Hamari Sister Didi 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Karan asks Mrs. Kapoor if she is preparing the food herself. She says she can’t send the children hungry, and Amrita also couldn’t come. These children must now eat from her. Karan tells her not to do so, and suggests to order pizza. Mrs. Kapoor says she will just call. He asks her where is Khushi’s party. Mrs. Kapoor says it is on highway. He thinks Amrita has gone again to such a faraway place alone on scooty, in spite of the incident that night.
In the party, Khushi watches the bottle game. The bottle spins and stops, a girl takes truth. Someone asks her, where she and Rahul were in the last party. A waiter spoils Khushi’s dress. Moira takes Khushi’s jakcet, and tells a waiter to wash it and remove the stain.
Khushi asks Moira to return her jacket, but moira says she looks beautiful this way. A boy calls from behind that she looks gorgeous. Khushi smiles. Moira says she is looking like cindrella. Khushi says thankyou.
Amrita sits outside, in cold. She says she cant even go leaving Khushi here, and there is no stall of tea nearby. Khushi sits alone, Moira and her friend plan some fun for her. Some boys points at Khushi, suddenly the lights of the party goes out. Amrita is worried, that it isnt 12 yet, why they put the lights off. Khushi screams watching some masked people, Amrita hears it and is worried. The lights are on again. Everyone laughs, Khushi says this isnt fair. Amrita comes running inside the party, and asks why she screamed. Khushi asks Amrita what she is doing here, what are they doing. Moira says they were just making fun, but Amrita scolds her that she was worried about her scream. Khushi asks was she waiting outside, waht is wrong with her. Amrita asks did they do something, looks at the bar and asks what the bottles are doing here. Khushi says these are for elders. Amrita asks were they drinking it. Khushi takes Amrita outside, she asks why she is here. Amrita was worried and says did they tease her drinking. Khushi says isnt there any trust on her, that she has. Amrita says she had to meet them. Khushi says they are her school fellows. Amrita says they are really different. Khushi says they must go home, now as she had enough insult. Amrita says she must go inside, and enjoy the party.

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Khushi comes back to the party. A boy asks her to dance, but she says she cant dance. The new year celebrations begin, as the clock strucks 12. Everyone hugs and congratulates each others.
Karan celebrates with the boys. SOoraj thanks Karan that today they enjoyed like with papa. He asks Karan to close his eyes. Karan does the cheating, but Sooraj catches him. He closes his eyes, Sooraj gifts him a Super man shirt saying from today he is his super hero as he saved his party today. Amrita comes there, and watches this. Karan thanks Sooraj, and asks what does super hero does. He takes Sooraj in his arms and spins around. Sooraj enjoys. Karan and Amrita get to see each other.
Khushi tries Amrita’s number, and was worried there is no network in her phone. She asks Nisha to go home, Nisha says one hour more. Nisha says her own mother is in party, she will be late. Khushi was tensed, a friend asks her. Moira comes to ask her to dance, and asks how are they going home. Moira says she will tell her cousin to drop them, she asks Arman. He laughs, if her mother will scold again. Khushi asks how will he drop them, Arman says he even has a plane’s licence with him and they leave together.
Khushi ties seat belt in the car. Arman switch the deck on, and drives fast and rash.
Karan was having water, Amrita come to him. Karan says he must not have come, and he is leaving. Amrita says Karan! Thank You. They look at each other.
In the car, Arman doesnt listen to Khushi’s call of driving slow. Khushi thinks about texting mama, that she is coming back with Moira’s cousin.
Amrita was worried home, and says she will try later and keeps the phone.
Khushi was irritated by the speed, but Arman doesnt listen. THe car suddenly goes to hit a tree.

PRECAP: Karan and Amrita looks for Khushi in the car. Karan asks her to inform the police, as he is afraid it isnt much late.

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