Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 25

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

Author’s Note : Please read the Author’s Note posted before Precap. Thank you in advance !!!


”Haan tho Anika…you were saying about some lunch date…please tell me in detail as you know I am very poor in these matters”

”Why don’t you ask your brothers then?”

”Who this Om..forget it, if I ask him he will ask me to say some tongue twisting Shaayari”

”Shivaay” Om looked at him in surprise, while Shivaay gestured him not to take it to his heart. Om supressed hi smile

”Actually can anyone say what’s happening?” Priyanka cut off

”Prinku…come I will say” Om took her to other side

”Come on Anika…give me some ideas for a perfect lunch date. See I don’t generally request , but please” Shivaay said

”what do you think of me? Some date organiser that I will have my brain filled of these nonsensical ideas of arranging perfect dates. Listen I never went on any dates nor have I ever witnessed any dates…haan but I ate dates a lot…they are tasty” she banged the lid once again making faces

”Didi…why do you get so irritated , Shivaay sir is asking for a help…you can be polite too”

”Gauri ..you don’t come in between…why should I help him for his date with some Special girl whom I don’t know…and by the way don’t forget you are my sister before his employee…got it…now eat quietly”

”ohh so that’s your problem that you donno her…fine I will make you talk to her so that you will know her and then will you arrange a date for us. Pretty please”

”Uff…can’t you understand when told once..aapka date gaya tel lene (go hell with your date)..mein jaa rahi hoon (i am going)…” she left from there much irritated

While Shivaay, Priyanka and Om laughed holding their stomachs and Gauri was trying to understand what was actually happening

”Shivaay bhayya..you are teasing her a lot …get ready to face consequences too” Prinku warned

”I don’t know what’s happening but I have never seen Anika didi so upset and weird since I met her. Be careful Shivaay sir…she will pounce anytime and then” Gauri gave her advice

”nothing will happen Guari..i know her very well…in all these years she didn’t change a bit…she is the same weirdo” Shivaay smiled

”Shivaay…I am so happy to see you smiling…something we missed all through these years…thanks to Anika for getting our bhai back to form” Om put his hand over Shivaay’s shoulders and spoke

”true..and we love you bhayya for being so” Priyanka hugged Shivaay

”Awee…how sweet” Gauri said and smiled

”ok ok…you know this doesn’t suit me at all” Shivaay said adjusting his coat

————–Anika’s Cabin

”what does he think of himself. Hrithik Roshan. I have to arrange a date for him , he was saying this to me. Why should i? Not only me my chamki will also not arrange anything. Huhh…kanji aankhon wala bagad billa . I would rather destroy his date than arranging one. Will..you..arrange…a …date (in the most irritating soggy way) ” she spoke

”perfect..i will destroy his date…he he hu hu ha ha…SSO ..wait for my vaar when you go on date with your jaanebahaar(dearest)…wahh I am being so poetic …wah wah wah wah…Think Anika think…what should you do ”

”mmm” ”mmm” ”mmm” she was saying to herself and knocking her brain with her finger looking at ceiling

”idea…yess…ab aayega mazaa(now it will be fun)….but first I need to know when will he be going on date”

————Omkara Cabin

”Hey Gauri…come come” Om spoke when Gauri entered

”here the designs I made for the new construction deal. Have a look at and let me know. I will make changes as per your concerns if raised ”

Gauri turned to go when Om held her hand from behind. Her breathe beca,e uneven and she turned towards him and looked at him…He left her hand


”For what Om?”

”for leaving your home that day and saying all those which I suppose wouldn’t have made any sense to you” he turned his face away


He didn’t look at her

”look at me Om” She made his face turn towards her

”shall we go for a coffee and discuss there”



”Om…I donno what had happened with you earlier…but I didn’t feel bad for whatever you spoke..infact I am happy , that something that’s known only to you, you have opened up to me. Yeah not completely but a pinch of it”

”you understand me so much Gauri…thank you…after my siblings may be you are the one thing that has happened best to me” he looked at her holding her hands spoke

Gauri smiled…”Same from my end to”

”Don’t you want to know what I meant that day?”

