Veera 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera trying to tell Baldev about Rajveer. She says I feel Rajveer has come connection with Nihaal’s murder, I went to his home to find everything. He asks did you go to his home. She says yes, as I wanted to know the truth. He gets angry and smiles. He says I know your affair with Rajveer, so if you want to meet him, go from Ranvi’s house, not here, if you want to meet him, don’t make excuse that you met him for me. She cries and asks can’t you see I care for you. He says he can see the drama that she cares for him. He says I know you won’t support me on right time, if you support me, I will listen to you. He says maybe I will trust you, till then don’t try to talk to me.

Ranvi plays guitar. Ratan comes and asks what happened. He says I wanted to make the noise inside me calm. She says I know what you are thinking. She says she did not see this Baldev ever in her life, we felt Veera married by her wish and she will be happy, but if its not like this then….. iss she is getting pain there, we are not there to help her, if she needs us then… Ranvi says Gunjan spoke to Veera, and said she is happy there. Ratan says she can act, as she was acting infront of us, but we have seen it. She says maybe Baldev knows you can give statement against him and can send him to jail, so he is bringing his anger out on Veera.

Ranvi says why is Veera not understanding this, she married Baldev. Ratan says we are leaving Veera with the man, who can really be murderer. Ranvi gets worried. Veera says if I call to talk to Baldev, he will be angry, he will come home on his own. She recalls Rajveer’s room with her pics and says I have to fight alone to prove Baldev innocent. She says who will tell me, I m trying and failing, as I did not have Ranvi’s support. She says even today I want to hold your finger and walk, don’t leave me alone in these problems. Ranvi thinks about Veera and their childhood. They cry thinking about each other.

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Its morning, Gunjan wakes up and says where did Ranvi go. She asks Ratan about him. Ratan smiles and says maybe I know where he went. Ranvi comes to Baldev’s house. He recalls Baldev’s words. Baldev tells Veera to make Ranvi leave from here, and tell him that you don’t want to see his face again. He asks her to tell him on whose side she is, and reminds her if she supports him on right time, he will agree and trust her, the time has come now. Veera sees Ranvi and cries. Baldev says Ranvi has come to meet you. Veera gets glad and says he has come to meet me. Baldev says go and tell him that you don’t want to see his face again, he did not come to mete you, he came to take you back, as he feels I trouble you and he already feels I m murderer.

Veera says no, Ranvi came to meet me, I will explain him. Baldev says no, you have two options, go there and tell him you don’t want to see his face, else go with him and leave this house. He says don’t care if I go jail or I die. He says then I won’t see your face again. Veera comes downstairs and says I knew you can get annoyed, but you will forgive me. She says you will come to meet me. He says I did not come to meet you, I came to take you from here, you and I know this that you lied to me in market and lied to Gunjan on phone, I know Baldev is treating you badly.

He says a father can be annoyed with his daughter, but can’t see her in pain, so he has come today to take his daughter home. He says don’t worry, I m with you always. They cry. Veera says no, its nothing as you are thinking. He says he is not mistaken, he has done her upbringing and knows her face expressions, so don’t tell this to me. He says I know whats going on here. Balwant and Bansuri look on.

Ranvi says don’t try to save anyone, I can’t bear your husband to misbehave with you, and you silently bear it. He says I know you married by your wish, it does not mean I turned my face, I m with you, no need to be afraid. He looks at Baldev and says Veera I m with you. Veera drops her phone and touches his feet. Ranvi says go and pack your bag, I m waiting outside, come. Veera says no Veer ji, I will not go with you. Ranvi is shocked.

Baldev sees Veera crying and says Veera….. You have supported me on right time, and not Ranvi. He holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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