Humsafars 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with beautiful picturesque of Lucknow. Arzoo is seeing traveling in her activa. She enters her factory and sees her employees tensed and asks why are they tensed. They say they got an eviction notice from Mumbai. She says she will not her factory shut down so easily as her mother worked hard for it. Employee praises her and says she is born to be in a bigger place than this. She says she is trying her best. Another employee says if she will leave Lucknow now. Arzoo says she is taking lucknow with her and recites a shayari. Employees ask about her mom. She says mom is fine. Employees say how does she manage everything so effortlessly. He likes her design and says he will get 5000 rs for it. She says she will not sell it. He then gives her 6000 rs for last design. Arzoo asks employees not to worry as she will not let her factory shut down.

Arzoo calls her friend and asks her to get stay order as her design as she cannot run her house by selling her designs. She then thinks who is the Sadiq who wants to shut down her factory. A man is shown in his car. Driver says he cannot take car inside the locality more. Man asks him to move. Car hits Arzoo’s bike and her design falls into car. Arzoo angrily throws stone on car. Sadiq’s lawyer calls him and says his work will be done and asks if it is necessary to break down factory. Sadiq says it is very important as he wants to teach small town people a lesson.

Arzoo’s sister records her worried moves and speaks like a reporter, says mom that Arzoo is gettign angry. Arzoo says she is not getting angry and says she wants to have tamarind now. Sister asks if she gets calm by eating tamarind. She then records daadi and jokes that daadi makes injustice by switching off her room’s light. Daadi also jokes and says she is a biggest fan of Ravi Shastri and likes his cricket. Parrot hears her conversation and calls her mad. Daadi gets irked hearing that and asks him to shut up. She asks Zaara to bring knife as she wants to have parrot’s meat today, asks parrot to keep quiet and says he does not know howmuch she ejoys watching cricket match. Mom gets sad remembering her husband and says daadi that Arzoo’s abbu was also mad about cricket. Arzoo asks her to stop thinking about someone who left us and should not think about a stranger. Mom says he is not a stranger. Arzoo says then she is a stranger. Daadi says mom is not telling that. Arzoo says he ran from his responsibilities and shows her knots which she has tied as promises to herself to get house, etc., says she will prove that she can fullfull their dreams and show her mom that she is not an unfilled arzoo/wish. Mom gets emotional and hugs Arzoo.

Sadiq’s car stops in front of Arzoo’s factory. He gets out and gets into it, looks at designs carefully while all employees look at him worriedly. Old lady says she lost her one eye vision, even then she prepared designs for him. Sadiq says he does not like her designs. Another old man shows his design. Man sees sweat on it and says he does not buy spoilt items and walks away from there. He calls his man and asks him to demolish factory today. Driver gives him Arzoo’s design. He gets impressed seeing it.

Arzoo sees her younger sister coming in and taunts her whom she wants to see. Sister says she had gone to library. Zara says let us do Ganjing. Daadi says tell clearly, she wants to go to Hazrath Ganj and says her MIL used to do Ganjing. Zara says she has to attend modelling competition and if she wins, she will get a chance to work with a big fashion designer. Daadi jokes that she also wants to join. Arzoo says everyone will be rewarded and she will be punished. Arzoo’s friend informs her about factory’s demolition and tries to walk out. Mom asks if everything is fine. She says yes and tells parrot Insha Allah we will rock. Parrot repeats same.

Arzoo reaches factory and says demolisher that court has ordered to stop demolition. He asks to show it. Arzoo’s lawyer says she is leaving from court now. Man orders bulldozer to start demolition. Bulldozer starts coming towards factory with Arzoo trying to stop it by coming in its way and sleeps on the ground. Her friend also sleeps with her, but runs seeing bulldozer coming near them. Driver says brake has failed. Friend gets stay order. Everyone thinks bulldozer has smashed Azroo, but it crashes with tree. Sadiq is seen holding Arzoo, who is unconscious, drops her on table and walks out.

Precap: Sadiq’s lawyer says about court’s stay order and says they can use illegal way. Arzoo thinks nobody can demolish factory. Sadiq says he vanishes whoever comes in his way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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