Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra enters Vaidehi’s body to distance the newly weds

Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi waiting for Madhav in the room and is nervous. She asks herself not to get nervous and thinks Madhav is her childhood friend. She thinks if he will not celebrate suhaagraat with her. She thinks Madhav started loving you and asks herself to take a deep breath. She asks her to do as Madhav says. Chitra is in the room as the evil spirit and the lights start flickering and bad smell comes. Vaidehi gets scared, but before she could figure out, Chitra enters her. Vaidehi’s eyes turn evil. Nilambari wears magical kajal to find out where is she? She shouts. Sangram and Rani come there. Nilambari scolds him and asks him to thank her for not harming you. She says I will stop illiterate Vaidehi from becoming owner and will get her sign on the property papers. She says Madhav shall think that we love her a lot.

Madhav comes to the room. Chitra in Vaidehi is sitting on the bed. Madhav closes the door and looks at her. He closes the windows and tells Vaidehi that his family is very well as well. He says he is feeling good seeing her and family happy and asks why is she silent? He says I know what is the reason for your silence, and says life changes for the girl after marriage and you might be thinking about the responsibilities, says he will share her responsibilities and asks her not to worry. He tells her that he is very happy with their marriage, but he never thought of their relation beyond friendship, says today you have become my wife, Mrs. Vaidehi Madhav Thakur. Vaidehi’s Chitra’s eyes are shown. He says we have to be husband and wife, but we shall not hurry up and everything shall be normal and nothing shall be forced, and asks if she agrees with him. He asks her to speak up and touches her hand.

Vaidehi (possessed by Chitra) asks him not to touch her. She says we have to become life partner, but we shall take time. I am ready to give time for this. Madhav thanks her for understanding and asks her to sleep. He doesn’t lift her veil and goes to sleep on couch. Vaidehi gets up from bed. Chitra comes out from her body and appears in Vaidehi’s avatar. Vaidehi faints on bed. Chitra comes near Madhav and touches his face. She becomes Chitra. Vaidehi gains consciousness and lifts her veil. She sees Madhav sleeping on couch. Chitra makes her faint and fall down on bed again and ruins the decoration and the flowers. She says I was, I am and I will be Madhav’s Ardhangini always. She says Madhav is just of Chitra and not of anyone else. I will never let you become of anyone else. She says Vaidehi is not your Ardhangini, I won’t let her become your wife, and says this is my swear.

Madha wakes up in the morning and finds the flowers falling down and the decorations ruined. He thinks it might have happened due to wind. He comes to Vaidehi and is about to kiss on her cheeks, but stops. Chitra thinks you are just mine and I won’t let you love her. Madhav admires Vaidehi and covers her with blanket. Chitra knocks on the door. Vaidehi wakes up. Madhav says someone knocked, but there is nobody. Vaidehi checks the time and says she has to get ready, she is very late. Madhav asks her to relax and thanks her for understanding his talks. Vaidehi asks what talks. Just then some ladies come and call Madhav and Vaidehi for the rasams. Sasural kenda phool plays while everyone dance in the hall. Nilambari comes and asks Servants to distribute sweets to the guests. She tells about the rituals. Madhav asks her to distribute all responsibilities to everyone. Nilambari says this is my saubhagya. Chitra has become evil and thinks just see what I do.

Precap: Vaidehi comes after bathing. Chitra makes her sindoor falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What nonsense is it? Chitra wanted Vaidehi and Madhav to unit and now without any reason she is against Vaidehi all of a sudden.? Just to pull story giving it faltu twist. It was going so well Chitra as good spirit. I thought there would be revenge drama of chitra’s murder. Disgusting

  2. Summer

    Nilambrini sprinkled magical sand over Chitri shoulders and stomach, to seize her power and gain control over Chitri. I wonder whether Nilambrini error in application has caused Chitri to turn evil? After all, Nilambrini wanted Chitri to turn against Vaidehi.
    It was nice to see Rani being happy and nice for a change…shame it was not to last!

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