Swaragini 2shots on current track (part-2)

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Hello guys I’m back with 2nd shot

I hope u ppl are liking this 2 shots on current track thank u for all ur lovely comments and so choly that I’m unable give individual reply

Chalk let’s chappy
Both Sanskar and swara was hugging each other soon she left the place to room
Sanskar was standing in a shock that he didn’t expect this answer from swara she was leaving him
All family members are in shocked state even they couldn’t figure wt was going on
Soon Sanskar left the place without saying anything
He Banged the like a storm and seen swara crying silently staring near the window
He closed door and went near swara with full range
He holder her shoulders tightly she even gasped in pain
Swara: Sanskar it paining
Sanskar: then wt about my pain swara again u though as leaving me how u to k of leaving me u know right that I will die…
Before he completes swara kept her lips on his lips and bitter his lips in anger for using the word death
Soon she break the kiss but Sanskar don’t responded to the kiss
Swara: don’t u dare to think about death if that situation come before u I will becoming ur shield listen this carefully maheswari
Sanskar: ur unable to listen the word death then wt about me that u got ready to leave
Swara: I’m not ready to leave u only asked the divorce
Sanskar: ha I asked divorce is just to make u how it feels if anyone leave who where closed to our heart

Swara looked at him confused way
Sanskar continued: yes I want u to know that feeling so that u Won’t Leave me again I don’t have that much strength to loose u again swara (teary eyes)
Swara: u idiot duffer how can u even think like that that I will leave u saying she started beating
And that too confessed yesterday night and suddenly on the morning u want divorce WY I will think
Sanskar: wt u are awake ????
Swara: haa I was and I have listened everything when u r expressing ur feeling to ur sleeping swara
Sanskar: (in shock state repeating same word) u r awake u r awake
Swara now listen again again same word she got angry and she slapped him so that he can come out of that shock state
Sanskar: ahhhhh (rubbing his cheek) swara y u beat me

Swara: to get u back to the reality
Sanskar: acha for this u will beat her husband haha saying he drag her through waist
Swara was shocked for his Sudden action
Sanskar: swara how dare u to beat me Sanskar maheswari now punishment tho bantha hai boss (whispers in ears huskily)
Swara eyes widen listening his words bcoz she know now we he will do
Swara: no no plz not know I know we punishment u want to give me but plz not know night u can give double punishment right know we have go down and has to say to our family that we became one
Saying this she drag him with his collar more closely
Swara: and I want ur punishment more on me bcoz I was dying for ur touch mr maheswari (whispers near his lips)
Sanskar shocks and swara rocks
Sanskar was sweating badly listening her talks swara smiles seeing g his reaction and effect on him still the same
Sanskar came out of the shock and check her forehead
Sanskar: tum tikk tho hona swara
Swara: confusingly wt happen to me and y r u asking that
Sanskar: nothing (thinks) the girl who used to stop me before from the punishment but now she want it to double beta tumhara separation na made swara crazy
Swara: Kya hua we have to go down
Sanskar came back to senses and haa chalo
Both went down and took all blessing all happy now

Swasan room
Swara was arranging bed while Sanskar entered the room seen her beautiful wife doing work after long 6 months
Sanskar went near her hugs her tightly from back
Sanskar: thank swara thank for coming into my life
Swara smiles and says I love u Sanskar
Sanskar: y this sudden confession.
Swara: bus aise he
Sanskar: now dont waste my time let me begin my punishment.
Swara: then give na who told u not give punishment to me
Sanskar smiles and captured her lips with in seconds
Soon both started their love making after their loneliness of their 6 months their passion obsession love angry all mixed in this love today
Soon both dosed off
Like this days are passing both are enjoying their life

3months leap
Swara as usual doing work in the kitchen with other
Suddenly swara fell down unconscious
Ragini calls doctor
Doctor checks swara and says to all member that there s good news that she pregnant of 2 months
All happy listening this and blessed her but she was waiting for Sanskar reaction
Bcoz he was not there due some meeting even her don’t that she fell unconscious
All thanked for giving heir to maheswari empire
Swara smiles
Soon all left the room
At night
Swara wants to share the news to Sanskar but due meeting he was busy and came late at the night but slept waiting for him in the couch it self
At 2:00 Sanskar came to home and sees swara sleeping on couch he smiles and without disturbing her he place her on the bed soon he also slept with her

Next day morning
Swara woke up 1st and sees Sanskar was sleeping peacefully holding her tightly
Swara was trying words how say him she gets an idea and went kitchen to get tea for them but with small cup even
She came waked Sanskar but due late he was not ready to wake
At least he woke up and shona wt is this I want to sleep more tar plz leave
Swara: no u have to get and I have gift for u
Sanskar: really wts that say no
Swara: 1st go freshen up then I will say
He say okie and went to washroom
Sanskar: okie but no cheating in this Saying he went to washroom
Swara seeing his husband madness on her Soon he came out of the washroom

