Qubool Hai 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher asks the new bride to stop crying, as sanam is helpless too, even though she understands her plight. She tells hr that sanam is made for him, and noone can separate them as they are destined to be together, and they cant live without each other. She says that they feel bad for her, as she is being used as a pawn for tanveer’s evil plots, since no power can separate them. The new sanam is shocked. The new bride thanks her for believing in her, and says that she did what she had to, only because tanveer told her to. Seher is assured, and leaves. Meanwhile, the new bride removes her hand and its shown that the bed is smeared with soil.

In the kitchen, sanma cries at her failure, as she remembers the importance of the dessert as told by haya. she is about to throw it, but is unable to do so too, and keeps it on the sil, and rushes out, distraught. Ahil finds her running like that, and comes inside the kitchen to eye the dessert. He takes the bowl, and says that he still loves her immensely, but knows not whats going through her mind, and that he knows that sanam destroyed their perfectly happy life, but he cant shy away that sanam got him out of his nightmares, and also taught him how to laugh and love. He says that he doesnt know if sanam loves him or not, but he knows that he has always loved her, not for a time frame, but for eternity, and the lord knows this, and that he shall keep loving her forever. Ahil takes the bowl of dessert that sanam had made, and says that he eats it for sanam. sanam watches him from a distance, and is overwhelmed with emotions. The new bride watches from behind her and is shocked. Ahil hungrily eats the dessert. he has a faint smile on his face, as sanam too smiles through tears, thanking the lord, that she just needed hope to continue the struggle to win love, and she got many. Meanwhile, the new bride bleeds unknowingly through the throns that prick her hand, as her hand rests on the thorny bush kept on the stand.

In her room, sanam eyes their picture lovingly, hopeful that they shall unite again, and this she shall ensure. Through the window, tanveer eyes her and thinks that she can stare at ahil’s picture, but she wont reach her destination as she has made all plans to ruin her and their relation. Tanveer thinks that this is their love-tragic sanam, and decides to find out where is her twin sister. She is surprised to know from gazalla and razaak that both the sisters reside in this house only, in Asad and zoya’s house only, and plot against her. Gazalla tells tanveer that seher infact is a fraudulent thief, and that she is known as sunehri. Tanveer is amused. Gazalla calls tanveer to her, and then tells her hesitantly that they befooled her, thinking that tanveer is blind, and then razaak boasts that they couldnt hide from him, and tells about how they broke the fake wall, and resided inside. tanveer asks why are they scared, as they have given her a big news, which is infact good, and then gives them a wad of notes, as a reward of their efforts. They hungrily eye the money. She asks them to leave. They comply excitedly. tanveer sits back, saying that now she would ruin them both.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
As rahat and haya are asleep, she wakes up as she hears faiz’s whispers calling out her name. She looks around but doesnt find him. She tries to wake up rahat, but he doesnt wake up. She is terrified, as a shadow overpowers her. She is shocked to hear faiz’s voice behind her, saying that now he would wake up only in the morning. She is dumbstruck, as she finds faiz resting on the rocking chair, eyeing her evilly. She is distraught, as she desperately tries to wake him up, but he doesnt wake up. Faiz says that he just gave chloroform to him, to knock him out, but he is capable of much more. she is apalled. Haya is shocked, as she finds faiz approaching them with a knife, and then to her horror, stabs it in rahat’s chest as he sleeps. She wails out in horrifying screams. But she drops right within an inch of rahat’s chest, while she is shell shocked. Faiz smiles evilly. Haya begs him not to do anything to Rahat. He asks her to look at him, as this is the person who she loves, and who forced her to even kill faiz, and that his promises to keep her safe were all in vain, and hence he cant do anything, and he himself can come to her whenever he wants. Faiz comes to her, saying that she belongs to him, and he wont her become anyone else’s. He starts singing, taunting her and then leaves, while she is desperately in tears.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In the kitchen, Tanveer mixes flour and gum together, and she takes a pack of rodents too, trapped in a cage. She goes to their room, thinking that she shall await the effect of this on seher, and then applies the paste on sanam’s foot, at the underside, while she flinches a little in her sleep, as tanveer starts to put it. tanveer carefully applies the paste completely. She thinks that this would be a good lesson for seher to try and outplay tanveer, as tomorrow shall change everything, and cut her down to size and bring her back to earth. Then she opens the pack of rodents, thinking that they shall feast on her legs now. She is amused, as she eyes a sleeping seher, unaware of whats about to happen. she thinks that now her feet shall pain so much, every time she takes a step towards tanveer, against her, and this shall be nothing compared to the pain that she puts sanam through. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: tanveer finds sanam approaching, and intentionally to make her hear, tanveer speaks on the phone with someone, ordering them to have a fatal attack on ahil. She says that she couldnt win ahil’s heart but she shall control him. She asks them to keep an eye on him, and when he is deserted to administer the medicine. tanveer says that he shouldnt die, but his body should stop working.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Please, even though this is a fiction is sooo unreal and unblivabe that if you let the five years old watch they will question it also, soooo boarding to watch every body constantly talking to themself and those long and romantic eye lock becoming soooo boring and unromantic. What’s does tanveer think, that seher is going to be sleep through while the mice chewing at the bottom of her feet.

  2. And now the new sanam will also become bad.. This show is going no where..

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