A week has been passed away Alisha report come out each and everyone dishearten lottt specially yuvi who is very closer to Kunj heart he can understand his emotions and pain as well how much a loves kids and today babaji bring this

Situation in his life.Manohar make everyone understand don’t take out baby topic in front of Kunj and Alisha they maybe felt bad and more is Alisha. Bebe and Usha can understand.Bebe and Usha thinking to take Kush.Anjali and Rohit is ready because they love Kunj like their small brother and they can do anything for him. If they can give him happiness it would be great.Kunj too don’t have any problem Bebe is more sad because she already had one son and daughter.Anjali mother who passed away even Kunj don’t have another sibling who will take his legacy ahead. She didn’t show up this but Kunj can see that pain and craved for baby she decorated so many dreams for Kunj baby now every is scattered down.Kunj try his level best to keep Alisha happy and she get busy in her upcoming modelling project.due to thus project Chinki and twinkle or Alisha used to meet with each other’s and become normal friends.

Normal day Alisha was today free she watching a movie.she see and get shocked and movie got end.

Hoo so this also can happen I never think about this means baby bhi aur not tension life is fully great.she tell her self.

She went in her room and call her sister Shilpa and told her each and everything.Di now you tell me fast what I have to do I’m hell confused after my reports they all went in graves.. Alisha said. Hmm I can sense Alisha but you don’t have any other option do you love Kunj she asked her? Offcourse I love my husband lot why you saying this Haan but I love myself lottt bit???.She tell her.

I know knew it baby from back only she said in taunting way and laughs out.

Don’t laughs too much don’t forget because of me you living this life otherwise begging on roads.Replied her back.

Acha Leave this all things our this fight will go like this only. Your idea was not bad. She said .

Does this happen?? Alisha asked to Shilpa.

Haan kyu nahi hota great Saanp bhi mar jaye aur Lathi bhi na Tutego with this. She said.

Okay I have to see first who will get ready for my this work okay bye di.She said and cut the call.Hmm Chal Alisha baby lag ja kaam pe ??.Firstly I have my play I have to go for that too.She ping Kunj and take her clothes and went for her shoot.After this Kunj news Kunj try to think adopt baby he just stoping because of Alisha.He finished his work. He think let’s go to gurudwara there he find peace there so.He get up and left for gurudwara.Soon he reached he help in lungar after he sitting near lake and thinking about his life’s ups and downs. He get up and went and sit in front of babaji and blow down head there twinkle come along with leela and rt. They too sit beside Kunj.Together Kunj and twinkle blow their heads again and and again and they praying to babaji for their happy lives.they didn’t see each other’s.Twinkle get up about to go she pulled her duppta which come on kunj and covered him and she went from there Kunj turned and see her back she going because..

Hey babaji please fulfil my bebe wish she wanted my baby but don’t from where I’ll bring baby for her Alisha wasn’t ready for adoption.Koi toh hoga who will help me Kunj the side twinkle tieding  mannat thread.Just in front of Kunj eyes.He too get up and tied the threat.Kunj walking in gurudwara leela was walking she didn’t see water and about to falls down Kunj hold her hands on time. Are you okay Kunj said leela look at him. She smiled and Kunj make her stand properly.Haan beta I’m fine thanks leela replies him.Don’t be thanks aunty it’s my duty to help elders with a smile he said.Good bless you beta.Bye leela said and went from there.

Maa and papa lets go fast you know today I have my play so let’s go fast. Twinkle said in puppy voice.

Haan bacha lets go we are too very much excited for your play acha you go from here you have rehearsal and we will come with Haider and Meera. Rt said.

Hmm idea was good papa okay bye kissed on their cheeks twinkle said and went from there while leela and rt smiled she is mad don’t know whom god made for her to handle leela and rt murmured Kunj was passing from there.

Don’t worry here only he will be whom babaji made for our twinkle. Leela said and they went from there.

Alisha was busy in her play rehearsal other side twinkle as well too.Alisha message Kunj he have to come today in his play she do so much hard work Kunj smiled and he never deny her.He message Usha as well come directly to Venu.he call yuvi and tell him come with baby and Aditi. After sometimes later.

