Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashok comes out of palace, he is in tears, he imagines Subhadrangi there, goes to her, Lal mere plays, he stops her and says sorry to her, she smiles at him, Ashok smiles too, she caresses his cheek, his dream breaks, Ashok cries.
Ashok comes to other place and imagines himself playing with Subhadrangi, Sushim comes there, Ashok stares him, Sushim says that you took advantage of my father’s goodness and still my father trusts you but i am sure that you hided that Subhadrangi is you mother just to hurt government and i will prove it, Ashok is about to leave, Sushim ask are you afraid? Ashok folds knuckles of fist in anger, looks at sushim and says not today, because i dont even know what i will do today if you start the fight, Sushim is stunned to see his anger, Ashok angrily leaves.
Preparations are going on for Subhadrangi’s funeral, Chanakya comes there, he says to priest that if you need any help then tell me, Priest says dont worry we have prepared everything but Subhadrangi’s son is not accepting her death, who will give Agni to dead body? if Ashok doesnt give Agni to her then her soul will not get peace forever, Chanakya thinks.

Scene 2
Ashok comes to Mandir of school, he says to Lord that are you listening what people are saying about my mother, Samrat, Chanakya all are saying ill things, why dont you do anything? my mother always prayed to you, she used to say that you feel pain of your men so why cant you see my pain? why dont you tell me that where is my mother, how will find her? show me some way to find her, all are saying to believe that she is gone but why should i trust them, there is no proof for this, they cant understand the relation of son and mother, if i am saying she is alive then she is alive, if i feel her presence so she is here, its like someone call you a stone not God so should i believe it? no, its my trust that you are God and its also my trust that my mother is alive, i am feeling alone, my mother used to say that you listen to your men, please make me meet my mother, its my humble request and i will do anything return, you can ask me anything but i plead you to make me meet my mother, Chanakya comes there, Chanakya says to Ashok that there is no one except you for your mother, you have to give Agni to your mother’s deadbody, Ashok says you are still saying that she is dead, you dont believe me, i am saying that she is alive, okay dont believe me fine i promise till she doesnt come infront of me i will stand on one feet and will recite holy lines for her protection, Chanakya is shocked, Ashok stands on one feet, raises his hands in air and starts the recitation.

Scene 3
Priest says in court that it is impossible, only son can give Agni to motehr’s body, Prime minister says if Ashok is not ready then it doesnt mean Chanakya can give any idea, Helena says i am shocked at how Chanakya is here with new idea, Bindu ask Chanaky to speak, Chanakya says Samrat you have ordered to give royal treatment to deadbody, think if Ashok doesnt give Agni to her deadbody then her funeral will not held? Ashok has promised that he will keep standing on one feet till his mother doesnt return, think a lady got killed for you, she treated you and got killed, you have some duties, you are Samrat, the father of nation so dont you think you have some responsibilities against her, Bindu recalls how he promised that he will take care of her son, chanakya says giving Agni to her body by Samrat will give her royal treatment too which she deserve, its Samrat’s duty to serve his people, it will be of great respect for her that she had no one in life and Samrat himself gave Agni to her body, Helena says what Subhadrangi did by treating Bindu was her duty and she is being given respect for that, Khurasan says there are many soldiers in army who gives away their lives for Samrat but that doesnt mean Samrat will give their bodies Agni, Priest says there are some rules too, if Samrat gives Agni to her body then he has to refrain from government for sometime, will it be possible for him? i dont think so its a good idea, Chanakya says here all have opinion but i know one thing that nothing is above humanity, neither any rule nor any religion, its our tradition too that we think about humanity first, he gives some examples of history, he says its duty of Samrat to give respect and honor to his nation, decision will be yours but its my request to not only use the word Royal treatment but give some royal respect to Subhadrangi, you also know that she never asked you anything in return for saving your life, you should know how to pay her back, ask yourself, you will get the answer, Bindu recalls how Dharma said to him that fulfill your duties as its come first on priority list, Prime minister says it is not good if Samrat gives Agni to deadbody, it will give message in people that those who have no one will be given Agni by Samrat and if you dont do that then people will call you bias for Subhadrangi, i request you to not accept this idea, Samrat Bindu says i will not anything which will divide my court people, i cant do anything as Samrat so i have decided to retire from throne for one day and as common person, i will give Agni to Subhadrangi’s body.

PRECAP- Ashok is still standing on one feet. otherside Samrat Bindu gives Agni to Subhadrangi’s body, Chanakya says this was fate of her, she always craved for love and respect of Bindu in her life and she got it after death only. Otherside Ashok falls from one feet, he starts leaving, Radhagupt ask him where are you going? he says i am going back to my mother, Radha says Chanakya will not allow you to go, Ashok says nobody can stop me from findinf my mother. Radhgupt comes to Chanakya and says Ashok is leaving town, i tried to stop him but he didnt listen to me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Poor ashoka

  2. So sad for Ashoka

  3. Ashoka will find his mother

  4. And Dharma will tell samrat ashoka’s reality. I m waiting for this episode

  5. Ashok’s acting is good and waiting for Dharma’s arrival

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