Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha getting a sms for an interview call. She gets happy and thinks to share the news with LD. She then recalls LD disliking the dress and says she won’t change her dress. Dada ji is seen waiting at the bus stand. He hears a lawyer asking his assistant to bring divorce file. Dada ji hears and thinks why people marry if they divorce later. Dada ji is about to sit in the Rickshaw, just then he hears the lawyer talking about LD. He wonders why he is talking about him. Radha comes to LD after changing her dress, but he is busy talking on phone. She thinks to take Jhanvi along with her to the interview place. LD comes to Radha and looks at her changed dress. He says not bad. Why did you change? Radha struggles to get an answer and asks him not to try to become smart. She says she changed as she is going out. LD tells that this color is suiting you well as it is my favorite color.

Radha says it doesn’t matter to her. She asks him not to cross her way. LD stops her. She asks him to move and tries to go. LD stops her while holding her hand. He asks why you are helping my family when you have decide to leave Mathura. Radha says because your family helped my family. She says she is getting late and runs. LD smiles while Mere Sawalon Ka plays………………..Radha thinks why she is so much for this family. Dada ji meets the lawyer and asks what you was saying about LD. The lawyer tells him that Radha brought divorce papers from Mumbai, but your grand son is not ready to divorce her. I am even ready to file for defamation case. Dada ji gets shocked and thinks Radha is not ready for this marriage. He thinks he didn’t know that LD doesn’t want divorce. He thinks it is easy now to separate us and decides to change his plans.

Radha comes to Jhanvi and asks her to come with her. Jhanvi agrees. Dadi Bua sees Radha and says she was searching for her. Radha asks her to say. Dadi Bua asks Radha to clean the house today as some guests are coming. Radha is shocked. Jayshree looks on. Dadi Bua asks her to take Shambu and Chameli’s help and reminds her to clean properly. Jayshree tells her that Maasi ji is coming from Brindavan and she is having asthma problem. Dadi Bua asks her to sweep the house and give water to plants. Jayshree gives the cloth to Radha. Radha gets worried thinking about her interview. She thinks to call and postpone the interview. Radha pumps the borewell to get water and thinks she is getting late for the interview. Chameli asks Radha to put water in the lawn. Maasi ji comes in her car and wears sun glasses. Radha picks the bucket and splashes water on Maasi ji. Maasi ji gets angry. Radha gets shocked. Jayshree asks you came Maasi ji. Maasi ji scolds them. Jayshree slips and falls down. Radha helps her get up. Maasi ji asks Chameli to tell her sister to get her stuff. Radha thinks she is thinking her as Chameli’s sister.

Sudhakar and Suhasini are having food. Suhasini asks why you are not eating food. Sudhakar says he has to maintain to sustain competition. He has to go for an audition. Suhasini asks do you really want to work in television. Sudhakar says he has decided as he has to work to repay Radha’s inlaws money. He asks her to pray for him. Suhasini gets tensed. Maasi ji tells Jayshree to bring sherbet for her. She says she wanted to drink cold drink, but it is not possible here in Shankar Nath’s house. Dadi bua comes and says you knows well that we don’t use those items. Maasi ji gives her a good reply. Radha agrees. Maasi ji likes her. Sadhna addresses her as LD’s wife. Maasi ji asks her to take blessings from her. Dadi Bua thinks she has started. Maasi ji blesses Radha. Maasi ji looks at Radha carefully and says she is not bahu of this house. She tells Dadi Bua, whether you didn’t give her shagun. Jayshree coughs.

Maasi ji says it seems some change is going to happen here. She asks Radha to dress up well with sindoor in her maang. Radha gets tensed. LD comes and takes her blessings. Maasi ji says she dresses up well in this age too and is not less than miss India. She asks Dadi Bua to give jewellery to Radha from locker. Dadi Bua asks Jayshree to give her jewellery. Radha thinks what to wear to look good. She thinks to set her impression. She thinks what to do as the jewellery given by Jayshree is behenji types. She thinks to wear her jewellery. She wears her earrings and then thinks what to wear in her hands. She takes out bangles and recalls Sadhna giving her. She looks at the sindoor bottle and recalls her marriage with LD. She recalls Suhasini wiping off her sindoor. She reminiscence LD filling her maang with sindoor. She closes her eyes and is about to fill sindoor in her maang, but LD comes and stops her.

LD says this red color will be put in your maang whenever you decide. Radha comes and holds his hand. She opens sindoor bottle and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Perfect Episode.. They both look perfect together..
    Jayshree should be awarded as one of the best Comedian.. 😉 😉

  2. Nice episode…. rajshri production doing great job in today’s time by presenting a typical family

  3. Nice episode…. rajshri production doing great job in today’s time by presenting a typical indian family with great respect .. Nice job…. All the best to star cast

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