Alisha was sitting for her make up other side twinkle too her eyes went on her both passed smiled to each other’s after meeting with each other’s one and 3 times become normal friends.

You are here Alisha asked twinkle??

Haan even I’m takes part in play twinkle replied her.good even I’m too great two new friends together Alisha said?. Yeah right..doesn’t your husband come today? Twinkle asked her?? No my hubby just have time for his charity functions he will come on time Alisha tell her.they gossiping while their make up session.After they all participant was ready fully with their costumes and makeup. Twinkle reading her play script.

Everyone come and take their seats Kunj was sitting with his family and yuvi family host come and start the function.

Good evening everyone host said.

Alishaa Kunj murmured yuvi see him and start one by one all participant come and performed. All clapping.Kunj was just waiting for his wife.Lights went off.Alisha comes and she walk gracefully and looking so hot all smiling Kunj just see her.Showing her curves.She start her play in that she playing the role of devil wanted to win Against love.She end the and went all clapping for her than twinkle come as soon as Kunj eyes went on her he get surprised. Chinki hooting for her Slow loving music playing in bg..

life is a great story but not for me in love

The boy I liked so much the boy of my dreams couldn’t be part of my life couldn’t be part of my destiny. Kunj just

Listening her words. Still love is a pure feeling because it lasts forever. Forever till the end of time till the very eternity love hurts and love causes the pain leaving  behind all the tears with nothing to see and gain she said In play a boy marrying to girl none other than Alisha she is too in her play. Twinkle wiped her tears and see them with a smile all audience having tears in their eyes. Boy and Alisha staying happily in their life together while twinkle still standing there where the boy whom she love who leave her.Scene change

Lastly real tears are not those that falls from the eyes and cover the fact but those that fall from The heart and cover the soul.Twinkle said and she keep the flower and standing in front of grave. Yes the same man. You love me and leave I cry when you marry with her Than also I cry and today you leave me when I get to know about you as well having tears in my eyes for you and for whom you leave me today she not here. She get up. You did not care of me and my love and throw me didn’t understand my value and same happened with you she too didn’t understand your value you leave world but today teach me a lesson you hurt me less than yourself. She said She went from there and her eyes went on Alisha who happy and enjoyed it twinkle give painful smile. Love was a game for you and congrats you win.. twinkle said while looking at Alisha.

It was like a dream come true for me now I realize yes it was just a dream she said and end the drama with her last line each and everyone get up and clapping loudly. In whole play Kunj didn’t see Alisha his eyes and mind heart just on twinkle and on her words only.

Kunj smiling like anything.Twinkle smiled and they all went and host come and praised them.

Wow what a performance truly amazing.They get their prize twinkle get best performer she was hell happy and dancing like anything Usha and Bebe see and smiled.She is the best Bebe Usha said.Haan maa Kunj said not in sense.Alisha gesturing Kunj while his eyes landed on twinkle only listening her speech.Alisha see this and get confused but she leave it after this. Alisha come to Kunj.

Heyy baby how’s my play she asked?

Good Alisha nice Kunj said she hugged him. I’m so happy baby today let’s do party what’s say?? Alisha said.Why not if you wanted we can do party Kunj said.

My daughter is so beautiful even her words too leela said twinkle and caressing her face Kunj see this and smiled.

Another girl who playing in your play amazing Alisha Kunj said. Haan she is positive na in play but I don’t think this happened Kunj in real life if we hurt someone mercy us too Alisha said. And went in side.

Kyu nahi god is equal with each and everyone Alisha someone of punish here only for their sins and someone of in their graves. Kunj said to himself.

Bebe and Usha or Manohar come to Kunj. Acha Kunj puttar you stay with Alisha we are going to home back. Manohar said.Okay pa Kunj replied they quickly left. Alisha invites twinkle Chinki or Haider and meera too they all went to club and doing party theirs they dancing fully Kunj just sitting in side and watching them yuvi look at him.

What happened you are interested in her he asked him?

Nahi her thinking matching with me yuvi Kunj said. What about your Alisha yuvi said in giggling way. ??. She is different from me yuvi but I love her that’s most important for her now after report I just wanted to give her happiness only. Kunj said. You thinking about adoption na Kunj? Yuvi asked him? I toh ready but Alisha wouldn’t Than I cant do anything if babaji didn’t write this happiness in my life than I can’t fight with him yuvi Kunj said.

