Doli Armaanon Ki 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s Hotel
While urmi is working in the Hotel, Damini comes in tensedly. She is surprised to see Damini, and asks her to sit down. Damini however behaves very seriously. Urmi asks whats the matter. damini comes and tells urmi that from today, she wont talk to, or keep any contact with him, and that all their relations should end. Urmi is shocked, and asks whats the matter. Damini says that there’s no problem, and that she is just intrigued. She says that she was thinking as to whats happening between the two, that noone could guess. Urmi is boggled. Damini asks how can he not tell her about his girlfriend, in such a strong friendship. urmi complies. Damini asks her to be angry at him, and stop talking, then mayve he breaks down and tells him the name of the girlfriend. Urmi says that even Damini herself can do this, as if she acts indifferent to ishaan, he might break down in front of her, and asks whats the difference if either of them does it. She says that there’s a difference, and that he has challenged her, hence she should do this, and that she is sure that he would tell urmi. urmi complies, to damini’s plan. Damini is happy, and asks her to say that their friendship is over, as friends cant share secrets. Urmi is tensed, but complies still. Damini thinks that everything would be clear now, as ishaan would come out, and if there’s anything between them, then it would be exposed too, as if there’s soemthing, then they wont be able to resist talking to each other. In either case, the truth has to come out, and it shall.

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Screen 2:
Location: A five star Hotel
In the lobby, Samrat waits in his car, for Sanaya’s arrival, after she is done with the meeting, at a big hotel. finally she comes out, and calls the driver to get the car. samrat sees her and draws his car next to her, and goes by, almost ignoring her. Then he pretends to be shocked to see her, and gets excited saying that he was praying to run into her again, and lo behold, that happened. she is amused. She says that he looks very changed now, as last time, he looked very different. He distracts her by his talks. He tries to repay her with the money for his treatment, and she refuses. He then insists on coffee, and finally gets her around to having coffee with him. He gives her a date, and a venue. She leaves in her car. Samrat thinks that very soon, she shall be his wife, and then he shall keep doing debts, and she shall keep releasing them.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
gaurav discusses cheeku’s admission in shaurya’s school, for convenience. Urmi complies. The doorbell rings. She opens the door to find ishaan standing there, and remembers Damini’s request. When ishaan comes in bright and perky, at urmi’s house, wishing her good morning, she turns her face away and indirectly conveys through Gaurav, that she doesnt want to see him now or ever again, and that their relationship is over from this very instant. Ishaan is shocked, while gaurav is tensed. Urmi stands angrily. He comes around and asks why is she saying this. Gaurav too asks whats the matter. She says that she was serious about their friendship, but he isnt. she says that she isnt a fool, and that he cant keep a secret of his girlfriend, from her, even though he professes her to be his best friend. He again tries to talk her into finding out, but she lashes rudely at him, saying that their friendship was till there, and its all over now. He tries to speak, but she says that they shall maintain their distance from now on. She leaves, while both the men are tensed and shocked. gaurav makes him sit down. Ishaan says that it got serious suddenly. gaurav is tensed. Ishaan says that what was scaring him, is exactly happening, as he cant risk losing urmi and her friendship at any cost, and asks him to tell urmi, about it, as he has to someday. Ishaan is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Sandhya applauds damini’s move, while she says that now they shall know whats cooking between the two. She says that only she needs to kow, as urmi and ishaan already know whats happening. Sandhya says that now she shall know how the best friend couple has been fooling her behind their backs. But Damini still refuses to believe, saying that ishaan is her son, and he shall never do this to her. Sndhya says that she can lie to her, butr she knows that she herself too doubts their relation, and hence took this move. Damini is tensed but doesnt agree to it, saying that she is doing this to shut her mouth once and for all, and prove her wrong, as when the truth is exposed, she would be silenced. Sandhya says that she hopes that she is wrong, as if Damini is, she wont be able to bear it, and hopes that nothing like that comes to her. Damini is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Seaside Hotel
As samrat has coffee with shanaya, he starts flirting with her, with a bold move. She asks whats he trying to say. He says that he is in love at first sight, even though he never used to believe in all this before. she is amused, while he says that he is in love.She still is boggled. He keeps ranting out about how he has fallen in love, and feels the most amazing in life, and thats due to her. She thinks that he is joking. He says that its a question of his life, and asks her not to think that he is joking, as his life has changed overnight, and gives her credit for it all. He continues to flirt, while she thinks that he is dramatising. He places her hand in his, and asks her to pull him out of this misery, by marrying him. She is shocked, and jerks his hand away. He tries to protest how innocent he and his love is. She asks him to let it all go, and answer instead as to why didnt he marry till now. He is shocked at this question, but answers by saying, that he never met anyone like her. she is irritated, and tries to smile it off. she says that his name is very old fashioned, and that she shall call him SAM, and he agrees, continuing to flirt with her. He gives her a gift, while she says that she cant accept gifts. He asks her to look at it. she finds that its Kajal, and says that noone ever gifted things like this. He says that noone saw her beauty the way he sees. He says thats because he already has cast his evil eyes, and they plan to completely ruin a person.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Ishaan, in his car, is tensed, remembering his spat with urmi, when he doesnt respond to his messages too. He tries to talk to her again, but in vain. In his tension, he comes across samrat, passing by from the other side, driving his car, and is shocked, wondering whats samrat doing here, in Mumbai. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Shanaya starts ranting to urmi about how samrat’s flirtatious and corny, cheesy romantic lines have wooed her over and she actually likes this man termendously. Urmi asks her to slow down things a bit. Urmi says that she doesnt like how is this going, and there’s something wrong. She asks who is this man. Shanaya smiles through.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I am totally fed up with samrat and his evil schemes samrath need to be taught a good lesson once and for all because he has no respect for anyone at all especially women he samrath destroys everything that he touches writers please do not let samrath have his way with this new girl because she is rich let urmi find out and tell her the truth about samrath and let the police throw his ass in jail


  3. But who knows, the (Sam)rat may actually change his ways.

  4. Love it samarath is so dammmn good at acting its like a Mel ‘s and boon book u are reading hats off to samarath

  5. The goons samrat borrowed money from, wil definitely put him in his rightful place.

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