I was full of tashan but u was full of love -09

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Actually I thought of continuing it frm Dec 1st as many of u requested fr this, I couldn’t deny so here’s one fr u. Hope u will enjoy. I will be having exams day by day frm Tuesday so couldn’t post any of my ff n next will be posted on 27th fr sure.

Recap: hope everyone remembers as kunh belings ti mafia he fell fr twinkle n came in search of her she saved her n pretends to be hurt n leaves to taneja mansion with RT

I was full of tashan but u was full of love-09

At Taneja mansion.
RT came to home along with twinkle n kunj.

A big mansion which fully decorated with flowers like some function is going on.

Kunj’s pov:
‘What’s going on?uncle, is thr any function today?’ I asked
‘ haa, beta aftr 15 years twinkle came back na, that’s y’, uncle replied.
I came to know how much all these ppl missed twinkle, I was really happy fr hving such a nice family.

As we entered into the mansion, few women came n did aarti fr twinkle. I was looking at all these things with a broad smile n few years in my eyes. As I never felt the love of family, as I was an orphan.

I came to know when RT uncle introduced me to his family.
‘Leela, he is kunj who saved twinkle,’ He said about me.
I joined my hands to greet her n took her blessings. She was soo cute but busy too at the same time as she saw her daughter aftr a longtime. She was busy with twinkle nly n paid less heed to me.

I can understand
Later uncle introduced me to his brother manohar n his wife Usha. And their son cherry.
Cherry is nt at all like twinkle being her brother he is soo different. Made fr family only type guy.
Bebe is the eldest of the whole family, she never talks to all nt even twinkle, but orders should be followed strictly.

I was happy to meet everyone n was more happy with the thought that I am gonna be in this family as one. Very soon.

I slowly however made my way towards twinkle as she was almost surrounded by her family.
‘ I am happy to meet ur family, it’s very nice, so get ready to be a part of my life, as I love ur family also.’ I whispered in her ears.
‘ I love u darling’ I said with a naughty smile.
She turned towards me n gave an agreeing smile towards me which shocked me a little but very soon she showed her attitude also.
With her high heels she stamped on my feet.
I couldn’t help rather than crying out in pain.
Immediately she held me n said,’ are u fine, kunj? ‘ with a concerned face.

What a drama queen!!!!
‘I think u need to take rest,’ she said loudly.
‘ take rest orelse hw can u be out of my house n my way,’ she whispered it to me with loads of tashan n left.

RT uncle said the maid to show my room which was upstairs. I slowly made my way towards my room.
I stood near the stairs n saw how twinkle was being pampered at this age also by her family.
She was made to sit on a chair n everyone surrounded her asking many things.

Such an unconditional n precious love. Even I can’t give her such love. I had a broad smile on my face.
End of kunj s pov.

Twinkles pov:
As I was surrounded by eveyone I felt like I was tied up.
I don’t know y these ppl or so crazy can’t they have any sense like they knew that I travelled fr a longtime n i need rest badly.

How ru beta?? Didn’t u miss me? Manohar uncle asked.
Immediately Usha aunty, ‘aren’t U hving any food u became so thin’.
‘ Twinki, hw was ur flight,’ this cherry s stupid question.

I was unable to take them
I stood up n shouted,’ will u ppl allow me to take rest, I am hell tired.’ I Just said n moved away.

Finally I was out of their clutches.

End of twinkles pov.

Leela was surprised by her behaviour. She had tears.
Leela: she is changed a lot….she is nt my little girl
Usha: no leela, may be she is tired.
Mano: yeah Usha is right, let her take sme rest she will be fine.

Even rt also consoled leela.
Leela was deeply hurt by twinkles behaviour.

Precap: twinkle missing, dnt wry kunj thr na…about aman things will be revealed

That’s fr today hope u ppl will.like it.
I will be regular frm 2nd December
But I will post one more on 27th fr u….
Enjoy frndss…

Urs lovingly

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome

  2. Sohi

    I liked the episode especially dialogues of kunj one question is he arman aman do continue and all the way best for your exams

  3. Awesomeee.. loved it.. ❤❤

  4. Episode is amazing and good. Kunj wants love from family and twinki didn’t care about family. Waiting 4 next epi and best of luck 4 ur xm…..by…tc…. Luv u……

  5. Hey roshini awesome episode
    Twinkle behaviour is different bt I loved kunj behaviourloved it

  6. Supriya18d

    All the best 4 ur Exam….missed u a lot…epi was luvly….family luv shower…..everything was perfect

  7. Hey rosh…amazing episode…Kunj loves twinkle’s family is so cute…I have so many questions in my mind why is twinkle behaving rudely with her family? Whose Aman? Desperately waiting to know answers to these questions.

    All the best for exams…

    #love ❤❤

  8. Awesome try to post nxt asap

  9. Mindblowing episode rosh u nailed it as usual

  10. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome episode dear

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Twinkle’s tashan is just too good Bechara Kunj did it hurt him much ?
    And feeling bad for Leela but there must be some reason behind Twinkle’s behaviour 🙂
    Precap is interesting hope Twinkle is safe 🙂
    Love you all the best for your exams 🙂

  12. Chiku

    Wowwww its awesome ????lovely.
    Very nice
    All the best for hr exams
    Love u?

  13. Baby

    ohhhh god di srsly u nailed it all☻
    love it to core beautiful good going ofco u ll hehe
    n srsly loved d episode soooo much awesome fabulous episode
    love u lods di pity kunj i hope usko jldi uski family mil jaye well
    u hv left me wid lots of suspense
    pls post nxt asap di
    love u♥♥♥♥♥♥♥☻ 😀 i cant w8…….☻

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