Right Kunj yuvi murmured.

Uff Alisha amazing party twinkle said.

Yes after I’m Alisha sarna?.She said proudly.In hangover all girls enjoying fully like it’s their last day of life.. Alisha passed out.Kunj went near Alisha.

Alisha chalo it’s over now Kunj said and holding her she totally dozed off.He lift her in his arms carefully twinkle see him and smiled after they all went from there.

Next day in [email protected]@

Alisha wake up and screaming Kunj forward lemonade glass to her she open her eyes and without saying anything she drink it.Good morning go and get freshen up you feel good Kunj said he take his coffee mug and went downstairs. Alisha get up and went in washroom she get freshen up and quickly she get ready and went downstairs joint everyone for breakfast last night Anjali come with her son kush .Kunj feeding him food with his hands.

Bebe I’m thinking why not our new factory name will be on Kush named. Kunj said.

Arey why?? Anjali asked..

why means di if is in my hands I’ll named my all things on Kush.Kunj said and all smiled Alisha get stunnedto listen this. After breakfast Alisha just thinking about Kunj words if he did this in real than what she will do.

I have to do something fast I can’t if Kunj do something like this than OMG she said herself.  Kunj left for office while all ladies sitting and talking about kids. I’m just thinking about my Kunj now toh all ways closed bebe said. Why who told you this bebe Alisha said. All look at her. What?? Usha said.

Haan mummy ji yes it’s true I can’t become mother but Kunj toh becomes father na she said all get hell confused.

Haan so bebe said?

See bebe problem mere me hai not in Kunj and I saw everywhere and I m thinking ki why not Kunj do second marriage. She said immediately all shocked and look at her in shocking way .

Are you okay Alisha Usha said in angry tone?

Haan mummy ji I’m fine absolutely. Alisha said you all think about this Kunj is your single son if he don’t have any baby than who will take his legacy ahead I’m just saying he will marry and we will get baby now many technologies comes Alisha said Usha and Bebe completely shocked.

Alisha but Kunj? Bebe said.

Bebe and mummy ji this is last way and I wanted baby whom call me mamma and Kunj papa. At any cost and wanted only Kunj blood Alisha said.

You right but Kunj dusri marriage I mean Usha asked..

Haan second marriage mummy ji Alisha added. She went from there leave everyone in shocked Anjali and Bebe or Usha shocked.

Bebe did you listen what she saying Kunj second marriage Haan Usha said.

Haan Usha Rani by she is right if no baby than who will take ahead our Kunj name we didn’t bring this topic she itself na bebe said.

Haan Bebe is right maa Anjali sAid..

Alisha went to cafe there she meet with Chinki and meanwhile twinkle come and she tell them about her this problem.

I’m tired Alisha said with tears.

Don’t cry Alisha babaji will help you really twinkle said.

How twinkle my husband and his family torturing me every day for baby she added Chinki and twinkle get shocked.

What really ??twinkle asked.? But your family is so nice and husband she asked?

Yes twinkle from outside they seeing like this but what can I do I don’t have anyone who helped me in this world crying like crocodile.He just behind baby at any cost and finding wife’s for himself if anyone help me and give me baby Than I’ll be thankful to that person I love him I can’t live without my Kunj Alisha said.

Hmm Alisha Chinki murmured.Chinki and twinkle look at each other’s Alisha see twinkle face and smirked.

I hate this type of mans twinkle Said.

He beat me every night see show her fake marks she tell her. Chinki and Twinkle get shocked to see this.. please help me guys. She fold her hands I begged you in front of you all. She said.

And afterwards they left.

Alisha try to find a women who can give birth to their baby but none of them get ready at night Kunj come back from office Bebe and Usha tell him what Alisha tell them he get shocked and call her down in anger. She come.

What nonsense is this Alisha Kunj said in anger voice.?.

Don’t get angry Kunj yes I wanted this only.she added.

My second marriage are you okay na why? Kunj asked her.

