IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 15

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NeilGau’s Office

Neil ends his call after finishing his conversation with Swetlana. GauRan look at him.

Gau: What she said?? Did she aware of Ishu’s wedding??

Neil: No, yaar. As Ranveer said, she doesn’t aware of the marriage. She and Siddharth only aware that Ishu was Omkara Singh Oberoi’s mistress after watched his interview with the press.

Gau: She believed the news?? She didn’t think of talking with Ishu first??

Neil: She didn’t believe the news and wanted to talk with Ishu but…..

Gau: Her so called husband didn’t allow her. I forgot that Ishu is having enemy in her family. We can’t blame bhabhi. What she will do if her husband didn’t let her?? There is no difference between him and the so called Oberois.

Ranveer: That Omkara Singh Oberoi forcefully married her because she caused his fiancée’s death. Do you know why she went to Mumbai??

Neil: Ranveer, she didn’t tell us that she went to Mumbai. She said that she need to go for a project contract.

Gau: And she succeed in getting the contract. After that, her boss gave party for her and her colleagues.

Ranveer: That means the accident happened after that only. Priyanka said that Ishana was highly drunken that time which was shocking me.

Neil: Nonsense!! Ishu won’t drink. She hates the smell itself!!

Gau: Exactly!! She will rather drink poison than alcohol if she has given an option.

Ranveer: That means something has happened before Ishana left the party. We need to find out about that.

Neil: We only can find if we go to Mumbai. We can’t find anything from here.

Gau: Fine. Let’s take leave and go to Mumbai. We try to find for the clues there.

Ranveer: Are you mad?? You both are having important assignment here. You can’t take any leave before finishing it.

Neil: It’s enough, Ranveer!! Last time, we left her alone and went for our assignment. See what has happened!! Ishu’s life was ruined because of that. We can’t let anything happen again to her. Nothing is important for us than her.

Ranveer: I understand, guys. You both don’t worry about Ishana. I will be going with Ishana as well to Mumbai. I will take care of her. (NeilGau look at him in surprise) Actually, my case just finished and thought to take some break for few days. That’s why I take this chance to go to Mumbai and will try to investigate about that night.

Neil: How we will stay here after sending both of you to Mumbai??

Ranveer: I said right that I will take care of Ishana. I know that I’m not very much close to her because I don’t like her at first seeing her closeness with you. I felt like she is very much depending on you both. That time I don’t know anything about her and that’s the reason I misunderstood her. After you told me about her, I realised I was wrong. (NeilGau nod their heads)

Gau: Not only you, Ranveer. AvJa too didn’t like Ishu at first.

Neil: But now Ishu become apple of their eyes. I don’t know how they will react if they got to know about this.

Ranveer: Let’s leave to your house. We need to convince Ishana and we have to tell your wives as well. It’s time to payback. (NeilGau nod and they leave with Ranveer)



Soumya’s Room

Ishana is sitting on the bed thinking of the events happened today. She didn’t expect that her life will change completely in one day. She touches her sindoor and her mangalsutra. She recalls how Omkara married her and how he said to the media that she is his mistress. She jerks from her place. Soumya who just enters the room goes towards her seeing her state. Ishana sees Soumya and cries hugging her. Soumya just strokes her back calming her.

Ishu: (breaks the hug) I’m very scared. I want to go from here. (Sobs) Please help me. (Soumya feels bad seeing her crying badly)

Soumya: (thinks) Pity girl. I want to help her but how I will help her?? Om bhaiya definitely never listen to me. He is in very much anger on this girl. Shivaay bhaiya also supporting him. This family won’t go against Shivaay bhaiya. (Ishana looks at her hopefully)

Ishu: Will you help me??

Soumya: I wish that I could help you but I can’t. I’m just a guest here and I don’t have any relation with this family. (Ishana cries again. RuPri enter the room.)

Rudra: It’s time for dinner. (Soumya nods and gets up from the bed. Rudra looks at Ishana.) You also come with us.

Ishu: No, it’s ok. I’m not hungry.

Prinku: Don’t say like this. You are looking so tired and you didn’t have anything since you came here. Please come with us. (Ishana nods and follows them)

Dining Room

The entire family are sitting to have their lunch.

Shivaay: Where is Rudra??

Jhanvi: He went to bring Soumya. (Shivaay nods. They are about to have their food when RuMyaPri come there with Ishana. Whole family stare her in anger.) Rudra!! Why did you bring her here??

Rudra: For dinner. (Pulls the chair beside Omkara and looks at Ishana) Sit here. (Omkara stares at IshRu. Ishana feels scared seeing Omkara’s angry stare. She shakes her head at Rudra but he ignores her and makes her to sit beside Omkara.)

Om: (looks at Ishana) Don’t you feel any shame?? If he asked you to come for dinner, will you just follow??

