Humsafars 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zaki coming back home. Alvira gets emotional seeing him. Zaki greets her. Alvira hugs him and says she knew that he would return soon. Zaki says he didn’t come because of her saying. He says I came to know everything and I don’t think to leave my family alone. My anger is at his place and I can’t leave my family in this situation. Arzoo comes there asking for Sahir and sees Zaki. Alvira says she will check about Sahir’s whereabouts and leaves. Zaki asks how are you Arzoo? Arzoo says she is fine and asks how are you? Zaki says question is about your well being. Arzoo says everyone is afraid since Rubina’s death. Zaki says he is not talking about that incident and says I am talking about Zeenat. Arzoo says I don’t care. You might be feeling relieved seeing my condition. Zaki says I want to forget everything. I will be your friend forever. Arzoo says I doesn’t know whom to believe. Zaki says Jahan—-, ( about to say Jahanaara), but then says the troubles have to face me first before reaching you. He tells bye and leaves.

Nausheen gets worried thinking about Rubina’s death and prays for Arzo’s safety. Kurti Apa says I already told you to hold your daughter, but you didn’t listen to me. She asks her to go back to Lucknow. Door bell rings. Alvira asks Kurti Apa to open the door. She opens the door and sees a man showing his id proof. Kurti Apa tells Alvira that Police has come. He introduces himself as ACP Vikram Singh Rathore. He calls her Mami ji…..Kurti Apan gets thinking. He says he has a doubt that’s why calling her Mami. He says he came to investigate about Rubina’s death and have to doubt on everyone. He eyes everyone present there. He goes to Sahir and shakes hand with him. He then looks at Arzoo and greets Arzoo. Sahir introduces him to Alvira and Nausheen.

Vikram asks about Kurti Apa’s introduction. Alvira tells him that Kurti Apa is her kids’s care taker. He asks Kurti Apa about the murder. Kurti Apa says there is some soul or refelction in this house. Vikram says your thinking is very outdated type. He says she got killed by a man of this house. Sahir asks how can you say that, it can be accident. Vikram says postmortem report of Rubina says that she was pregnant. Everyone get shocked. He says someone killed her to hide the fact. Sahir gets shocked. Vikram asks where were you on that night. They say that they were in their respective rooms. Kurti Apa says she will recall and tell him. Zaki comes and introduces himself. Vikram introduces himself and asks where was you? Zaki says he was outside. Vikram asks him not to interfere in his enquiry and co-operates with him. Vikram asks Alvira who was with you in the room? Alvira says no one. Sahir asks what do you mean? Vikram then asks Kurti Apa. She says she was in kitchen. He asks since when she is working? Sahir says she is like our family member and says he have to go somewhere.

Zaki says he will bring Zeenat home. Vikram asks him to come soon as he needs to take blood samples of all of them. He tells that the girl was pregnant. Zaki leaves. Vikram asks who is Zeenat? Sahir says my wife. Vikram gets confused and says wife is Arzoo. Sahir says my first wife. Vikram laughs and says 1 life, two wives. He asks everyone to give the info about the murder, if they know anything. Kurti Apa raises her hand and says she knows the cause of murder. She says it is because of the sky blue suit. Vikram gets surprised. She says about old house owner’s wife getting killed on the marriage day because of the same colored dress. She then says Zeenat wore the same dress on the day of accident. She says Arzoo gave her sky blue dress to Rubina that’s why she got murdered. Vikram asks about Arzoo’s opinion. Arzoo says I don’t believe on this. It is just a superstition. Kurti Apa says it is truth. Vikram asks Arzoo, do you think that it is wrong. Arzoo says yes. Vikram says I don’t trust on your believe. He doubts on her. Arzoo says she is ready to wear that sky blue dress. Nausheen asks her not to wear that dress. Arzoo says I have to wear it. Vikram asks her to go and wear the suit. Arzoo goes to her room.

Zaki is on the way back home with Zeenat in the ambulance. Nausheen tells Arzoo that she can’t put her life in danger. Arzoo says she has decided to wipe the fear from their heart. She says it is just your superstition. Nausheen says you are my wealth. I can’t put your life on stake. Arzoo says it has started. Kurti Apa thinks it is a starting of Arzoo’s end. Arzoo asks Nausheen not to worry.

Arzoo sees some reflection in the room and gets scared. Someone might have pulled her. Vikram and everyone knock on her door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. thank you h hasan..

  2. Who might be tht shadow I thnk may be zaki kyu ki vho nahi chahthidhi sahir aur arzoo ek hogavo

  3. This mystery should resolve soon. Please Harshad/Sahir get a haircut. You look VERY good in short hair style as in Kis Desh mein…….. pleeeease….

  4. romantic story is turned into a mystery.

  5. Romance is going to change nw. heard zeenat is gng to enter wants to get rid of arzoo. i cant understand y sahir is taking her home if she has given him so much wounds.

  6. i heard that zeenath gets disaqeared from ambulence leaving zaki unconcious. And arzoo gets attacked and akvira founds written note that i will kill ur son on ur dressing table mirror. How shocking.

    1. sory disapeared.

  7. who is rubina? I cant watch this serial so tel me anyone.

  8. rubina was a maid wrkng there. she got killed when she wore arzos colored one. Zeenaths entry is gng to come aftr this.Harshu y r u not watchng dis.

  9. coz our family watches another serial @ 8.30. And humsafars has no repeat telecast. And i dont have sony HD. thanx for info @ju.

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