”you will yourself tell me at the right time…I believe it and if you don’t wish to tell , I respect that too”

”you are ..you are just the best” he got up to hug her when she stopped him and pointed to the surroundings smiling

He pulled the elastic of the rubberband that binds his long hair, she was into splits

”by the way , you said you wanted to tell me something about you. What’s that about” Om asked

”I will also tell you at the right time. But let me try by myself first”

”okay as you say”

”anything else Mr.Jhatadhaari Hippie?”

”After staying with Anika..i am sure you are also getting weird words …sangath ka asar you know”

”true that..she is something else…”

”I know..but she is very sweet”

”yes…I so wish she was my real sister…life would be so better”

”and I so wish that she comes as my Bhabhi..life would be double better” Om winked and gave hifi to Gauri

”by the way where is Rudra? Even Saumya isn’t seen”

”Rudra had done something so annoying that there’s a huge fight between those both” saying this Om narrated what Rudra did and what Om and Shivaay advised him

”awee Poor boy…I will talk to him after the office and now let’s get back to work”

”yeah..after you”

They both left to their works


Rudra was doing Gym and was remembering Sumo’s words and ShivOm’s advice

”If I wouldn’t make fun of my friend whom will I make fun of and what was the need for her to get angry…if she is fat I will call her fat…like I am dumb she calls me dumbo…I never feel bad…by the way i am not so dumb….fine, if she doesn’t want to talk to me, I will also not talk to her..”

He speaking to himself lifted dumbbell’s instead of dumbbell and screamed in pain leaving the dumbbells and they apparently fell on his feet making him whither in pain

”Sumo…Fatso…I will not leave you” he cried

That’s when his mobile rang


”Rudra..hi…Gauri here”

”gauri Didi..hello..how are you?”

”am good..and was missing you…so called you…are you fine?”

”yes and no”

”why what happened?”

”That Fatso..i mean Sumo..i mean Saumya scolded me and left to her home leaving me alone with my car in the highway” he made a cry baby face and spoke

”Awee Rudra…don’t be sad…but ..but you shouldn’t have teased her on her weight..it’s sensitive matter for any girl isn’t it and with the reason she said , she is hurt more…”

”but what to do now..i am getting bored without her and without teasing her and there she might be enjoying with her mom…I am sure she doesn’t for once remembered me till now”

”How can you say that?”

”because she hasn’t sent a single message till now”

”did you send her ?”


” See you did mistake so you have to rectify.”

”but what should I do”

Gauri said something to which Rudra nodded and said thank you…the call ended and Rudra smiled

——————————Anika’s Cabin

Shivaay stood near Anika’s cabin and was talking to someone …Anika took baby steps and leaned to the cabin door to listen to Shivaay. Khanna who saw Anika doing so, gestured Shivaay about the same. Shivaay smirked and raised the tone so that Anika would listen

Shivaay on call ”Ok …sure…we will meet..i am also eager to meet you”

Anika spoke to herself ”He said he will meet and he is smiling also that means he is on call with that Lucchi Tucchi and date is fixed. Let me hear what he talks further”

Shivaay on call ”Ohh ya perfect..at what time?”

Anika spoke to herself ” Haan haan Tell the time…”

Shivaay on call ”yeah sure Lunch..it is perfect..fine then ”

Anika ”ohho…how much time will they take to decide the venue and time..phone bill kitna aata hoga inlogon ka (how much do they pay for their phone bill)…waise bhi how will it matter (anyways, how will it matter)  he is Oberoi aur inke paas paise ki pahad hoti hogi(he is oberoi and he has a hill of money) anyways Concentrate Anika..Concentrate”

Shivaay on call ”Zodiac Hotel, 13: 00 hrs Tomorrow for Lunch…will meet there..bye…take care and see you soon”

He ended the call and left from there without seeing Anika

Anika spoke to herself ”Zodiac Hotel, 1 PM tomorrow ..he he hu hu ha ha…Bhagad Billa now wait and watch how will I do chopsy of your lunch. She will not roam or will dare to talk to you ever again and left with no option , you will chose me to be the one whom you would want to share everything with”

