Rag turns and look at him…both had a painful eye lock….
San:in cracking voice she is my business partner’s daughter..today she proposed me and unexpectedly she kissed me and…
Rag:tears formed in her eyes…and
San:(fb shows how angrily sanskar slapped that girl and told her that he already married and love his wife unconditionally…that girl felt bad and asked forgiveness) in cracking voice i had only love on u ..plz dont name it as sympathy..dont leave me again
Rag is abt to open her mouth..suddenly they hear a ram voice and sanskar immediately wiped his tears by seeing his dad cuming towards them…
ram:ragini beta
rag:ji uncle
Ram:when u asked permission to stay over there..i said yes but
Ram:plz dont go beta…becaz i always regret of accepting u to go to stay in ur mom’s house when u asked at that time….i dont want to regret again…(fb shows how ragini lied to ram and went away frm this house after they break their first marriage)
Rag:immediately bents on his knee…im sry uncle..i wont lie to u again
Ram:beta…i know but plz dont go
Rag:k uncle(she says by looking at sanskar)
San in mind u r going to stay for pappa’s wish

@night @11 pm
Rag is calling sanskar numerous time but he didnt pick her call..
In mind wat happen to u sanskar?plz attend it(worries)
Door knock
She hurriedly went and opened the door and shocked to c sanskar
Rag:(in stammering voice)sanskar r u drunk?
San:im sry ragini by saying he enters with fumbled steps when he abt to fall ,ragini holds him and supported him by wrapping her hand around his waist..both enters into their room…

@ragsan room
She make him to sit..
Rag:wat happen to u??
San:(in slurred speak)nothing ragini..nothing much dont know how to prove my love??dont know how to stop falling for u again amd again??dont know wat to do next??…smiles sarcastically i did a mistake by marrying u again..i thought v will b happy but no no im happy only by marrying u but u..u didnt like this marriage with me,u didnt like me but u hav to spend ur lifetime with me…its HORRIBLE ragini..today evening u thought to go but pappa…y u always sacrifycing ur life for other???u want live with the children,right?go ragini..go i wont stop u..watever ur heart says follows it…but dont forget onething…I LOVE U TRUELY
Rag:(in cracking voice)will u b happy if i leave u?
San:nods as no..suddenly joined his hands ragini plz dont think abt me and pappa..watever u decides i will support u..
Rag:my heart is saying to follow ur foot steps.
Rag:dont u want to know y i decided to leave u again?becaz i was nt able to c u with any other girl..i dont want hear u love someone frm ur mouth..im scared u will also leave me like my parents and my brother(cries badly)
San:(stands)cuppes her face(both had a eye lock)
Rag:without breaking the eye lock. I love u sanskar
San:(hearts flutter in joy)pardon
Rag:i love u
Rag:i love u
Rag:i lo(immediately sanskar place his lips on hers) widens and in next moment sanskar fell on her shoulder

Rag wakes up sanskar with coffee…
san:thank u ragini
Rag:smiles and stands infront of him until he finishes his coffee
San without looking at her placed his cup on tray and went to restroom
Ragini tries many ways to speak to him but he formally talks to [email protected] area also he didnt complemented her food which he usually do…
@ragsan room
Rag in mind did he forget everything??oh god no it shouldnt happen like this..he forgot our confession and our first kiss(worries)
Voice:ragini shall i drp u
Rag:(came to sense)nods..sanskar yesterday
San:im sry ragini..i shouldnt drink and cum
Rag:its k(in mind he forgot everything..most important thing in our life)
San:shall v
Rag:dont u remember anything??plz try
San:smiles immediately pecked her lips. ..
Rag became numb.
San:(huskily)i didnt forget our confession and our first kiss
Rag :??
San:cupped her face lovingly. I love u by saying he kissed on her forehead,eyes,nose and cheek and abt to kiss on her lips
Rag:came to sense and suddenly pushes him and holds her thumping heart…in stammering voice wat r u doing.
San:smiles by seeing his effect loving my wife,wifey
Rag:smiles a bit..so u were teasing me by pretending as nothing happened yesterday.
San:nods to c ur cute face and to c ur cute attempts to make me to remember
Rag blushes widely
San:this blushing ragini is new to me
Rag:this romantic sanskar is new to me
Both chuckles…

San:i will b waiting to c u at evening
Rag:blushes a little me too

Leap of 5 mnths
@early [email protected] room
Rag:sanskar leave me its already late
San:its sunday wifey by saying he is kissing on her neck continously
Rag:san. Sans sanskar but i have to go
San:looks the clock..till v hav time by saying he bites on her neck
Rag moans
San:started showering kisses all over her body…

After few minutes
Rag is continously changing her dress
San:back hugs her(in her ear huskily)y r u changing many dresses
Rag:(started shivering)because of u only..today i hav many marks..pouts
San:turns her and started sucking his bite marks on her body..
Rag with much effort pushes him…i have to go orphanage ..already its late
San pouts and nods

rag:sanskar..i will call u..mostly i will b here for 3 hrs
San:its k i will also b with u
Rag:shouts no no plz go to home
San:glares her.
Rag:sry sry but u will make me awkard in front of children
San:k i will leave but u have to (points his lips)
Rag:nods as no
San:k then cum v will go by saying drags het
Rag immediately placed her lips on his…both started kissing passionately…
After they break their kiss,ragini pecked his cheek and went

Rag is teaching the children ,suddenly she felt sanskar presence,she turned and shocked to c sanskar over there
Rag:in mind i told u not to cum
San:in mind i missed u wifey
Rag:glares him
San pouts..all the children plays with ragsan…suddenly ragini got fainted….ragsan happily celebrate with all the children when they came to know ragini is pregnant through a doctor in orphanage…

@ragsan room
Rag is smiling widely by placing her hand on her abdomen…
San:enters and immediately slept by placing his head on her lap ….wat r u thinking wifey
Rag blushes and carcasses his hair
San:kisses on her abdomen
Rag:im very happy sanskar….
San smiles but his eyes widens when her tears fell on his cheek
San:wrdly wat happen
Rag:im very happy sanskar….when i lost hope to live..i got many children ,when i want to lean over a shoulder i got u,when i want to c my daddy i gt ram uncle….when i want to c my mumma..i cam to knw im pregnant…my mumma is going to born to me again(her eyes become teary)
San:kissed on her eyes and hugs her happily…never ever cry..she will feel bad to c u lik this
Rag:hugs him tightly i love u sanskar
San:breaks the hug i love u too wifey
Rag:never ever leave me
San:cuts her by locking his lips with her…both joined their forehead when they need oxygen…I WILL NEVER WIFEY
rag smiles happily

Hope u like it.
Thank u for ur support for this story
It will take time to update cousin love as i didnt hav any idea

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