Hum Hain Na 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swara getting tensed seeing Sagarika at a chinese restaurant and leaves asking her friends to order food while she goes to washroom. Bunty comes back after checking his bike. Sagarika says she saw Swarar there. Bunty says it is very costly restaurant.

Pappu asks ladies to push car as it is not starting. Near temple, ladies say they will perform pooja and come back. Amma asks Pappu to check if Bunty is coming. He calls Bunty who says his bike broke off and he is at mechanic shop. Pappu suggests him to sell his bike and buy cycle instead. Bunty says he will and cuts call. Sagarika says he started lying now a days.

Swara comes back to her seat and relaxes not seeing Sagarika around. Friends asks what she is looking at. She says nothing. Friend says he is throwing a party at 7 star hotel tonight and invites her. Swara thinks how will she attend.

Amma and Ratna enjoy chat and reminisce Sagarika and Bunty as they like chat a lot. Pappu brings them all home. Sagarika greets them in and serves tea and snacks. Aunt asks who which bahu will massage her legs. Pappu says Rani that he will massage her legs tonight, but she should massage aunt’s legs now. Rani agrees hesitantly. At their room, Rani suggests Pappu not to tell how he bought car to anyone.

Swara tensely thinks how to get out of house for her friend’s party. Dad comes there and asks whose car it is outside. She says Pappu bought it today. He gets irked, calls Pappu down and asks how did he buy this car. Pappu says it is second hand and worth 2.5 lakhs. Dad asks when he did not have 500 rs, then how did he buy such a costly car, must have done something wrong. Pappu says he did not. Dad says he must have taken loan then and says he will not pay his loan. Pappu says he has started business. Dad asks how did he get money and what business he is doing. He says baba told him. Rani stops him and says he is doing business with baba and wanted to tell about it once business flourishes. Dad says if he does anything wrong, he will not rescue him. Pappu says he will not do anything wrong as he has baba’s ashirwad. Rani stops him further.

Dad tries to slap him. Amma rescues and scolds him for trying to beat married son. Dad says he does not want any of his family members get into trouble. Aunt intervenes. Dad asks what will she do if her son brings a costly car. Amma asks even then how can he scold grownup son. Bunty tries to calm him down and even daadi says his concern is valid, but his approach his wrong. Bunty says he will speak to Pappu. Dad says he will not tolerate unnecessary spending at this home. Swara hearings that and gets tensed.

On the bed, Swara thinks from whom, she should lend money to buy phone and dress for party. She thinks Sagarika can take Sagarika’s dress, gets into her room, sees her and Bunty sleeping and steals Bunty’s mobile thinking she will show it to her friends and return it back later. She will have to steal Sagarika’s dress now. She hears Bunty’s voice and runs from there. Sagarika sees her running.

Precap: Sagarika catches Swara red-handed buying 20,000 rs worth dress.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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