Balika Vadhu 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivek waiting for an auto on the road. He finally gets it after a lot of wait, but auto driver refuses to take him to court. He gets out of auto and gets angry. Saachi comes in her car and offers to drop him to court. Vivek sits in her car and goes. Niranjan teaches music to kids. He recalls Nandu’s teacher words that Nandu is not coming to school regularly. He teaches them and asks to practice at home. Other teachers of the school praise Niranjan for his talent. Niranjan thanks him. They leave for their class. Niranjan gets worried about Nandu.

Nandu comes to Munim ji and says he has learnt enough from labourers today. Munim ji says I don’t like as you are skipping school for this. Nandu says I studied and came here. I have to handle this business after growing old. Niranjan chachu will teach me. Munim ji says ok.

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Jhoomer comes to Ramesh sir and gets scared. Ramesh sir touches her on the pretext of appraising her and says you will get good marks in tests. He asks her to smile and gives her gems packet. He says we are special friends from today and don’t tell anyone about our friendship else I will get angry. I will make you fail in the coming exams if you lets anyone know about us. Jhoomer asks him not to fail her. Ramesh asks her to smile and eyes her saying good girl.

Anandi brings Anoop to NGO and introduces him to NGO’s women. Anoop says I didn’t know there are so many workers. Anandi says they are part of NGO. He asks what you have thought about myself, in which dept I will be working. She shows him clients’ list and work record. Anoop says he will see. He suggests to showcase the samples in infront shelve of main door so that clients like the products. Anandi says it is a good decision and goes.

Dadisaa and her friends wait for Jhoomer. Jhoomer comes and says Ramesh sir will teach me one more hour and asks her sister to make an excuse. Dadisaa tells Jhoomer that education is important and praises Ramesh sir. Jhoomer tells her that Ramesh sir is teaching only her. Her sister asks her to go. Jhoomer goes sadly.

Niranjan asks Nandu about school. Nandu lies to him and gets caught. He says sorry for lying and continues that he has some important work. Niranjan asks what? Nandu says godown work. I have to learn that. Bapusaa is not with us, maa have to work alone. School studies will not help me. Niranjan gets surprised and explains to him that education will not be wasted. Nandu argues. Niranjan explains to him about the importance of education. Nandu understands his point and says he will study. He apologizes and asks him not to tell anything to Gehna. Niranjan says we are giving you last chance. Your teacher will tell everything to your mother. Nandu thanks and hugs him. Niranjan smiles.

Anandi comes to Anoop. Anoop tells her that he checked the file and if they increased the productivity then it will automatically increases the profit. He tells that quotation price is same but raw material’s price is increasing day by day. Anandi says we have thought about women as we wants to make them independent. Anoop says they will get more money and we can bargain with the suppliers. Anandi says you are right. Anoop asks her to increase the price and says customer won’t hesitate to pay more if they likes the product. He says he will make the NGO a big organisation. Anandi smiles.

Jhoomer comes out of class and starts walking. Dadisaa asks how are you? Jhoomer says fine. Ramesh sir comes and gives her gems packet. Dadisaa looks at them. He leaves. Jhoomer gets angry and throws the gems packet on the ground. Dadisaa gets surprised and questions her. Jhoomer tells her that it is bad and she don’t want it. Dadisaa gets shocked and surprised at her behavior.

Saachi calls Vivek and says shall I call my boss and colleagues for dinner today. Vivek says ok and asks her to get neighbour’s cook for cooking. Saachi tells him that they will order from outside. Vivek gets sad.

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