Rudra: Why are you scolding her?? She didn’t want to come for dinner. We forced her to come. Poor girl. She never had anything since you brought her here. At least, let her to have her dinner.

Om: I don’t care she wants to eat or not. But, she should not sit here and eat. Ask her to go and eat at anywhere. But not in this dining. This is only for family, not for any murderer or mistress. (Ishana closes her eyes feeling hurt with his words.)

Ishu: (gets up from her place and looks at Rudra) I told you that I don’t want to come. I won’t die if I didn’t eat for a day. I am used to it. (Leaves from there)

Rudra: I can’t believe you are behaving like this, O. You are the one respected woman the most. But, you are torturing a girl and humiliated her in front of the world. And our whole family are watching it without saying anything.

Shivaay: Rudra, that girl killed our Gauri.

Rudra: It was an accident. I agreed that she caused Gauri bhabhi’s death but you don’t have any rights to punish her like this.

Tej: Rudra, you stop supporting that girl.

Rudra: I’m not supporting her, papa. I’m saying the truth. She is a girl. At least you should spare her thinking her as a girl. Or you should have sent her to the police.

Om: Rudra, don’t waste your time and energy talking about her. Just sit and have your food. (Rudra is about to say something but SouPri stop him)

Rudra: (sarcastically) It’s ok. You all have your food. I will go and have the food with my bhabhi. I mean with my ISHANA BHABHI. (All look at him in shock but he just ignores them and take two plates of food leaving from there)

Soumya’s Room

Ishana is standing at the window and looking at the sky. She recalls the moments she spent with her friends.

Ishu: I miss you Neil, Gautham, Avni, Pooja. I wished you all are with me now. This would not have happened if you all are with me. (Cries and continue looking at the stars. She feels someone touches her shoulder. She turns and sees Rudra)

Rudra: I brought food for you. Come and eat.

Ishu: No, thanks. I already told you that I’m not hungry.

Rudra: But I am very hungry. If you don’t eat, then I also won’t eat. (Makes a puppy face) I will stay in hunger with you. You know something?? I am a person who can’t stand hunger. But today I will stay in hunger for you. (Stands beside Ishana and looks at the sky)

Ishu: I don’t want anyone starve because of me. I will eat.

Rudra: (excitingly) Really?? (Ishana nods. Rudra takes a spoon of rice and feeds Ishana. Ishana smiles and have it. She feeds him back. They sit on the bed and have their food silently. SouPri who are standing at the door smile looking at them. They leave from there.)

Ishu: (after finishing the food) Thank you. (Rudra smiles.)

Rudra: You stay with Soumya tonight. I will ask the servant to arrange a room for you tomorrow. (Ishana nods her head) Good night. (He leaves to his room)

SouPri come to the room and chat with Ishana for some time. Priyanka is about to leave to her room when Omkara come that time.

Prinku: Bhaiya?? You are here at this time??

Om: (looks at Ishana) I want to take her. (Ishana feels scared and holds Soumya’s hand tightly)

Soumya: Where you want to take her, bhaiya??

Om: To the place where she supposed to stay. (Pulls Ishana’s hand) Come with me.

Ishu: Leave me!! (Tries to shove his hand but he tightens his grip and takes her out from the room. SouPri follow from behind)

Prinku: Bhaiya, leave her!! (Omkara doesn’t listen to her and continue dragging Ishana.)

Ishu: (screams) Rudra!!!! Rudra!!! (Rudra who is about to sleep is shocked to hear someone screaming his name. He runs out from his room and sees Omkara dragging Ishana. He goes towards them followed by entire family)

Shivaay: Om, where are you taking her?? (Omkara loosen his grip on her hand. Ishana leaves his hand and runs towards Rudra. She hides behind him clutching his shoulders)

Om: Shivaay, I’m taking her to my room. She has to stay there.

Rudra: (holds Ishana) Why?? She will stay in Soumya’s room. Tomorrow, I will arrange another room for her. She doesn’t need to stay in your room.

Om: She will stay in my room only. Ask her to be happy that I didn’t make her to stay in the store room. (About to pull Ishana’s hand)

Rudra: (blocks him) No, O. I won’t let you to take her.

Om: Rudra, if your love and respect for me are true, let me take her. Or I will think that you don’t have any love and respect for me. (Rudra is shocked with Omkara. He looks at Ishana and Omkara. Without any option he leaves Ishana’s hand making her shock. Omkara smirks and pulls her hand. She struggles to get out from his grip. He lifts her on his shoulder and leaves to his room while Rudra looks on worriedly. SouPri hug his shoulder while he gives an angry stare to his family. He leaves to his room followed by SouPri.)


PS: I know this chapter is not up to the mark. Sorry for this boring chapter.

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