Hum Hain Na 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty acting as shivering and getting weak. Amma wraps blankets on him and goes out to get more. Bunty asks Swara to go to Satya’s house and tell her about his illness and to call panditji. Sawara goes and tells Satya the same and says Bunty thinks someone has done black magic on him. Satya says she will call Panditji and smirking thinking Pandit will do her work now.

Dad comes home and Ammi tells about Bunty’s illness and doc not finding any fault, says she will call another doc. Dad walks into Bunty’s room. Bunty sees him and starts acting again. Dad asks him till when he will act and what role he has in it. Bunty and Sagarika smile hearing that and Bunty says they just have to make sure that Amma does not know about their plan.

Satya brings Panditji. Panditji checks Bunty, sees Sagarika and asks who is she. Bunty says she is his wife. Panditji takes Amma out and says her bahu has to fast and walk till temple barefoot and perform pooja rolling around the temple and she will do if she considers Bunty as her soul mate and will do anything for her. Satya smirks thinking Sagarika will suffer now. Sagarika says Amma that she will fast for Bunty’s health. Amma says she does not consider her as her bahu and consider Satya as her bahu, so Satya will do fasting and pooja, etc. Sagarika gets teary eyed. Satya gets tensed hearing that. Amma asks if she will do this. Satya says she will. Amma gets happy. Bunty stands from behind and thinks Satya is trapped now.

Sagarika comes to her room crying and tells Bunty that Amma does not consider her as bahu and wants Satya perform fasting and pooja. Bunty says this is his plan and says Amma thinks Satya is the most religious and obedient and he wants to prove her wrong. He says Panditji is Satya’s puppet, but now he is on his side when he told him about Satya’s truth. He says Panditji is just helping him and he wants even her to help her. Sagarika says he is doing this to bring out Satya’s truth, but Amma does not consider her as bahu and wants Satya to be her bahu, says his plan is not foolproof and he should tell everyone about it. He says he is doing it for her. She asks what plan he has. He says Satya is his childhood friend and he know she cannot be hungry for a long time, so let us see how long Satya will fast in front of Amma.

Precap: Satya says Sagarika that she has a special relationship with this house. Sagarika says even she has and she is a bahu of this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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