem in brain too. She gets angry. Mauha says why are you here again. Tune says she is very angry all the time. she doesn’t understand my heart. Mauha says does he understand others?
Nimki says to Abhi I know you love me but I dont’ love you. I never saw you like that. You are a friend to me. please marry Sweeti. Think about Elena. He says but my heart.. SHe says you will forget me. Heart is like a lake. Abhi nods. Nimki says wow I am so happy. She says to women this guy is going to be a groom. The women sing around them.

Ram says to Mauha why are you mad at Tune? She says papa you always encourage him. You are on his side completely.

Scene 2
Annaro tells Tettar and Babbu everything. Tettar says babbu do you see the game? Nimki and BDO are paying this. Babbu says I will kill that Nimki. Tettr says being angry is not the solution to everything. Tetar says we have to play from mind. I will kill BDO in front of Sweeti. everyone of us will shoot him. Sweeti will cry and everything will be fine. Babbu says i will talk to her.

Nimki recalls what happened. She says my bad luck. I could never see your love. i am sorry. Annaro comes to Nimki an says stay away from nimki. Ask BDO too or we will kill him. Nimki says we are not threatened. Don’t challenge me because I accept it. Annaro says this can never happen as soon as I am alive. Nimki says are you dying soon? Annaro is about to slap her. Nimki says no you acn’t do hat. I am Mukhiya. You are nothing.

Babbu comes to Sweeti. she says are you here to question why mausi came here? I didn’t know. But even if I did this is my life and I decide what happens. He says I wanna talk. Sweeti says you will speak for Tettar and annaro. Babbu says I always took your side. I kicked Ritu out for you. She says you wont understand me. Babbu says they are using me to take revenge from our family. Sweeti says what does Ritu want? He wanted power only. You think like Tettar. Nimki is tolerating you. She will flood you and your Tettar with her anger one day. Babu says are you threatening me? Babu says stay away from BDO. Sweeti says or what? Sweeti says I will marry BDO now.
Precap-Babbu says except for BDO if you wanna marry anyone I will get you married to him. But not him. Nimki says no one can decide what happens in Sweeti’s life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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