Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna is shocked to see the man and calls Vikram! He asks Sangeeta you! Bhawna tells him not to call her by this name, and turns around. He comes to her front, he says how will you confront me, you played a big game with me; you destroyed everything in Umad. People gathered there. Bhawna cried, and asks him to keep quiet. He asks how you want him to stay silent; you are responsible for what happened at Umad’s tekri. She asks him to go away from her life, as she lost everything too. She has made her new life with a lot of difficulty. He says that he went away from this life, but regrets coming back. He says he wants to unmask her reality in front of the world. He tells her not to come in front of her; else he will do what should happen to a mean woman like her. He leaves while Bhawna wipes her sweat.

Avni gives Raj his vows and asks him to read. Avni had written that Raj will always call her as Sonu. She gets a call, and heads to leave telling him to memorize it all.
Abhaas told someone on phone that Arpita will dance. Akshit asks him that Arpita is injured, how will she dance. Abhaas says that Rohit brought some ointment for her. Akshit goes out and takes Rohit by collar. Arpita intrudes and says that their maid put on the ointment. She asks him to save some of his respect. He goes inside, while Arpita apologize Rohit.

Raj thought he would seem stupid saying it all in Sangeet. He says he must tell her the truth, calls her and is frustrated when the phone goes off. Jiji and jija come in the room, and teases him about his frustration but starts quarrelling themselves.
Bhawna was upset in the car. The driver says that the weather is getting worse. She thought how she will get rid of her past.

Arpita comes to her room, and asks the maid to look for something. Akshit finds a chain, Arpita says that here it is and tells the maid to go.

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She comes to Akshit, and asks for her Mangal-sooter. He doesn’t listen to her, and says that she doesn’t need to wear it. He asks do you fulfill anything that you vowed as my wife. You should have sided me, but you apologized that Rohit. He tells her to throw it away, as it won’t make her pure. He throws away, and leave the room while Arpita cries remembering about her marriage.

The servant argued the flower-man that they called for Orchid flowers only. Bhawna comes home and shouts at them to leave. She holds her head and sits on the sofa. Arpita comes and asks whatever they do for marriage, why this relation goes weak? Bhawna says that people never change, it is their thinking that changes. We must not leave what their heart says. Arpita thinks that she must take a decision for herself. Bhawna thinks she must tell Suket all the truth.

Suket was talking on phone to invite someone, and said that there has been a thunderstorm. Bhawna comes in. Suket tells her that everyone appreciates her, that when she is around there cannot be any mismanagement. He takes her by shoulder and tells her that she is the perfect in this world. She says that she isn’t perfect, and thinks she must tell him the truth about her past. He says that he knows she is sad because of Avni. Bhawna asks him that if you get to know that the person you trust the most, always lied to you; he isn’t the one you think he is, what will he do? Suket asks her how odd is this question? and says that he can have no relation to someone who lies or cheats to him. He comes to her and says that he has been able to come out of Akshit’s lie only because of her honesty. He asks her who is it who is spending her life by the support of a lie. She says that person is she, herself. Bauji comes to hear this. Suket says that she must be taking her test. Bauji comes in, and says that the most important thing now is about Avni’s happiness. Bhawna leaves, while Bauji and Suket discuss that no one can predict about whether the storm will grow or settle down.

PRECAP: Raj’s dad enters the house like robbers. He develops understanding with Avni, and plays a game. Avni asks him about Hate? He replies Sangeeta. Bhawna comes from behind.

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