Humsafars 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with servant asking Arzoo about the parathas which he made and asks is this enough. Arzoo says it is enough. Today is beautiful day, I will make everyone eat food nicely and will take parathas to office too. Servant asks shall I make toast for Sahir. Arzoo says no, she will make food for Sahir today. She thinks Sahir….Arzoo and smiles. She thinks love song will play on this Saaz…..Kurti Apa comes and asks did you get mad? Who will eat this much parathas? Arzoo asks her to think that she will making her barathis eat. Kurti Apa is surprised. Arzoo says she will not get angry as she is very happy. Kurti gets thinking. She takes out taweez and thinks something.

Arzoo serves the food to Sahir. He comes and sees paratha. Arzoo asks him to eat it as she specially made for him. Sahir eats it while she looks at him with surprise. She asks about its taste. Sahir says it is good. Arzoo says I will make you eat parathas daily, don’t worry you won’t get fat. She says our cups exchanged two times and your coffee was so bad that I spit. Sahir keeps the cup on the table. Arzoo says I didn’t spit in the cup. Sahir recalls her past doings and smiles. Arzoo asks him to keep smiling and says you looks good when you smile. She says you looks good even you are intense and sad. Sahir says if you are with me then I will smile always.

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He gets up and holds her hand. Zaki looks at them. Arzoo says yes sir and goes inside shyly. Sahir sees Zaki and goes. Sahir comes to office and recalls Arzoo confessing love. Linda comes asking him to sign on some papers. Sahir says later. Zaki comes to meet him. He asks what you are doing and what do you wants to prove. Sahir says I told you that I will make her confess infront of your eyes. Zaki says truth is that she never loved me. She loves you from the very beginning. It is sad that you will break her heart. Sahir says he knows how it feels when heart breaks. He asks him to stay out of it. Zaki says I won’t let you play this game with her. I will tell her the truth and will inform her that you are married with Zeenat. Sahir asks him to marry Samaira and he will tell the truth to Arzoo. Zaki talks on phone and says he needs to know the paternity test results. The lab person says you have to wait. Zaki asks him to hurry up. Arzoo opens Sahir’s cabin door and stares at him smilingly. Sahir is surprised. Kuch Toh Hain Tujhse Rabta plays………………Arzoo eyes him smilingly. Sahir looks at her.

Zaki thinks he can’t let Jahanaara be betrayed. He thinks he have to tell the truth to Arzoo. Rahman Saheb comes to Sahir and says you are sitting here calmly. He asks him to forget about the deal if Zaki doesn’t marry Samaira and asks Sahir to sign on some papers. Arzoo sees Sahir and smiles. Sahir asks Rahman Saheb to get ready with the engagement preparations and says he solved the problem. Rahman gets happy. Sahir reminds him that getting angry on him is bad.

Arzoo sees Zaki and asks what happened. Zaki takes her to a side and says he needs to talk. He says whatever is happening with you and says how to tell you…….Arzoo is waiting to hear him. Zaki stops seeing Sahir. Arzoo asks what happened. Zaki says whatever is happening with you is not right. Whatever you are feeling…….just then Sahir calls Arzoo. Arzoo goes to Sahir. Sahir shows her bangle and says you forgot. Arzoo says sorry. Sahir makes her wear it. Zaki looks at them. Sahir asks what is there in dinner. Arzoo goes to see. Zaki leaves.

Sahir thinks what was Zaki doing with Arzoo? He thinks what I am doing this with Arzoo. He recalls confessing love to Arzoo. He thinks is this a lie. He says his mind knows that it is just a game, then why heart is thinking it as truth. Why he feels that she is his destiny. He recalls Arzoo confessing love and Zaki’s words that he will tell Arzoo about Zeenat.

Zaki tells Arzoo that she is being betrayed by Sahir as he don’t love you. He says he is just faking love. Arzoo gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. oh ho sahir dont hurt arzoo yaar.she such a sweet girl yaar.waise bein hand off to zaki after knowing that arzoo didnt love him even than he cares really good of u zaki.iam impressed.thank for update.and guys wish u a very happy merry chrismax guys.

  2. good zaki…i Llike yo… he is such an understanding character… v good friend… zaki should say the truth to arzoo… i guess she won’t believe this… but he won’t give up somehow he ll prove Sahir drama to arzoo…when will she come to know the truth..?? am so impatient… i can’t see arzoo to betrayed before she dreaming so much about Sahir….Sahir should get punished for this by showing anger n hatred on him…

  3. Sirf next episode kuch baqwas hai

  4. OMG..this show so reminds me of Geet …Truth coming out….this show will run in good strength i love it I am so glad Zaki understood that she never loved him and its good he deiced to tell her the truth it take a lot of courage…just dont let it be dream let the truth be told i can not wait till tomorrow…

  5. can’t wait for sahir arzoo story. sahir loves her but won’t admit since he is jealous.

    new spoiler came out or zaki sahir and arzoo…

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