Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vikram coming home and seeing his Nani having food non stop. She says she will have more chips and icecream, he is jealous of her. She taunts him for wearing monkey cap and roaming, you will also lose your hair just like your Nana ji. He says he does not understand her logic. She says fine. They see the news. Vikram says about Samarth and jokes. She says what will go through for his family, he has a wife. Vikram says why should I think about his family, maybe this happened by his wife, maybe she keeps on complaining to him and he had an affair being fed up of her.

She says you say as if you know everything. He says yes, his wife would be sleeping now with sleeping tablet. Shobha is at the police station and asks AK about Samarth. Usha taunts Samarth. Shobha says Samarth is innocent, he is trapped. Usha says how can you believe him, if he says he is sleeping with many women around. Shobha says how dare you. Usha says I know him, you can’t believe as you are in his fake truth, use your mind, wake up. Shobha says you should have been with me if you were my friend. She asks AK to do something. Usha says if Samarth thought about you, he would have not done this.

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Usha says you are behaving like an ordinary wife, think what he did, I would have said this if I was in your place. Shobha says I m done. Usha says you should be done with Samarth, you are denying it, you are not accepting the change that came in your life. Usha says you are angry on your situation, you need to accept this and we can’t do anything to change it, and move on now. She says you need to move on Shobha, a relation needs two people. AK asks Usha to go inside. Shobha cries. She says I don’t understand where to go, you are commissioner of police, so I came to you. AK says I don’t want to give false hope, its not easy to free Samarth. He is not ready to give any statement, he will bet bail but it will take time.

She says what will I do now? She comes home and acts normal to her kids. She hugs them and sees Samarth’s pic. They ask about dad. She says she will sleep having fun and pillow fight. Vikram interview a girl and does not like her attitude. He asks her to go and do her work, time starts now. She says its my first day. He says just go, why does I get such secretaries. Its morning, Shobha talks on phone and sees media outside. She asks her mum to meet at the coffee shop. Vikram gets the coffee and his book which got exchanged.

He calls his assistant very fat and annoys her. She says how rude and cries. He says do you know whats rude and says she is wasting his time. She cries loudly. He says you are fired. Shobha comes there in his way. He says these women I tell you. Shobha meets her mum. She asks her to meet Samarth. She asks Shobha not to ask any question. Shobha says what, I want to know the truth. Her mum says no, you have to maintain your marriage, you can’t hear the truth, if he confesses, what will you do, will you leave him, you have two kids and have a life with him, every woman has this phase where she has to work by mind.

She says you need courage to hear it. She says I know he is innocent, I trust him. She says she will get sandwich for her. Her mum says how to explain her this….. Vikram says I don’t know why people run from truth, such people are cowards. Shobha hears him and does not see his face. Vikram talks about his fat secretary who cried knowing she is fat when he told her. He says people deserve to be used, exploited, and fooled. His friend says come on Vikra, she might be crying. Vikram says I hate such door mats. The friend says the time has come for you to get secretary no. 20. Shobha says she has to know the truth and leaves.

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She comes to the police station and the media catches her with questions. They ask about his property and she answers them honestly. Her brother in law comes and takes her with her. He says don’t answer media, wait here, I will get Samarth. Shobha waits there. Vikram says why is she not picking up. Samarth meets Shobha. She shows her concern and says people are asking strange questions. He gets angry and says you know what you did, who told you to talk to media. He says he kept her away from press, can’t she keep quiet, how can you tell about my property, you increased my problems, don’t come to meet me again, shut up now.

She leaves crying. Samarth talks to his brother in law. He says I have seen your affairs and know about your many properties till now, but I don’t understand how did you not manage this time. Shobha comes back and hears them talking. Samarth admits his affairs and says he was with Varsha since one and a half year, we spent so much time and she did not let me know she will do this. Samarth says she was smarter than me. He asks him to give money and ask the girl to take case back. Shobha hears this and is shocked. She cries and leaves from there.

Vikram and his Nani are in the car talking about her gossip party. Shobha gets into her car crying. Vikram says he did not get his book, don’t know where it went. Shobha thinks about Samarth’s affair and his confession. He takes her car reverse and bumps into Vikram’s car. He asks Nani are you ok and stops the car. She leaves. He takes the pic of the number plate. He says I knew it was a female driver, fools. Nani sits to drive the car shocking him. She asks him to sit. He looks on and says you are run Madam, you can’t be saved from me, as I m coming after you.

Shobha scolds her brother in law and says she did not identify him before, and not even her husband, she is an idiot.

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