Sanskar pov
I don’t know y today my princess waked me morning morning generally she doesn’t do like that when I’m late from office
But I have seen tea cups on tray and I saw My princes she was very happy or I can she feeling shy but I don’t y she was feeling this I went near her
Pov ends
Sanskar: y my princes is so happy today is there any special which I don’t know
Swara: ha there is special if u observe something clear u will get to know that
Sanskar: confused what S this swara say we u want to say
Swara took a small cup with left hand and holds his hand with right hand and places on his belly
Sanskar was more confused for her behavior yar swara we is this
Swara: Sanskar u r not feeling anything different
Sanskar: he thinks for sometime and asks swara are u serious u u u mean I’m becoming papa mathlab I’m pregnant
Swara: whatttt
Sanskar: chi chi I mean u r pregnant
Swara nodded her head now Sanskar happiness has no boundaries he just took swara in arms and started telling her soon he kept her down and sry I forget I shouldn’t do like this
Swara: it’s okie Sanskar
Sanskar: now I’m becoming Papa our love symbol was coming my small prince was coming to the world
Swara: y prince Sanskar y not princess
Sanskar: bcoz I love brother sister reaction if my daughter any problem na he will Beat them like I used beat for
U know wt I want girl soon but if boy comes 1st na then I can sleep peacefully without tension my daughter So I will One thing u no give twins to me it will be cool right
Swara: she looking at Sanskar ?
Sanskar:Wt happen y are seeing me like that
Swara: Sanskar I don’t that u like kids this much
Sanskar: I love kids leave I want to celebrate saying he bend down to belly of her he removes her Saree a side
Sanskar:( continue) prince come soon Im eating for u he kissed on her belly swara smiles keeps her hands on his hair
Both spend time with each other Swasan where feeling complete now

Swasan room
Swara was standing in front of the mirror and minuter something by the time Sanskar came out of the washroom
Sanskar: (confused) wt happen to my Hitler lady Saying this she went near her
He holds her from back and placed his chin on her right shoulder
Sanskar: wt happen to my Hitler today Lost in some other world
Swara: Sanskar see I’m looking fat (innocent voice)
Sanskar: Laughed seeing her
Swara make pout seeing his laugh
Swara: y r u laughing idiot saying she Turned to his side and started beating him playfully
Sanskar: he hold her hands ohhhh Mrs Sanskar maheswari stop beating me
Swara: no I will not hear Im In problem and u laughing seeing me Huhhh
Sanskar: he holds tightly through her waist Mrs maheswari u r the most Beautiful girl I have ever seen u will be remain has a beautiful lady to me forever even u r fat (whispers in her ears)
Swara listening his words she got shy and hugged him tightly
Sanskar: now stop ur fatty drama chalo let’s sleep even our baby were sleepy come.
Swara smiled and left to sleep
Days are passing like this

3 months leap
At mid night
Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace but our swara was eating pani puri in her dreams soon it got disturbed and opened her eyes and see Sanskar was sleeping peacefully she started disturbing with making patterns on his arms
Swara: Sanskar (whispers)
Sanskar: hmm (sleepy tone)
Swara: Sanskar u know wt I got a dream in tat on eating pain puri u know
Sanskar: so we swara(same tone)
Swara: now I want pani puri That with more spice
Sanskar:swara I will get tomorrow now sleep
Swara: no I want to eat know and I know now u don’t love bcoz I’m becoming fat (fake tears)
Sanskar: ahhh wait I will get pain puri now u stop ur drama
Swara: okie
Sanskar took swara to kitchen
He had already kept ready made puri and green chutney
He took aloo and boiled in water and pour sufficent water to chutney soon he prepare pani puri and kept near swara
Seeing pani puri her mouth filled with water
Sanskar feed swara and how is it
Swara: yummy ?
Both enjoyed pain puri and went to sleep like This swara started Touchering Sanskar for his mid night carvings

One fine day Morning
Sanskar was at meeting he was settle. Down for the meeting soon his phone ring it was swara all holders are present there at the meeting even laksh and dp
Sanskar lifts her call but by mistakenly it speaker got activated soon swara started scolding without listening Sanskar words.
Swara: u monkey donkey maheswari here ur wife is pregnant to ur child uperse u left her alone that to not alone u took my lolli pops in ur bag with that ur stupid project files
Listening her scolding all are smiling silently but still Sanskar don’t know that phone on speaker
Sanskar: (interepted) Shona plz shant ho jao I will get r lolli pops at evening now I’m in meeting
Swara: do hell with ur meeting I want my lolli pops right know if u won’t get my lolli pops I will not talk to u saying she cutted the call Without listening Sanskar
Sanskar: hello Hello

