Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara showing her bag. Everyone ask how do you not know when these things in your bag. Akshara says this is not my bag. Naman says it’s a serial killer’s bag, see the pics and weapons. Everyone is shocked. Naitik drops Mrs. Shah and talks on the way. She thanks him and goes. Vipul’s cousin comes there and threatens her again in the market. She cries being afraid. Naitik is on call standing far and does not see them. Mohit says we should inform police. Naksh says yes. Bau ji asks the kids to go and play. He says I think Mohit is right. Devyaani says but tell everything well, else they will think we are guilty. The men asks Mrs. Shah how did she come on shopping, did she get money. They laugh scaring him. Naitik turns and sees her in problem.

He sees those men and Mrs. Shah looks at him being upset. Naitik signs her to fight on her own. The man taunt and laugh on Vipul being useless and without work. Mrs. Shah scolds them and says we are not weak. Naitik smiles and being proud of her. Mrs. Shah says she will not sell the house, as Vipul has started working again. She says we have the papers too, and it has written who is the owner of the house, you felt we did not know anything, no we know everything.

Mrs. Shah warns them not to see her house, else she will not leave them. The men get afraid and leave. Naitik smiles seeing her. She thanks him for the strength he gave her. The police comes and everyone tell him the story. A lady comes there asking for Akshara. The inspector asks who are you. Sbhe says my bag got exchanged with hers. Everyone ask inspector to arrest her. The lady says what, this is my bag, but. The inspector asks is this your gun. The lady says all this are my things. He says you are serial killer, come with us. She says I m a film coordinator, and all these items are to be used. See this ID card, and its fake gun. She apologizes to everyone. Akshara says forgive us too, sorry, we did not think anything. The lady returns the bag and leaves saying the shoot is stalled.

Naksh says he will also come. She says not today, its fighting sequence today as kids are not allowed, keep my card, come later. The inspector says we will leave now. Akshara calls Naitik and says about her becoming teacher for one day to volunteer at his school. She says she can’t do this. Naitik says don’t panic, just go, you can do it. Some ladies come and talk to Jasmeet, as she is starting a boutique. They discourage her further and Jasmeet gets upset. Dadi defends Jasmeet and says we are proud of Jasmeet. Jasmeet smiles.

Akshara is tensed and says Naksh did not tell me this before, I spoke to teacher but she is not listening. Its hard to teach small kids. Bau ji encourages her and asks her to go ahead. Akshara ssays fine, I will try to pass this test. Everyone clap. Karishma comes home and Pammi and Sethi question her where was she. Karishma says she went for work. Pammi asks her to be at home, the world is not good when she goes out at night. Akshara talks to Varsha and tells her about volunteering. Varsha laughs seeing her worry. Akshara says give me some tips from your teaching experience. Varsha says I m confused as I m not understanding Ananya’s new school concept.

Karishma calls Naman and talks to her about the problem. Naman says he can’t come, as he has to go office. She gets annoyed and cuts the clal. Jasmeet does the aarti and puja to inaugurate the boutique. Ananya cuts the ribbon and everyone smiles. Bhabhimaa makes Akshara have curd and sugar. Naman wishes her all the best. Akshara says she gave all Delhi client details to Bau ji. They ask her not to worry. Devyaani says she did not even prepare. Vipul meets Naitik and says we got a client which is better than this one. Naitik is puzzled and see the man giving better offer. Naitik smiles.

Rukmani comes to meet Jasmeet as her first customer. Jasmeet thanks her for coming. She says make me the furst customer, this will benefit you. Everyone smile. Varsha and Kaki find the work hard which Rukmani gave. Rajshri asks Jasmeet to return the work to Rukmani. Jasmeet says no, she may get offended. Kaki says she will feel bad if its made wrong. Jasmeet says I will manage, don’t take tension. Akshara comes to school and is encouraged by Naitik. Naksh asks Akshara to come in his class room. She says she will meet teacher first. She meets the teachers and is asked to teach the kids and not be stressed, Akshara goes to Naksh’s class. The kids start troubling her and she panics not being able to manage them.

Rukmani scolds Jasmeet for ruining her saree. Kaki defends Jasmeet and says she will pay for it. Rukmani gets angry. Akshara comes winning the best teacher title with bouquet and is shocked seeing them fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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