I’m okay Kunj I can’t become mother but you toh become na father and everyone wanted baby see bebe after my reports she become so sad what’s wrong in this in your relatives done this and I just wanted you marry and we will get baby Kunj she said Kunj completely shocked

I don’t want baby Alisha I just love you and why this idea come in your mind I’ll share my love with anyone Kunj added. Why you have problem when I don’t have Kunj I’m ready to share you with someone for sometime after baby end up alisha said. Kunj hold her shoulders.

I’m feeling so helpless right now I’m saying you adopt baby but you were not ready And bring this nonsense way haan second marriage..  I’ll not do anything get it and get ready to stay like this only don’t want any baby he said in loud voice and about to go. Kunjjj wait a minute if you will not ready than I’ll kill myself she took knife Alisha said. Kunj

Stop and see her everyone get shocked.

Alishaaa Kunj screams.Yes Kunj I’ll kill Myself you not ready for this she said.

Don’t do drama Alisha Kunj said.

I’m not kunjj she added she about used knife before Kunj rushed towards her and hold her hand and throw the knife in side. Are you okay haan become mad totally what nonsense is this Alisha Kunj said. Alisha push him everyone seeing them.

Kya Alisha Kunj I just wanted baby please give me baby I wanted your part in whom your blood running Kunj crying please for my happiness you love me na she said. Everyone having tears to see her. Please kunjj do na Alisha mutter.

Alisha asked me to give my life for you but this how can I do this I just love you kunj said. Alisha get up and hold his hand. You don’t worry about Kunj even I love you too after baby our love increase more and more ask bebe and mummy ji everyday they praying for us for them you will not ready Kunj she said.

Who will ready for this Kunj said..

If you ready than I’ll find Kunj don’t worry She hug Kunj and smiled thanks Kunj for this you proved you love me lottt she said Kunj looking at his bebe and maa or papa they didn’t said anything.

Alisha it’s your decision to get me marry again don’t blame me and I’ll not love whomever you will bring he said and went from there.

Bebe and mummy ji I’m right na she asked. See Alisha beta it’s your decision if you happy and ready than why we will have any problems bebe said and they went from there Alisha smiled and wiped her tears.

Uff Kunj you get ready now mother turn and my suatan ??. Hmm it’s so easy Kunj great you get ready and I’ll get baby and this whole empire uff yes you just love me and I too love you only my baby she said.

Whole night passed like this Kunj just crying inside in his heart but Alisha keep thinking who she convince twinkle.

Yes I saw you kunj that day and understand she will help me definitely because she too like you na. Baby lover she will give me baby and I’ll throw her after because she can’t love you because I told each and everything wrong her about you sorry my baby she said in her heart.

Like this two and 3 days passed like this after this decision Kunj totally become sad for Alisha happiness he didn’t said anything and other hand Alisha hanging up with twinkle lott.

Leela was passing the road Alisha see and gestured someone he bring the car and jumped her with car itself and went from there Alisha rushed towards leela and people coming there Alisha take her hospital and call dr she bring on time and save her twinkle and rt come and twinkle crying Alisha see twinkle she too.

Alisha you.. twinkle asked her.

Yes twinkle I’m here your mom.. Alisha said they went inside the ward leela wake up and see twinkle and her husband. Maa are you okay na twinkle asked. Yes I’m fine twinkle beta just because of Alisha puttar if she didn’t bring me on time than I wouldn’t see you  today she said. Thanks Alisha for this twinkle said they meet with leela afterwards Alisha was going twinkle went towards her. Stop Alisha twinkle said. Haan she added. Twinkle take her hand in hers thanks Alisha for saving my maa today if you not come on correct time than my maa not with us thanks for this tell me what I can do for you you save my life she said Alisha smirked. In pain voice hmm I’m glad I can help you twinkle and give you little happiness itself babaji didn’t give me happiness I just want baby nothing else don’t be thanks you go and stay with your mom Alisha said no Alisha tell me what can I do for you twinkle asked her. You really wanted to help me twinkle will you ready to give me baby Alisha said twinkle get shocked immediately.. she took her hand.

Scene freezes here only.


How was the shot..?

Let’s see what will be twinkle reaction after this does she will get ready?? And twinkle and Kunj come together? Alisha greedy motive and twinkle and Kunj honesty. Who will win?

No proof reading write in hustle and bustle not well thanks guys for your comments. Bye love you all


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