Laksh could not control his laugh now he laughed like hell holding his stomach
Sanskar asks laksh wt happy y are laughing like a donkey
Laksh: no no I’m not donkey ur monkey and donkey na majeswari
Sanskar: how do u know wt I talked to swara
Laksh bcoz in Tension U put phone on speaker all listened ur talks
Sanskar got embarrassed he don’t know why to say he sat silently
Dp: Sanskar go and give loli pops to swara other wise u will gone today( teasing tone)
Sanskar: bade Papa app bi
Dp: jao don’t waste time know
Sanskar left the place with no option bcoz he know swara won’t listen anything murmurs her mood carvings are killing me
Soon he reached my with lolli pops
He give it to her and she took no no she snatched it from my hand fast as if some will take it if she won’t grab Soon

4 months leap
Swara delivery date is coming so Sanskar stopped going office bcoz he want to stay with her
And one fine day swara got labour pains she has taken to hospital
All family members also present
Swara screaming badly due to the pain
Laksh wants to make mood lite so she started his stupid after sometime she got irritated and gave tight slap To laskh all laughs seeing his expression
Laksh: kept hand on his cheeks with pout
Sanskar: swara don’t worry we came to hospital MA everything will be fine
Swara: Sanskar I want promise know
Sanskar: wt is that swara
Swara: if we got twins then I won’t took other chance
Sanskar: wt swara wt kind of a promise S this swara I want more babies
Swara: (she got angry) she even slapped sanskar wt here I’m dieing with the pain and u want another baby idiot maheswari
Sanskar: ahhh swara wt is..
Before could say she has taken to OT

After half and hour they heard a sound
Of baby crying they heard many sounds not single baby crying sound soon after came and given one baby boy to Sanskar and went inside and get another boy and giving to laksh all are happy bcoz they got twin but again sister went inside and get another baby but now it was girls and she handed to ragini like nurse have given 7 baby boys and 1 baby girl to the family All family hands filled with the babies
All confused and
Sanskar: whose babies these all are
Nurse: these all are urs and Mrs maheswari babies
All are shocked listening nurse answer
Sanskar: wt how it will possible like how can we get 8 babies at a time
Nurse: yes sir it’s true and world hugest record like this babies is 11 she gave birth to 11 babies at a time
All family members wt
Soon nurse went and all took all the babies the room of swara

Swara gained conscious ofter an hour she looked all are having filled with babies in their hands she looked confused are at all
Swara: wt is this whose babies u are holding and where my baby in this
Laksh: ohhh hello madam these all are u babies only
Swara: wt???? Her eyes popped out Saying this she fainted
Sanskar placed boy in a cradle and patted swara cheeks Soon she gained again conscious
Swara: Sanskar wt they are saying
Sanskar: yes swara these all are our babies only
Swara: really these are our babies She took all the babies one by one
(All family members went out to give their own space )
Sanskar: swara if I want some babies that will u do
Swara: I will kick u right know

Sanskar okie okie madam don’t get serious but u gave most precious gift see for my little there are 7 brothers to protect her
Saying this he pecked her lips
Swara smiles and asks sorry for slapping u And pecked on his cheeks
Sanskar: I’m not a kid to take this kind of kisses and her ? towards lips
Swara: no not now
Sanskar: then when u will give I want know only saying he captured her lip and both are kissing passionatly soon breaked due to lack of oxygen
Laksh bang the door and come inside to swasan and says his good news bhai ragini S pregnant
Swara get happy for them
Leap of 1year
It swasan babies birthday not only their and raglak baby Girl also born on the same date
Now all Hands filled with babies now no one is with free hand

Swasan babies names are
Sanskrit Sanskar maheswari
Sara’s Sanskar maheswari
Arnav Sanskar maheswari
Arjun Sanskar maheswari
Rohith Sanskar maheswari
Roshan Sanskar maheswari
Karthik Sanskar Maheswari And last Our
Krithika Sanskar maheswari

Raglak baby
Sara laksh maheswari

*********** END **********

Yeahhhhhhh Finally I got complete this shot I happy I hope u like this chappy

Plz guys forgive if any mistake bcoz I have wrote full chappy but I don’t how it got deleted again I really write full chappy without interest so plz forgive me if any mistakes are there

Thank u for all ur support

Keep smiling guys ?
Bye bye

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      Thank u Rabia ?
      And this message is for u to update swasan trust me I’m waiting for it from long tym plz update soon yar

      1. Rabia0032

        Thanks dear I will update today

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    1. Swasanangle

      No this possible and there is a women who gave 11 babies at a tym and it’s even guinness record may this incident is from US I guess
      And at 1st there 8 babies but now 11 I guess and both mother and babies all are fine
      I have read when I was dng my under graduation

  5. SRSL

    Eight babies baap re baap…..but how come they did not know…swaea’s stomach would be extra large right… Awesome dear love it.. Keep writing…

    1. Swasanangle

      Ha stomach will be large but not extra large for 8 babies
      Anyways thank u for supporting me by reading my ff ?

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