Balika Vadhu 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv asking Khazan ji about his decision to go home. Khazan ji says he is better now. Anandi says we will allow you to leave once you get fine. Khazan ji says I can’t stay in the closed room. Shiv suggests him to shift to his farm house. Alok says it is a good idea. Anoop says you are forgetting that I kept many things in the farm house. Shiv says I know. Anoop says it will disturb him. Khazan ji says he will go home. Anandi says no and asks him to decide where he wants to stay. Khazan ji prefers to stay at the farm house.

Niranjan comes to Jagya’s hospital for vasectomy. Jagya makes the arrangements for the operations. Anandi and Shiv drop Khazan ji at the farm house. Anandi asks him to have medicine on time. Anoop’s manager come there. He explains to Khazan ji that the stuff are very costly. Khazan ji says he will not touch anything. Jagya and Niranjan come back home after the operation. Gehna comes to her room. Jagya teases her saying he will leave before taisaa asks him to leave. Gehna and Niranjan rest on the bed. Gehna asks what are you thinking? Niranjan says today was very tiring. He thought to sleep. Gehna asks him to sleep. Niranjan turns and thinks I am sorry. He promises to tell the truth to Gehna when the right times comes.

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Shiv tells that someone is involved in illegal activities and asks Mahesh to tell that businessman name. Mahesh tells him that he is Anoop Shekhar. Shiv says he is a war hero and my father and you are saying that he is doing illegal business. He shows some file to Shiv. Shiv sees the file carefully.

Anandi asks Shiv why you are tensed. Shiv tells that he got a file in which it is written that Anoop is doing business without licence and is also doing illegal activities. Anandi says Papa can’t do that. She says may be someone is trapping him. Shiv shows her file. Anandi says you don’t have proof against him. Shiv says he has become ambitious and wants to do quick business. Anandi says he can’t do. Shiv says may be his employee is doing that. He thinks how to talk to him as he will feel bad. Anandi says you are right. She gives him idea and says we will ask Bapu to keep an eye on the farmhouse.

Gehna asks Ganga to add 1 spoon sugar in Niranjan’s tea. Ganga says he will drink milk today as he needs to have medicines. Gehna asks for what? She gives her promise and asks her not to lie. Ganga tells her that Niranjan didn’t want to have his own children so that’s why he opted for vasectomy. Gehna is shocked and asks why? Ganga says he don’t want your attention to be diverted from Nandu and Bhairavi. Gehna gets teary eyed.

Anandi and Shiv come to the farm house and asks Khazan ji to keep an eye on the activities of Anoop’s business. Khazan ji says he will do the needful and will keep an eye on the ongoing activities. He thanks Khazan ji. Anandi seems to be unwell. Shiv says we will go to the hospital. Khazan ji says it is normal. Niranjan recalls Gehna asking him what happened. He turns and sees Gehna. She hugs him and cries. She says you killed your happiness for my happiness. Niranjan asks I opted for this operation for everyone’s happiness. I didn’t want lose the respect which Nandu has for me. He says Nandu and Bhairavi are also my kids. Gehna feels proud to be his wife and says she will try to become a good wife. Niranjan says you don’t need to prove. She hugs him.

Shiv is being informed of the terrorist coming to their city. The terrorist is seen talking on phone

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