I wish you were here – Ep 21 – RANVEER




Naira: Hai khato Maharaj, Sirat kaise kari hai yeh sab…

Coach: Pata nahi, alag mitti se bani hai, tum aur Sirat.

Rohan comes

Rohan: Sirat, mujhe baat karni hai..

Naira: Haan bolo, kya hua?

Rohan: I found out some things on the attack scene time..

Naira: What happened?

Rohan: Sirat had won a boxing match that day, and she went to meet Ranveer, and get married to him. I found out that the conspirators are Mukesh and Narendra Nath

Naira: Ranveer? Narendra Nath?

Rohan: Ranveer is Sirat’s boyfriend, and Narendra Nath, is his father. Narendra Nath does not like Sirat.

Naira: I will need to tell Kartik and bhai and family..

Naira goes to the coach.

Naira: Coach sir ji, mare ko ghar jane padega,

Coach: OK Na- Sirat, see you.

Naira and Rohan leave to go to the house.

Sirat’s House

Maudi: Agayi Sirat chori, tare ko pani deti hu

Sirat/Naira: Na na Maudi, mare ko na chahiye, Rohan ko dedo.

Rohan: Nahi mujhe nahi chahiye, aap lelo maudi.

Maudi: Tikhe chora…

Rohan: Sirat, i need to talk come outside..

They go outside:

Rohan: I doubt that Mukesh harmed Sirat and Ranveer.

Naira: Ill ask Kartik to hire a detective to search for Ranveer. What actually happened that day is a big question mark!!!!

Rohan: We will get our answers soon. I’ll continue keeping an eye on Mukesh and Sheela, because she also hates Sirat

Naira: Ill inform Kartik and come, also yeh sheela kon hai?!?!?

Rohan: Ill handle Maudi till then, and Sheela is Sirat’s biological maa, but Maudi takes care of Sirat, because Sheela abandoned them with Mukesh.

Naira nod then calls Kartik

Meanwhile Kartik is sitting on the sofa, with Akshu and sees Rhea coming to him

Rhea: Hey Kartik, .. it must be sooo difficult for you na, seeing Naira as a corpse, taking care of kids..

Kartik: Dekho rhea, meri Naira ek lash nahi hai, she is not a corpse, khabar daar agar aisi baat ki hai to..

His phone rings and it is Naira. He calls Gayu and gives Akshu to her. He goes to the garden to talk.

Kartik: Haan Naira

Naira: Kartik listen to me carefully, Rohan has told me things of what happened that day.. what he knows of..

She narrates everything to him

Kartik: So..she planned to get married that dayy but before that she was attacked .. and Ranveer is missing too which creates a suspicion on Mukesh as he attacked the pair..

Naira: Haan

Kartik: Karna kya hai? Where to search for him?

Naira: No idea mendak..woh din Rohan found Sirat on the streets.. maybe someone found Ranveer and he is there somewhere he got kidnapped?

Kartik: It will not have happened Naira. Ill start my work on mission Find Ranveer now

Naira: Mendak how are bache? Is Kairav studying well his exams- his exams are com-

Kartik: Naira dont stress about all that, if I can’t take care then Naksh Keerthi, Dadi Maa others are here na.

Naira: Only my body is here..my mind is always around you people-

Kartik: Dont worry everyone is doing well

Naira: By the way has Rhea arrived? How is she?

Kartik: Yes she has, pata nahi

Naira: Oh..how is she looking? Kesi dikh rahi hai?

Kartik: Like a human obviously..why? And if you want to see her then look:

Naira: Kuch nahi

Kartik now realises why

Kartik: Acha ji..protective..dont worry sherni Goenka, yeh mendak Goenka will never be wooed by any other girl

Naira: Let any girl dare to try to woo you, koshish to kare mendak

Kartik: Warna kya karogi?

Naira: Lemonade banake pi loongi

Kartik laughs

Naira: Take care mendak, aur bacho ko bhi hi kehna

Kartik: You take care ..you are living amidst danger

Naira : Haan, by mendak

Naira cuts the call and walks home. She runs into Mukesh

Mukesh: EH ladki..

Naira: Mara naam Sirat hai..Sirat Mary Kom Shikawat… mare punch se na sarpanch bhi dare eh.

Mukesh: Oh reallyyyyy- How many days have you gone to the door of death and come back.

Naira: Janam ka naata hai..itni aasani se nahi jaayega.. ek maru gi kickeshwar—

Saying this Naira storms into the house. The scene freezes

Goenka Villa

Rhea goes to Akshu who is crying. She lifts her in her arms

Rhea: My sweet baby..cute baby, don’t cryyy!!

She takes Akshu inside the room and

Rhea: Aise hi rote rena Akshara, I will impress your dad by taking car-

Suddenly Gayu and Keerthi come in

Keerthi: What are you doing with Akshu?

Gayu: Haan, give me her

Gayu takes Akshu

Rhea: She was crying so..

Keerthi: She was crying for milk.. hum lene gaye the aur we returned she was missing. Rhea guest ho na..toh guest banke raho, warna acha nahi hoga

They leave with Akshu and walks away. Rhea stays and makes a devilish stare. Kartik sees Akshu with Gayu and Keerthi and goes to them

Kartik: Lao Akshu ko, I will feed her, Akshu meri chhotu Sherni..

Kartik gets Akshu and takes her with him to the garden

Kartik: Akshu, chhotu sherni, sorry papa time spend nahi kar paye, ek baar Ranveer aur Sirat mil jaye, then I will be with you and your Kairav bhaiya.

Just then Naksh calls Kartik

Kartik: Naksh.. kese ho?

Naksh: Mein tikhe hu, aur Kartik I have told everything to the detective.. he said he will start to work from today itself, and will give us more details and clues when found

Kartik: Great.

Naksh: And Naira is fine na? She is withing danger

Kartik: Haan Naksh she is fine.. she is fighting hard literally with learning boxing like Sirat.. mujhe I -I feel bad that I cannot go there to help her

Naksh: Mujhe to yakin hi nahi ho raha, ke tum bacho ki dyan rakh rahe ho…..

Kartik nods and smiles. He thinks of something and plans something (revealed later episodes)

Jaisalmer House- Sirat is sleeping

Someone throws a stone which hits the floor. She wakes up and finds no one there. When she is about to lie down another stone is thrown but this time it hits her. She gets angry. Naira gets up and wears the boxing gloves and gets out. She sees someone and is shocked

Precap: Who was throwing the stones?

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