Humsafars (krpkab) part 1

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Hi all
Hope u remember me Bharti. The OS I said I will post soon right now I’m posting my new ff ‘Humsafars’ do read it and ya it is from a sony tv serial Humsafars if u didn’t see do read this ff.
Let’s start….

My story started when my dadi, ma, Zarah and Myra came to drop me to an airport,” Beta Mumbai pohuch kar phone karna ”said ma worrying about me” Haan wahan anjaan ladko se baat mat karna” Dadi said then Myra” Haan api(sister) wahan ja kar hume bhulna mat” then Zarah” Api Myra sahi kah rahi hai wahan hume bhulna mat” then I replied finally ” Arey sab log bas karo hum kisi ko nahi bhulenge ma dadi mein phone karungi sab shant raho. Flight ke liye late ho rahe hai chalo hum jate hai ” I said leaving from there in a hurry

Later in the counter where I went to collect my ticket there was a khadoos person standing in front arguing for not getting a first class ticket” U don’t know me I’m Dev Azim Chaudry check again it must be first class” he kept arguing but finally” Sir it’s in economy class sir ” He replied angrily ” Ok thanks for the ticket ” he snatched it and went just like gabbar…oh! perfect name Gabbar Chaudry yes so Gabbar called one of his employee ” Linda what is this why did u book economy class I told u I want first class ticket” Poor girl she replied” Sorry sir we booked late and the plane was full so…” But this Gabbar only he knows what he feels so he replied ” Next I don’t want this mistake or I’ll blast on u in front of the whole office ” Allah knows y I thought that he was a terrorist so I called the police and told them that he was a terrorist and they caught him as I was scared and ran towards the plane.

In the plane I was so … unfortunate that I had to sit near Dev oh! Gabbar but his seat was my favourite seat the window seat I was sad but my trick would work. I acted as if I would vomit any minute” Please can I sit hear or I’ll vomit any minute” But he was quick ” Air hostess please is there any medication to stop her vomiting ” but she had the medicine but if he is tiger then I’m also a lion ” I don’t have these medicines I only have Dr. Khan’s homeopethic medicine ” But I knew no one would have it that’s y I said that haha my plan was successful Gabbar had to change seats I started eating the imli my mom gave me I started chewing it which made Gabbar angry it was fun ” Will u stop it ” He got angry it was funny but I stopped.

I finally reached Mumbai I had to go to Alvira aunty’s house so I sat in the taxi such good air was coming so cool just like Lucknow it was amazing so I got out and started enjoying the breeze I reached Alvira aunty’s house my shoes became dirty so I removed them and started going inside while aunty was talking to Anam ” Anam Zaki kahan hai ” Anam replied ” Ami mujhe nahi pata ” Just then I entered ” Aunty” I said happily then they saw me weirdly maybe cz of my shoes removed and my look

So how was it
Hope it was good
Comments please

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  1. Rj12

    It was amazingly fantabously amazing????????

    1. Bharti123456

      Thanks Rithika

  2. Manya

    Post soon?
    Love love?

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks ayushi

  3. Wooaaaa……it was amazing ??????❤??and hilarious one……the terrorist one…..air plane drama…..????……keep it up…..and post next soon……?❤

    1. Bharti123456

      Thnks so much maleeha

  4. Rockzzzzzz was really good..the plane journey was really funny?…keep posting

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks so much pari

  5. Aarti32

    It was really funny..hope it’ll always be romcom..

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks so much aaru

  6. Awesome episode dear

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks princess

  7. ?????????

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks so much anshitak

  8. Erina

    Awesome one dear… ?????

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