Hum Hain Na 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty stopping the student from hitting his babuji. He warns him not to raise hand on his father else………..He asks Bapuji to go. He leaves. Bunty fights with the students/goons. Sagarika’s dad tells him to beat them. Mishra ji says the same. Bunty fights with them like a hero. The students leave on their bikes. Bunty threatens to kill them. Sagarika’s dad tells Bunty that you are an angry man and strong too. You did wonders. Bunty is surprised. Mishraji comes home. Lakshmi asks, what happened. He tells about students attacking him. Lakshmi gets worried. Mishraji tells her that Bunty came on time and beats them. She gets worried for Bunty. Mishra tells her that one Bunty is enough for many. She asks him to drink water. He sees red saree on the table.

Sagarika’s dad calls him Bunty. Bunty asks him how you know my name. Sagarika’s dad says that Sagarika told me that her friend Bunty is you. He asks him to come home and have bengali food. Bunty says some other day. Sagarika’s dad insists. Bunty says, I will come tomorrow. Sagarika’s dad agrees. Bunty gets happy. Sagarika’s dad leaves in his car. Title song plays……………..

Mishra ji looks at the saree and asks did you buy it. Lakshmi says, it is same one. Mishraji says, you cried a lot for it. Lakshmi asks him to say who have done it. Mishraji couldn’t figure out. Lakshmi tells him that it is corrected by Satya as she can’t see me sad. She praises Satya. Mishraji says she loves us so much. Mishraji says, I likes the rotis made by her. Lakshmi tells him that she was thinking about Bunty and Satya’s alliance. Mishraji gets thinking. Bunty tells Madhav that sagarika’s dad called him for dinner. Madhav gets happy too. Madhav asks him to confess his love to Sagarika. Bunty decides to confess love to Sagarika.

Mishra ji says people will start gossiping if they think about Bunty’s marriage before Ratna. Lakshmi says don’t know what is written in Ratna’s destiny. Mishraji says, it is her doings. Lakshmi says, that boy ran away. What is Ratna’s mistake. Mishraji says we have to find a good boy for her. Lakshmi says yes. Mishraji tells her to keep the thought of Bunty and Satya away from her mind for sometime else Ratna will feel bad. Lakshmi says, she is scared after seeing Rani’s behavior and that’s why wants to get Satya married to Bunty. Mishraji tells about a boy.

Mishra ji teases her saying you can’t handle one bahu and wants to bring another. Lakshmi tells him that Bunty is not Pappu and she has full faith on Bunty. Mishra ji says the same. Bunty practices to propose to Sagarika infront of mirror. He thinks to say something good and starts thinking. He again practices. He gets happy and sprays perfume on himself. Swara comes and asks him to say what he was doing. She asks him to bribe her. Bunty runs after her. Dadi asks her what you people are doing. Swara tells Dadi that Bunty is going out after spraying perfume on him. Pappu comes. Lakshmi gives him prasad and asks him to tell Rani that she is making Paneer. Pappu gets happy and goes to tell Rani. Bunty takes Lakshmi’s blessings. Lakshmi asks him about the perfume and asks with whom you are going to meet. Bunty is speechless. Everyone smiles.

Bunty thinks he will win as he have his mom’s blessings. Bunty comes to Sagarika’s house and gives rasgulla to her dad. He greets him and asks him to come inside. Sagarika comes out and greets him. Sagarika’s dad tells her that goon came. Sagarika says, you have become hero in his eyes. Bunty tells her that sir is dad as he teaches everyone. Sagarika takes him inside to show the house. She shows her room. Bunty looks at her mom’s photo and greets her. Sagarika gets emotional. Bunty tries to cheer her up. He tells her that he wants to say something to her. Her dad calls her. Sagarika goes outside.

Bunty thinks to confess his feelings today itself. Bunty takes Sagarika’s mom blessings. Sagarika’s dad calls Bunty and asks aunt to get fish. Bunty gets hiccups after seeing the fish. Sagarika asks him to sit and says aunt made authentic bengali food for you. Bunty looks at the dishes and says I had food. Sagarika says, I forgot that you can’t eat fish. Bunty says, it is enough. He asks her to serve vegetable dish. Sagarika brings potato dish. Bunty asks her to bring Luchi. Sagarika’s dad corrects him and calls him loccha. Bunty stares Sagarika and thinks to take her outside.

Satya informs Lakshmi that Bunty went to Sagarika’s house. She gets shocked and wonders why he went there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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