Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajjo admits about Bablu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malaika doubting on Beni. Happu tells Amma that Beni will not swear on Vimlesh falsely and tells that he doesn’t like Malaika. Rajjo asks Amma to call Atbeer and inform him. Amma calls Atbeer and tells that Bablu was found in the neighborhood else she would have squeezed lemon on neighbor’s kidneys. Everyone go to the house. Beni asks Amma about her age. Amma scolds him asking him to ask his mother. Rajjo is happy and applies moisturizer. Happu asks if she wants 10th child. Rajjo says she is just singing song. Happu praises her and says you are my Amma’s Amma in mischief. Rajjo hugs him. Baby starts crying. Happu asks which number. Rajjo says 8th number and asks him to see. Happu goes to see baby and he pee on his face. Happu says ours is ours.

Malaika doubts on Happu and Beni while watering the plants and pours water on the cock also. The cock becomes white and all the black paint comes out of its feathers. Malaika calls Amma and tells her that Babu and Beni uncle fooled you. Happu and Rajjo come out. Amma asks where is Bablu? Happu says it might be in the house. Amma asks then who is this? Happu looks at the cock and is shocked. Amma says he is leaving his color. Beni scolds them for lying. Ranbir comes singing song. Dada ji asks Amma why she is doing tamasha. Amma says they all are doing, not me. She asks them to tell who had received Bablu. Rajjo says I received bablu. Amma says when I said that we will not have non veg for a month then where did you cut, cook and eat it. She looks at Beni and says so you are that butcher who had slaughter my nephew. Rajjo says we didn’t know that the cock was Bablu. Amma says you would have asked me. Happu says you asked us not to eat. Dada ji asks Amma to convince Atbeer. He asks her to stop veg for a month and not non veg as he likes it. Amma slaps Happu. Beni says I will color this cock. Amma slaps Happu again. Rajjo asks what to do with it. Amma signs Beni. Beni says ok. They laugh.

Kat scolds Kamlesh for calling someone first. Kamlesh says she is also my friend. Hritik and Chamchi play and talk. He says he was listening to kat and will not play this game. Happu scolds them and asks them to leave. Kat comes there talking to Kamlesh. Happu asks her to leave and says he couldn’t sleep peacefully since he came from duty. He gets angry and makes all kids go. Malaika is sitting still. Happu asks shall I call Police and asks her to go. Malaika goes. Rajjo comes and asks why did you make them go. He asks where was you? Rajjo says I was doing work. Happu asks her to take care of him. Rajjo says she takes care of him very well. Happu lies down on her lap. Rajjo says she is having back pain. Happu says I will massage and asks where is balm? She says I know what massage you will do. He takes the balm and massages her. Ranbir sings romantic song. Happu says once more….He gets romantic and asks Rajjo if the pain is gone.

In the morning, Amma wakes up Chamchi and shouts calling for tea. Dada ji asks shall I make tea. She says not with ghost hand. Happu brings tea. Amma asks what is the matter? Did you and your wife change your duties. Happu says it is not like that. He tells that Rajjo is having back pain. Amma says it is good that you did her work. Happu says I applied balm on her back. Amma asks him to massage with almond oil. Happu asks if pita ji is here and greets him. Dada ji says live well and take care of wife. Happu says I am walking on your feet. Amma asks him not to talk stupid things and massage once again. She says you take care of your wife well and not like your father. Dada ji says I used to do all the work and asks why did she lie? Amma asks him to go and make Aloo and Gobi Paratha.

Precap: Neighbor tells Amma that her bahu made her son as her Servant. Amma says she will tell Happu not to come in his wife’s talks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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