Dil Dosti Dance 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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After the performance, Vicky wishes the team luck. The sponsors leave the hall, while Mr. Oberoi comes and says they didn’t like the dance, so they left. Swayam goes after them, the team follows. They stop the sponsors, Rey asks why they left. The sponsor says they are selected, the team cheers and celebrate. The sponsor says they all danced but how can he be sure, that the public will buy their tickets. They must do a road-show, so that he knows they have a tendency to attract public or not. His secretary will give you time and date for this.
The team say that the sponsors are taking advantage of this. Rey thinks talking to them now, is useless. He says they must eat something, Amar goes to his bus, and gives them all special chowmin. The boys say that the man is insane, asking them for another show. Rey comes to the centre, he says they must think about the village people, they don’t have money or facilities but they still run the theater, because they do it by heart. Sara stands up and says she is with Rey, Sharon shouts that they must do it. They cheer with D3.
Karma goes after Huma to talk to her. Swayam gives sauce to Sharon, she denies but Rey and Sara cheer them up, to celebrate the victory.
Vicky, Bharat and Amar go to tease Karma.
Sara and Rey look at each other, having drinks. Sharon notices Swayam looking at her, he looks away. They both steal looks, while Sharon is curt.
The boys tease Karma for staring at Huma. Karma says his heart went to him, but she got to know about the bet. Simmi and Sara come there, Karma tells them the bet. Sara says that is how cheap. Karma says she got to know about the bet. Sara asks him to go and say sorry to Huma. Bharat says he must not go right now, else he will get slapped. Sara scolds the boys, and tells Karma to go to Huma.
Rey comes to Sara, and says he wants to talk to her. She says she has to eat first, and asks him to eat too. Huma tries ammi’s number, but there is no network. Karma comes behind her, and says sorry. He offers her his cell phone, she denies. He cheats her, she is frustrated and asks him to go away. He goes to sit on the bench.

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Bharat says to Rey that the dance was good, why is he tensed then. Sara gave water to kids, Bharat teases him to go too. He thinks this is good time to talk to Sara. He comes to her, and asks if she likes kids. She says yes, they are. He says he wants to talk about, what they both know and aren’t able to say to each other.
Huma gets the call, Karma notices a car approaching to her. He runs calling her name, drags her to a side while she fells on the floor. It was a police van, the inspector comes and asks if she couldn’t see the way. Karma scolds her, and tells the police that she is really mad. Huma gets it, and laughs aloud. She says this is such a big car, she wants to go on a long drive, sitting inside the car. Karma tells the inspector, that her treatment is going on. The inspector leaves, while Karma stops Huma. When they leave, Sharon appreciates Huma’s acting skills. Huma says she has learned it all from Karma, and leaves for home. Sara says he must keep trying. Rey thinks he has to keep trying. Sara says she has to go with Sharon, Swayam goes to drink something.
Sara gets a foot strain; she was with Sharon and Simmi. Rey comes to her, concerned and twists her foot. She tries to stand up, and the dress tears. Rey was touchy, and leaves, saying it was Kriya’s dress.
Rey works out, thinking that they will have to perform again, but this time he won’t let Sara perform. Sara prepares sandwiches, and thinks Rey is so concerned about her health. She regrets being so careless with Kriya’s dress. Rey thinks he must tell Kriya, that it was all because of his carelessness. Sara thinks she must talk to Rey, apologizing to him. She thinks about calling Rey. Rey thinks he must not first call Kriya, but talk to Sara.
Rey gives the responsibility of classes to Sharon. Sara comes with Kriya’s dress repaired, and apologizes to him. He says she doesn’t need to be, and tells everyone to get to work. Rey finds Sara alone in the hall. He comes to her, and asks her to talk to her. He says he doesn’t want her to dance tomorrow. Rey says, first of all thankyou so much, and I am sorry because the consequences of my mistake had to paid by her. He isn’t talking about Kriya’s dress. Sara says she doesn’t understand why he is being so sweet. Rey says in such a condition, dance isn’t good. He gets clear, that he knows she is pregnant. Sara is silent. Rey says he wants to say, he will face it with her. Rey goes to get a call, Sara thinks about Rey as shouting I love you to her. Sara watches Rey, while Rey looks at the poster coming down. Sara was lost, so he runs to her and drag her down to the floor. They share a moment together.

PRECAP: Swayam says to Sharon, that this musical performance will be their last performance as partners, after that they will both go their own ways, deal? Sharon nods firmly, Deal!

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