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Amrita is worried and shocked to hear Babay. Amrita asks if Karan saw him, she says he did but he also doesn’t understand anything. His wife is also creating a problem. Karan tries to tell Sonlal ji that he has to be calm and they need to do some tests. Amrita comes inside, he blames her for giving the injection that reacted. Karan takes Amrita to a side, and asks if she gave him the medicine after two hours of the feed. Amrita says she gave the injection, as he said he ate food in the house and he had been here for three hours. She says she can’t say if he took something in between. The wife of Sonlal blames Amrita and warns her to get her to trustees. Karan asks Amrita to leave.
Babay tells Amrita not to worry, she can’t be mistaken. Dimple comes and asks Amrita why can’t she be mistaken. She asks how she gave the medicine to a patient without the consent of a doctor. Amrita says she didn’t have an option, Dimple argues that she will give anything to anyone this way. Amrita says his life was precious, Dimple says she has ruined the reputation of the hospital. Karan comes worried and asks Dimple to call some skin specialist. Amrita tries to talk, but Karan says the situation is critical, no discussion.
The skin specialist says to Karan that the reports are normal, he has eaten something which reacted. The doctor asks Sonlal who begins to shout that the nurse came with the food that he took, only. Karan asks Amrita to go outside, she comes to the room and watches the medicine bottle emptied, in the dustbin. She recalls the wardboy had brought this, she brings it to Karan. She asks Sonlal to tell the truth that the wardboy brought this to him. Sonlal shouts at Amrita to leave the room, he doesn’t know about any wardboy. Dimple comes and tells Amrita to leave the room, and try to understand. Amrita looks at Kara and the patient and then leaves.
Dimple says to Amrita that blaming the patient is an offence. Amrita argues that he had a reaction from something he drank from this bottle. Dimple asks Amrita to apologize Sonlal, Amrita says she didn’t do anything wrong. She says to Karan that this is the bottle they found in his room. Karan was speechless. Dimple says she couldn’t take care of the patient, who was under their observation. Amrita asks Karan, he was speechless. Dimple argues with Amrita, Amrita argues back. Karan shouts at her to stop it, in frustration. He asks her to stop blaming others. Dimple smiles.
The trustees ask Dimple to call Mrs. Kapoor. Dimple says she is her relative, there can be a conflict of interest, but she may call her if they all say.
One of the trustee say that she is right. Dimple says that Amrita is a senior employee, but they can’t ignore what happened to Sonlal. The trustees ask Karan about his opinion. Karan says she is a senior nurse, and her knowledge is great. Dimple interferes that Amrita has a responsibility at home and regarding family. The trustee says they are getting media calls, Dimple says their audit repute will also be effected. The trustee leaves it to Karan, as he is the chief resident officer.
Karan comes to office, Dimple follows him. He was lost, Dimple comes to him and says it is difficult for him as Amrita is also Avi’s wife. He asks her to leave him alone.
Karan thinks about the warnings of Sonlan, and the trustees reservations. Dimple had called her as Avi’s wife too. Mrs. Kapoor comes to hospital, and says she wasn’t feeling good at home and has brought lunch for her. Karan comes there and calls Amrita. He gives her a letter, she asks what is this. He tells her to look it herself. Dimple also stops to see this. Amrita is shocked to see the suspension letter, and asks if he is letting her out of Muskaan. The staff gathers there. Dimple is delighted.
Mrs. Kapoor stops Karan and asks what is this. Karan says there is no choice, he is sorry. She asks what has she done for such a harsh step. Dimple tells her that industrialist Sonlal has complaint for negligence of Amrita and her wife is deterring her to go to court against them. Mrs. Kapoor asks if she is complaining about negligence of Amrita, she is the oldest employee. She is observing from the past few months, she doesn’t see time. Has there been any issue taking her behavior or work till today. Babay also says Amrita has given to the hospital more than herself. She has made patients happy, than well. Everyone knows Amrita can’t be irresponsible. Dimple says they can’t ignore patients complaint. Sonlal is a reputed person and educated, he won’t say anything baseless. The hospital’s policy says about suspension in case of medical negligence. Dimple says board members have taken the decision, Mrs. Kapoor says she wasn’t informed. Dimple says their policy says if the issue is about the board member or the family, they can’t participate.

PRECAP: Amrita leaves Muskaan, the staff suspends their duties and strikes to bring Amrita back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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