She came back to her desk and started working when her Intercom ringed


”Yeah Shivaay”

”Can you come to my cabin once”


————–Shivaay’s Cabin

”Come in Anika…no need to knock the door”

”you called me”

”yeah…are you free tomorrow at lunch time..i have an important ” before he could complete

”No..i am not free…absolutely busy …I have…I have”

Shivaay looked on and said

”I have yeah parent teacher meet in Sahil’s school..yeah Parent teacher meet…infact I am thinking …I am thinking of taking a day off ”

”Ohh okay..Parent Teacher meet…Sahil’s school…okay…fantastic…okay…you can take a day off then..all the best”

”yeah..thank You..can..Can I leave now”


Anika left and Shivaay smiled

Shivaay TAM ”Stupid…I know there is no PT meet in Sahil’s school…as you fumble whenever you tell lies or you hide something…”

His thoughts travelled to his childhood with this


”Stupid…what are you doing?”

”you…why are you here?”

”I came to spend time with you”

”i..i ..yeah I am busy..i can’t talk to you” she turned and spoke wiping her lips

”But ..i find something strange…what are you doing?”

”no..no..nothing..what will I hide?”

”something is wrong..tell me stupid else I will call Aunty”

”no…” she screamed

”Then say the truth”

”Why do you want to know”

”because I want to know”

”i…I ..i said na I am hiding nothing..absolutely nothing”

”When did I say you are hiding something Stupid”

”oops..i mean..i mean..i am doing nothing..you go Khadoos”

”Now without finding what you are hiding…I am not gonna go from here”

”You are Khadoos Singh Oberoi..i found right name for you”

”whatever you think” and he started searching and removed a pillow to find out 6 empty cups and one cup half filled with Icecream. His eyes widened

”Anika closed her eyes and mouth”

He removed her hands from her mouth and patted her slowly, pointing his fingers towards the bed

”Are you serious Stupid, you were eating Ice creams that too hiding it from everyone and then saying me that you are doing nothing.”

”woh…woh..i ..i like icecreams and today there was some offer so dad brought many different flavours..mom asked that we will eat little everyday..but you know me..i can’t be at peace until I eat my tummy full of icecream…so”

”So..you ate everything hiding from everyone”

”yes” she sat on her bed pretty cool

”you are impossible Stupid. Wait I will tell aunty now”

”Oyee…if you tell her anything na..i ..i …I will not talk to you for one full day…”

”fine don’t talk …I will wait till day after tomorrow then”

”You are such a khadoos..you don’t like me at all…you don’t feel I am your friend…you are going to complain against me” saying that she coughed a lot

”see this is why everyone asks not to eat so many ice-creams at a time and over that your melodrama…now come to the doctor and get some medicines before aunty gets to know”

”That means you are not gonna say to mom?”

”no..i can’t see you get scoldings…”

”Awee…you are so sweet” she hugged him

He too hugged her and said ”I can’t see you fall sick Stupid…please don’t do such things ever”

”ok fine…don’t start your senti talks…by the way how did you suspect that I was hiding something”

”Ohh that..you get nervous and repeat all the words twice whenever you say lie or hide something”

”uff …next time I should be careful”

”Whaat? Stupid you are seriously”

She ran smiling and he too ran behind her.


”Shivaay shall we leave for home ” Om came to him bringing him out of the thoughts.

Author’s Note : I never expected that i will continue this story to 25 episodes and more as initially i didn’t have the confidence on the plot. But all your opinions, wishes and words of appreciation boosted me so much that this story has now kept me thinking and make me write with enthusiasm. I want to thank all the readers, who have taken their time to read and post their opinions. Thank you so much all the silent readers , who have pressed the LIKE BUTTON as well to all those readers who pressed DISLIKE BUTTON (You wouldn’t dislike if you don’t read or just scroll the page). Special Thanks to 

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for your time, patience and motivation through your opinions. Lots of love and best wishes to you. Keep smiling and keep motivating me.


Precap : An person to make an entry…The disastrous Lunch Date of Shivaay !!! To know more stay tuned.

This is the Twenty Fifth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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