Doli Armaanon Ki 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
While urmi is working in the kitchen, Virat comes in asking for something, but then finds her hands messy, and asks why isnt she using a spatula instead, the cleanliness freak that he is. He says that he would never use such a cake. She says that she isnt offering him either. He is disgusted with the working hygienic conditions, and expresses it, while urmi asks him not to be bothered as she isnt. Urmiu then apologises for yesterday, where she preumed him to be Ravi. He says that its okay, and is about to ask something, but isnt able to ward his mind off, the undesirable hygienic conditions. He asks for a coffee, and urmi agrees. but sushma comes in saying that they make tea and would get only that. He apologises and leaves, but then says that he could settle with black tea, without sugar and milk. She taunts him, and asks him to go where he would be served the tea. Susham asks urmi, after he leaves, not to pamper him too much and get her mind on the cake. urmi smilingly agrees.

As urmi gets tea and breakfast for Yash, she finds him being cleanliness freak yet again and using the sanitiser being overly cautious, adding that prevention is always better than cure. urmi asks him to tell if he needs anything. He adds that he needs a towel. She says that she can talk to sushma, but he gets nervous to hear that, while urmi is amused. He asks if she’s a relative, and is told that she is a tenant. Urmi starts saying that they developed relations, and he sarcastically taunts her. She asks if he works with Ravi, and if they are colleagues. he gets tensed but answers that they too work together. when she continues probing, he snubs her saying that he would like to have his breakfast. she leaves apologetic.

Sushma meanwhile is highly irritated and angry with ravi’s temperament, at having send his friend unannounced. Her husband tries to calm her down, but she refuses to cater to his needs anymore. Her husband agrees and says that he is a guest after all. She asks if he would make food. He says that he would tell urmi. Just then, she comes in with shaurya. They call her that they wanted to talk to her, and ask if she can go to yash to ask him what he would like to eat and if he would eat outside or inside, and if he is going to eat inside, then it shall have to be prepared. She says that she would ask, and even make if need be. Sushma asks her to tell him that he wont get his London food here. Urmi silently agrees. She leaves. Sushma and her husband are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Icecream shop
As samrat gets icecream for shaurya, he finds that shaurya is hesitant to eat it, as he has a cold and has been told by urmi not to. But samrat says that its okay and gives him his favourite flavour. He starts chatting with shaurya asking if he has any latest toys, and strikes a raw chord, with shaurya, when he says that he has no measures of entertainment and gets bored after he goes back to home from school. samrat pretends to be outraged and concerned and pitiful for shaurya, and says that this is all wrong for him, and only urmi’s ego is to be blamed, and that ultimately shaurya shall suffer. He tells that urmi plays, tells him stories, and then puts him to sleep too. But samrat asks him not to be feminine as he is a boy soon to be a man. Samrat then lures him to watch a 3D amination fiulm with him tomorrow, and he excitedly agrees adding that he wont even tell urmi about their pl;an, nor the fact they they bukned school for icecream today. samrat pleasedly leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
Asha continues to rant about her motherly charade with the doll, and irritates gaurav to the core, to get her a bottle, so that the doll could be fed. gaurav leaves frustratedly, and then granny laments at her nonsense. asha copntinues her rant with granny, while she is super irritated. After asha leaves, granny carelessly throws the doll on the table, and asha horrifically reprimands her for the same, and gets to attending to the doll, while granny is frustrated to the core.

Scene 4:
Location: Shaurya’s school
Samreat gets shaurya back, and then happily fixes up the next day’s plan also agreeing to keep it a secret. they wish each other goodbye, and then samrat drives off. urmi then arrives in the auto, and finds him waiting outside, and apologises for being late. shaurya remembers urmi’s anger at him having met samrat and then samrat telling him to tell their little secret, and doesnt give in any details. He leaves with urmi.

Scene 5:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Yash tells Ravi on the phone, that he said sushma is easy, but she is a tough nut to crack. He tells ravi that he shouldnt hasten, as he is just trying to get along with them, so that they can place their confidence in him. He adds that they would have to tread very cautiously as they cant risk it all now, having come so far, and maybe he too faces the same destiny thats his. He is surprised as he confronts urmi when he turns around, who’s heard the entire conversation and is tensed. The screeen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Samrat tells shaurya a sob story, and when shaurya insists he tells him that he misses them very much, and that only due to urmi’s ego and arrogance they have to live separately, and away from each other. Shaurya asks samrat if he said sorry to urmi. he lies that he told urmi sorry a thousand times. Samrat eyes shaurya from the corner of the eye, to find if he’s affected and smiles when he finds shaurya tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. कुछ हद तक script में artist का character analysis कम हो रहा हैं ,Mr.Kher और H.Sivpuri को लाया गया पर character में involved कम हो रहा हैं N.Marda status suit नही हो रहा । story xtenson को ध्यान से हो, झटपट से किया हुआ नही हो तो थिक लगेगा !script writer pl b serious n professional .

  2. why is the big head boy messing with this poor baby’s mind…i called him a boy cause he’s not acting like a big man

    1. This story is getting too much

  3. I hate samrat so much

  4. I hate the way samrat is using his son….the writers need to change their script …this sucks and this show is going down. …..

  5. His name is not virat ,but yash

  6. This show is frustrating.

  7. the storyline was about woman abuse and a woman’s rise above her situation to claim back her respect ..this story is now getting silly.. the objective of the serial is to empower woman not give men nasty ideas about how to exact revenge…Samrats character is disgusting and intolerable..

  8. Y IS THERE NO UPDATE FOR THE 9TH????????????????

  9. You all must remember that this story is beautifully outlining the struggle of a woman with a man who can get anything he wants because he financially has the ability to do so. Although, we all want the fairy tale happy ending we are forgetting that men like Samrat will do anything to win, even if it means harming their children or defaming their wife. So although, we don’t like how the story is at this point, it is a true reflection of how low some men can get when they have a marital rift with their wife. Please be patient and understand the story line.

  10. And what happened to yesterday’s epi summary?? I hope the writer Rimjhim is alright??

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