Hum Hain Na 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika and Bunty’s bidayi/farewell aftrer marriage. Sagarika does not cry and gets into car. She starts crying once car moves and says she cannot see her dad crying seeing her.

Lakshmi prepares thali to greet new bahu. Satya comes there and says she will prepare thali, says she is really feeling sad as she had thought she will marry Bunty one day, but it did not happen. Lakshmi says it is her mistake and apologizes. Satya starts badmouthing about Sagarika. Lakhsmi says Sagarika is her family member now and she will not listen anything against her family. Satya changes her track and starts her emotional atyachar, she says she is like her amma even if she does not believer her as her daughter. Amma gets emotional and says she is her daughter always like her other 2 daughters.

Dad gets Bunty and Sagarika home and asks Lakshmmi/amma to greet bride/groom in. She greets them in and reminisces the old incidents where Sagarika blew off lamp by mistake. Dad asks her to get bahu to the pooja room. Bride/groom pray god. Swara says Bunty let us start ring finding ceromony. Ceremony starts. Bunty finds ring, but gives it to Sagarika. Rani says even in her marriage, she won and says bunty will have to listen to his wife now. Amma gets irked hearing that. Bunty sees amma sad and asks what happened. She says nothing and asks him to go and rest with bahu.

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Ratna, Swara, Rani drop Sagarika in her room and ask her to rest. Rani jokes she will be awake whole night. Ratna asks her to stop taunting. Rani asks her not get afraid as she will send Bunty soon. Satya sees that and thinks Sagarika forcefully took her place. She enters room and says Sagarika that Bunty is her childhood friend and he chose you instead of her, says her happiness is in Bunty’s happiness and asks Sagarika if she can forget everything and be her friend. Sagarika happily accepts her friendship.

Bunty enters Amma’s room and asks why is she looking sad. She says she is not. He says he grew up seeing her eyes and knows her behavior well, asks her to tell what is bothering her. She says either mom or son can be happy, now that her son is happy, she has to accept the fact. He asks if Ammma cannot be happy looking at her son’s happiness. She says now Sagarika is his wife and he has to give her preference than amma. He says amma is her first preference and will do whatever it takes for her happiness. She asks her not to take harsh decision. He says until she accepts Sagarika as her bahu, he will not perform suhaagraath with Sagarika.

Phubali calls Sagarika and gets engaged in talk. Sagarika asks her to cut call as she has to rest before Bunty comes. Phubali taunts her and asks her to shy in front of Bunty. She says she will not as she knows him well from before and says she knows many other romantic ways to lure him.

Satya mixes sleeping tablet in Bunty/Sagarika’s milk and thinks they will sleep whole night without enjoying suhaagraath. She gets into their room and gives them milk.

Precap: Bunty says Sagarika that they will not enjoy suhaagraath until things settle down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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