Humsafars 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir informing Alvira about Zeenat’s return and informs her that he is bringing her home. Everyone get shocked. Arzoo goes to her room. Kurti Apa gets happy and thanks the God. Nausheen goes to her room worriedly. The servant brings food for Kurti Apa. She asks him to keep it on the table. She uncovers the food and sees a blood stained cloth. She shouts and panics She asks him what did you bring for me and asks him to take it back. She remembers the God.

Arzoo thinks what is happening? She says our marriage is a business deal, in which there is no place for love then why I am getting sad. Why I am feeling something hearing about his first wife return. She says I became second wife, but now I am feeling its feel to become second wife. She wipes her tears and says there are so many questions. Who is Zeenat? How was Sahir and Zeenat’s relation. Do Sahir love her even now. She says why it is affecting me. She turns and sees Sahir. Sahir says I wants to say…….Arzoo says your wife’s name is Zeenat. Sahir says Arzoo and then says Zeenat. Arzoo asks from where she is coming? And where was she all these days? Whether she knows about our marriage? Sahir says I know so many questions are there in your heart?

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Arzoo says she just asked some questions and have the strength to face the truth. She congrats him on his first wife’s return. Sahir shakes hand with her and gets her closer. They have an eye lock while Sahir holds her closer and says shut up. My wife…………Just then they hear a shout. Alvira calls aloud for Sahir asking him to come. Sahir and Arzoo comes outside and sees Rubina(servant) lying on a pool of blood. Sahir checks her. Alvira says she saw her falling from the terrace. Kurti Apa says I told you that this color is inauspicious for this house. Sahir calls the Police.

Kurti Apa says this is just a starting and says it is inauspicious. Sahir says it is just an accident. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo for giving her clothes to the servant. Alvira says may be she might have commit suicide to hide some secret. Kurti Apa says this haveli is hiding the secrets. She says it is a murder, whatever you say. Sahir asks what do you mean? We are murderers. He takes everyone’s names and asks who is the murderer? Kurti Apa says murderer is there, but can’t be seen. Sahir asks her not to worry him. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo again and calls her inauspicious again. Sahir stands between Arzoo and her and reminds Kurti Apa to remember Arzoo is his wife before saying anything. Arzoo looks on.

Nausheen says don’t know what is happening, but I can say that it is happening after your and Sahir’s marriage. Arzoo says someone doesn’t want me to stay in this house. She asks her not to worry as she can fight. Arzoo feels bad for the servant Rubina and thinks what was Rubina’s fault. She thinks to have given that dress to Rubina and thinks she died in my place. She gets shocked.

Alvira is worried. Sahir asks her to sit calmly. Alvira says she is worried and says she is surprised as he is not worried. Sahir asks are you doubting on me. Alvira says no. I don’t know what I am saying. Sahir says it is just an accident. Alvira says may be someone would have pushed her from the terrace. Sahir asks her to sit and gives her water to drink.

Alvira says this is happening after your marriage. She says did I bring bad luck for you? Sahir says it is just a coincidence. Alvira says it is a conspiracy by someone against you, me and all of us. She says some inauspicious reflection. Sahir says you came in Kurti Apa talks. Alvira says don’t know why God is doing this with them. She asks do you think the attack on Zeenat was an accident. Sahir gets a call and says he is coming. He informs Alvira that he will return before Police comes. The glass falls down from Alvira’s hand and gets broken. She gets shocked.

Kurti Apa calls Zaki. Zaki says I know why you called me. I can’t return home. Kurti Apa says you have to return for your family. We needs you and tells everything. She asks him to come soon and says it is your responsibility to save your loved ones. Zaki says you are right and says he will return. Kurti Apa thanks him and says you have to find out about the person doing this.

Sahir comes to Rahman Saheb and asks why did you call me? He says I married Arzoo. Samaira and Zaki will get married soon. Rahman says Samaira will not marry Zaki now nor this deal. He says if my daughter doesn’t get married to Zaki then she might ruin her respect, but she will be alive. He says you hide the fact from me, that your haveli is inauspicious. Your first wife had become the victim and now your second wife will have the same thing. If my daughter gets married then she will have the same thing. He says I loves my daughter very much. Sahir asks how can you believe on these talks being educated and says it is someone’s conspiracy. Rahman saheb asks him to find out about the person doing conspiracy.

Precap: Arzoo gets afraid seeing a shadow and smoke in the room and shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Plz try to update it fast!

  2. Wat is happening. ..

  3. Please dnt let the suspense drag let it be out in d open soon. ..dragging it will only make d viewers loose interest in d seriel..n itl be annoying. .

  4. Hi…Yes, when did the love story turn into a murder/mystery series????..:(( very disappointed with the turn in storyline…[email protected] least today’s episode had some NYC moments with saaZ….otherwise last week was just fighting all the time.

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