SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 10

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The day passed away quickly.. And the sun hid behind the clouds making us see the moon..
Sanskar s cabin:-
Tears of happiness started to flow from Sanskar s eyes.. As he had just got a call from his agent saying tht he got to know abt some details of his nephew tht is veer.. And will call him within an hour..

Sanskar s pov:-
No one can imagine how happy im today.. I know i didnt get much details abt my bhai s son.. But yeah atleast i got to know that he is in mumbai with his maasi.. Within an hour i will get to know abt him…
Thanku God..! Finally there will lots of happiness in our house.. Laksh bhai i really miss u (he said closing his eyes in pain)
Pov ends..
Sanskar wipes his tears and conposes himself praying to get his bhai s child as soon as possible..

Leaving time:-
Swara had left for the home while Sanskar just started to drive when suddenly he got the msg …
Sanskar got the biggest shock of his life when he saw the picture of his nephew sent by his detective which was none other than Veer!
Sanskar stumbles there and was blank for abt half night hour when tears started to roll from his eyes..

Sanskar kissed veer s Pic emotionally and caressed it with all love he had for him.. “Baccha I never knew u r my bhai s son.. God he is living in our house.. And we didn’t knew only..” Sanskar thought..
Just then reality struck him.. “swara was also there with veer..? And everyone knows abt our family in India…. Swara was living in our house since these days plus we have bhai s pictures all around the house.. Then how didn’t she realize” Sanskar got angry thinking all this.. And somewhere his thinking was right.. As everyone knew abt Maheshwari family and he also got to know tht swara was close to RagLak and have so many pictures of laksh in their house..
Sanskar hits the steering wheel hardly and then drives at a very high speed..

Maheshwari house:-
With the speed of tornado Sanskar rushed in only to find SwaVeer sitting with ramta and uttara and chatting..
“see Maa bhai came.. Come bhai we were just talking abt u only” uttara said..
Swara smiled and when she looked at Sanskar she got negative vibes..
Ramta and uttara were also confused seeing Sanskar a behavior..
Sanskar directly went to veer and hugged him tightly sobbing a Lil like a kid..
Everyone were quite confused.. Veer just smiled and hugged Sanskar back..
Breaking the hug Sanskar looked at veer emotionally and loving leaving a peck OK his forehead..
Everyone were shocked seeing Sanskar crying not knowing what to do..
“chachu r u crying” veer asked innocently

To which Sanskar nodded in no picking up in his arms..
He moved towards ramta and uttara who were not knowing what’s exactly happening..
“Sanskar what happened to u r u alright” asked sujata who was worried for her son..
“Maa.. Papa.. Uttu.. Veer.. Veer.. is.. Laksh Bhai s son” sanskar said
Ramta (sujata+ram) stumbled back hearing this while uttara was in shock..
One more person who was damn shocked by the revelation was Swara! Even she didn’t knew tht Veer belonged to Maheshwari family.. She was close to Raglak and knew that Laksh belongs to a very rich family but never in her dreams she thought Veer is Ramta s grandchild..

Sujata ran and hugged veer tightly while he was still in Sanskar s arms.. Ram and uttara also caressed his face lovingly..
“he is my Laksh s son.. He was there since these days and we didn’t knew only..” Sujata said crying..
Everyone nodded..
Sanskar then looked at Swara who was still in shock.. He left Veer to Ramta and moved towards her with a bit anger and stern look..
“so Mrs Swara bose I know u were close to my bhai.. And know y he was separated right? Then y didn’t u inform us Haan tht veer is ur sister s son? Y” Sanskar screamed
Drawing everyone s attention towards SwaSan..

Ramta and uttara came towards them with veer..
“Sanskar stop it.. How can u blame Swara.. How will she knew tht (seeing veer lovingly) veer is our grandchild” Sujata said to which uttara and ram also nodded..
“y not Maa? We have so many pictures of bhai there.. How does she not know?” Sanskar said pointing at few pictures to which Swara stumbled a Lil..

“papa” veer said looking at the pictures..
Ramta uttara and Sanskar looked at him emotionally.. “yes veer he is ur papa…” said ram..
Swara s eyes brimmed with tears.. “Sanskar I know what ur thinking is also not wrong.. But trust me I never knew Laksh jiju belongs to ur family.. Y would I try to separate veer from his own family? I wanted veer to get all the love he deserved” Swara said crying bitterly..
Which made Sanskar realize his mistake..
Sujata and ram glared at Sanskar moving towards Swara.. Ram side hugged Swara..
“I trust my daughter.. She isn’t wrong Sanskar.. I know tht ur doubt is not wrong.. Anyone can think this.. But she is living here since these days and I know she wouldnt do anything like this” ram said..
Swara was just sobbing in ram s arms..

Sanskar felt a punch in his heart seeing Swara s condition.. He always saw her as bold naughty and mature girl.. And when she cried infront of him tht too coz of him his heart bleeded..
Sujata signed Sanskar to say sorry to Swara..
“im really swara.. Plzz forgive me.. Im reallyyy sorry i was flowed by the emotions” Sanskar said while he too unknowningly cried seeing her condition..
Swara nodded silently and went towards veer picking up in her arms..”veer baccha he is ur papa s brother (pointing towards sanskar to which he smiled) and this is ur papa s sister,mom and dad” swara said pointing towards each and every family member..

Veer s eyes twinkled and he smiled..
Veer hugged everyone tightly.. Except sanskar..
He movee towards him and signalled Sanskar to bend to his height..
Sanskar did it while swara was also observing his actions..
“sanskar chachu im angry… U made my shona maasi cry” veer said as he had witnessed all the happenings..

Sanskar smiled sadly and picked up veer in his arms.. “im sorry my veer i wont do this again.. Pakka.. (seeing towards swara) sorry shona.. (swara s eyes widened) oops i mean swara..” sanskar said..
Veer smiled as swara signalled tht she forgived him..
Veer tightly hugged Sanskar and kissed his cheeks making Sanskar damn happy while others were adoring their bond..

” u know what chachu ur just like my papa when i saw u first time i felt my papa was there with me” said veer..
Making everyone emotional..
“yes im like ur papa… Im veer s papa” Sanskar said making everyone proud..
Veer got some shine in his eyes..
“reallyy can i call u papa chachu” veer said with happiness..
Sanskar smiled with tears and kissed his cheeks.. And nodded in yes..
“yipeee i have two papa s from now on” veer said inncently..
Everyone smiled for his innocence..

Veer again hugged him tightly.. And Sanskar too responded back with a smile.. “maasi won’t u hug me” veer said pouting..
To which swara smiled and hugged..
It was like all 3 were hugging each other tightly.. SwaSan felt sparks hugging each other like still veer was in between..
“im sorry” Sanskar again whispered.. To which swara gave the best smile which every boy can die for..
Ramta and uttara were standing and happily looking at them..
“maa don’t u feel they r a perfect family!!” spoke uttara..
Ramta nodded and smiled to each other..
SwaSanVeer broke the hug.. And smiled at each other..

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