Hum Hain Na 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty telling Dad that Amma is angry on him and asks to find out the reason. Dad goes and asks her why is she angry on Bunty. She starts shouting on him. Sagarika sees Bunty peeping into mom/dad’s room and asks why is he peeping and asks what if our children peep into our room like this. He asks if she is giving good news.

Rani pesters Pappu to buy accidental insurance and nominate her. He says what is the benefit. She says if he breaks his leg, she can claim insurance. Pappu thinks her thinking is right,he does not give her anything, so he has to do something and earn money for her.

Bunty and dad discuss how to convince Amma. Amma thinks when she used to get angry before, Bunty used to console her, now he has not come even after hours. Just then, Bunty comes and massages her feet. Sagarika sees that, thinks she is angry, but he is consoling his mom. Amma asks why did he come so late and asks if he does not have time for her. He says it is not like that. She asks why did he nominate his wife’s name in insurance papers. He says he nominated her and will show papers tomorrow. She asks him to show papers.

He walks toward his rom and thinks he promised Amma, but how will he get money to get insurance. Sagarika asks if he is more worried about her mother than her and was massaging his mom’s feet. He says he will massage even her feet. She say ok and shows her feet. He massages and says whole world is wife’s servant.

In the morning, he tells Dad that he has nominated Sagarika in his insurance, but promised amma to nominate her, so he should give him some idea. Dad gives idea.

Bunty gives papers to Amma. Amma shows it happily to everyone. Sagarika checks it and realizes Bunty just changed her name on same policy. She goes and sees Dad and Bunty talking and dad telling he did right for family’s peace. She takes Bunty to their room and asks why did he lie ammi and how will she feel if she will know the truth. He apologizes her. She says she will call her agent and will divide nomination between her and Amma. He says even then amma will know. She says she will handle amma and promises him.

Rani pesters Pappu again to get accidental insurance. He says he will have to pay premium monthly and asks how will he. She beats him with pillows and warns if he does not get insurance, he will have to sleep on floor.

Sagarika comes to Amma’s room and picks insurance papers. Amma asks if she is jealous that bunty nominated her and wants to provoke bunty against her. Sagarika says she is understanding her wrong and says it is just a fake photocopy. Amma is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Bunty tells dad he has asked Sagarika and Amma not to meet each other to stop their fight, but they will meet for sure. Dad says he is burning his hands in fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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