Humsafars 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo recalling Sahir’s words that Zaki is the father of Samaira’s child and proving him guilty. She takes off her jewellery and throws it. She cries and hugs her mother. She says I am a toy for which, these brothers are fighting. She asks who am I? Nausheen says you are our Arzoo. We all love you and Zaki too. Arzoo is stunned. Nausheen tells her that Zaki has love in his eyes for her. She asks her to trust her friend. Arzoo says you couldn’t identity Sarfaraz’s betrayal long before. Nausheen reminds her that Sarfaraz is her father. Arzoo tells her that he is not her father. Nausheen says Sahir is trapping you yet again and asks her not to get trap in his nest. Arzoo says Zaki lied to me. Zaki comes and says Sahir got the fake report made. He says he is ready to get the test done in the city or in foreign, whereever she wants. He says he is ready to prove her innocence and can even spend any amount. Arzoo says both of you talks about money and asks him to leave.

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Farha comes to Nausheen and demands her money. She says Arzoo didn’t marry Zaki. You asked me to take money after her marriage. Where is the money? Nausheen asks her to talk in low tone. Arzoo comes there. Farha accuses Arzoo for trapping Sahir and Zaki. Nausheen asks her to shut up. Farha calls her shameless. Everyone gather there. Arzoo asks her not to shout else she will not give her a single penny. She says I will give you money, but needs some time. Farha agrees and gives her a day’s time. She threatens to bring the Police next time and tells Arzoo that she has Nausheen signatures on the papers which prove that she took money from her. Farha whispers to Arzoo to accept the one who gives her more money amongst the two brothers. Arzoo is shocked. Anam and Kurti Apa taunt Arzoo.

Sahir holds Arzoo’s hands and takes her to his room. He says I will give you money and asks her to tell the amount. He reminds her that nothing happens without money in this world. He asks her to move the curtain and see the real world. Arzoo says you might have thinks like this. Sahir asks her to tell any person who is not playing. He says everyone plays game in this world. He asks her to understand her soon. He asks her to marry him. Arzoo refuses to marry him and says your business deal should go to hell. Sahir thinks he is in hell as Rahman Saheb is making fun on his life. He determines to marry her.

Zara tells Arzoo that Farha won’t bring police. Arzoo says she can’t see her Ammi being insulted. Zara says Ammi should have thought it before taking the money. Arzoo requests her to give her money to Farha. Zara says no way. I can’t be mother teresa. This money is for me, not to repay someone’s debt. Arzoo asks who is someone. Zara says I don’t want to spend my money on others and reminds her that she is Zara and not Arzoo. She asks her not to try to make her Arzoo. Myra tells Arzoo that Sahir gave money to Ammi. Arzoo asks how can Ammi asks money from him. Myra says Sahir offered her money and told that he is giving the money as loan. He told that he don’t want his family name to be maligned. Arzoo is surprised.

Arzoo asks Nausheen, why did you take money from Sahir. You said that Sahir trapped us. Myra says what else she could do. She accuses her for not marrying Zaki. Arzoo says Zaki is Samaira’s baby father. Myra asks so what. He was atleast marrying you. Where will we go. Nausheen is shocked to see Myra accusing Arzoo. Nausheen cries and blames herself. She says I didn’t give you anything except troubles. She says it is better to die. She takes the knife to suicide. Arzoo and Myra take the knife from her hand. Nausheen cries. Myra asks Arzoo to go from there and says come here when we all are dead.

Sahir asks Arzoo to marry him else he will burn the outhouse in which her family is closed. Arzoo slaps him.

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  1. Same precap nt fair!

  2. OMG aaroo s gong to be heartless and to behave rude to sahir.. wat will happen nw?wen r dey gng to strt lvng each other.i hpe it will happen soon. Writers please dnt take them apart.

  3. Same precap…its not fair

  4. Not sure why they have to re run the whole history now after they married. Can’t they just show us Saaz now married n more romantic moments…where they start loving each other n not hating….getting boring now with the same thing over n over again…zaki is / zaki not baby’s fathers….Sahir only threatens….arzoo only cries…whr is the strong Arzoo that laid in from of a tractor in beginning… I thought love is suppose to make you stronger not weaker….come on writers…very weak storyline…and this show was starting to become my favorite…:((

  5. desitv promos report dat arzo is gng to change drasticaly; gng to bece money minded nd want to avenge sahir fr her more romance in near future. nly fightng.

  6. Is Sahir alone money minded that she wanted revenge?. Her own sisters were more selfish than anyone else. One even though has money does not want to share with her own sister. Another wants her sister to marry so she could have house. Does not Arzoo want to teach them a strong lesson?

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