Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai FF # Story After A Leap (CHAPTER 7)

At evening Arvind, Arjun And Vatsal got Ready in Another room. They are waiting for the girls.

First comes Nishu,

First comes Nishu,

Then Ramya,

Vatsal was not in senses after seeing Ramya

Vatsal was not in senses after seeing Ramya. Here Arjun , who don’t know about The Relationship Of Ramya and Vatsal, was also mesmerized by seeing her.

Arvind was waiting impatiently for Akshara. And there she comes,

She was like angel from heaven

She was like angel from heaven.

Arvind:- You are all looking Awesome. And Nishu where did you got the Dress??

Nishu:- Akshara gave me and forced to wear.

Arvind:- but why ? I gifted you a lehenga right. You can wear that.

Akshara:- Arvind, it is fairy themed party. And lehenga for fairy theme is not matched. And massi, send me a pair for her also.

Arvind:- ok.

Vatsal:- ok then . Can we leave?

Akshara:- yes.

They in a car.

They reached the hotel.

At the entrance, jay and Jev waited for them.

They hugged Akshara and Ramya.

Jay:- oh ho di, looking damn pretty.

Akshu:- Ha tum be kuch kam nahi, kis ko patane keliye??

( and you also not less , who do you want to flirt with?)

( and you also not less , who do you want to flirt with?)

Jev:- it’s not like that. And come inside papa’s Princess.

Akshara:- ok mumma’s prince.

They went inside. It was covered with smoke.

Vatsal:- Akshara, The Princess of Goenka’s , Singhania’s , Maheswari’s, Rajvansh’s and chauhan’s .Sister of 11 brothers. Maa ki parchai ( shadow of her mom) papa ki pari , dadu aur dadi ki dulhari, and what not. If she wishes anything how can we refuse? Sorry choti, I read your dairy of wishes. There I came to know about this wish , to see all her family together.

Vansh:- oh chote, you sit now I will continue.

Vansh:- now we are going to fulfill our sisters wish. Now we present Goenka’s family.

  Now we present Goenka's family

Arvind:- Who is she?

Vansh:- ok . I will give their name and relation with Akshara.

Vansh:- Suhasini Goenka. Par dadi of Akshara.

Manish and Swarna Goenka

Manish and Swarna Goenka. Dadu and dadi of Akshu

Akilesh and Surekha Goenka

Akilesh and Surekha Goenka. Chote dadi and choti dadi of Akshu.

Kartik Goenka

Kartik Goenka. Ofcourse you all know, papa of Princess.

Kush and Mahi Goenka

Kush and Mahi Goenka. Chachu and chachi of Akshu.

  Chachu and chachi of Akshu

Luv and Nidhi Goenka. Chachu and chachi of Akshu.

Singhania family.

Nanihal of Akshara.

Kaveri Singhania

Kaveri Singhania. Badi par Nani of Akshu.

  Badi par Nani of Akshu

Devyani Singhania. Choti par Nani of Akshu.

  Choti par Nani of Akshu

Naitik Singhania. Nanu of Akshu.

Naksh and Keerthi Singhania

Naksh and Keerthi Singhania. Mama- mami and Bua – phupa of Akshu.

  Mama- mami and Bua - phupa of Akshu

Vishambar and Rajshri Maheswari. Par Nani and par nanu of Akshu.

I know it is very boring. But trust me there a twist in next update.

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