Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Uddham is on the phone and says yes Ranjit. Before I leave, I will certainly meet you. You’re one of my closest friends. Have I ever gone without meeting you? No right? I’ll come. Durgesh is right in Uddham’s face. Uddham says to Ranjit I’ll talk to you later and hangs up. Uddham says to Durgesh what are you doing? Durgesh says I never get tired telling people that my brother in law is in the army. And the best part is that you got a promotion and I feel like distributing sweets to everyone in the neighborhood. But…Uddham says but what? Durgesh says but I don’t have money…Kanhiaya hears this line. Durgesh says in order to celebrate and distribute sweets, I’ll need money. Uddham says okay and takes out money to count. Durgesh says if you’re giving it might as well give it all and takes all the money Uddham is holding. Kanhaiaya says jijaji will you feed sweets to the neighborhood? Durgesh says of course. Kanhiaya says I’ll do it. He takes the money from Durgesh. Durgesh says I’ll go. Kanhaiya says when I’m here, why would I make you do that? Durgesh says okay and leaves. Kanhiaya says bhaiya you keep this money. He returns the money to Uddham. I’m your younger brother. I have this much right. When you leave make sure you keep calling. They hug each other.

Kanhiaya says Sona ji, I don’t know where I kept my mobile. I can’t remember. Sona says what you did today, I really liked. Flashback is shown when Kaniaya says to his mother whether he gives the money or Sona gives the money, its the same thing. They have a bit of a romantic moment. Kanhiaya says you look very good. Sona pushes him off and says that’s all? Kanhiaya says I’m a police officer. But I can speak poetry here and there when I’m in your company. And if I forget something its because of your beauty. Otherwise I don’t know much of poetry. I say whatever comes to me. He starts singing “Mein Shayar To Nahin.”

Part 2:

Sona and Neelam are in the kitchen cooking and doing the kitchen chores. Neelam wipes the sweat off of Sona’s face. Sona says thank god that you’re here, didi. If you weren’t here I don’t know how I would have been able to do all of this work. Just knowing you are here I can finish half of the work. Neelam says you just keep saying stuff. I don’t know much. With you around I get a lot of help. Sona says when you’re getting help take advantage of it. And go to your husband. He’s leaving tomorrow. He’s probably waiting for you and thinking that his wife isn’t spending time with him. Leave all of this and go to him. Romance with him. Neelam says Sona there’s so much work to do. Let me finish that first. I have to make Mummy ji’s medicine too. And you know that Mummy ji only trusts homemade medicine. After I finish that I’ll go. Sona says I’ll make the medicine. You go otherwise major saab will come in the kitchen searching for you. Go. Neelam says okay I’m going. Just make the medicine the right way. Sona says I know. Neelam says you’re so stubborn. She is about to leave when she turns back and says Sona…Sona says if you weren’t here then I don’t know where I would be. Thank you Sona. Thank you so much. Are you done? Neelam leaves. Sona’s phone rings. Sona washes her hands and picks up the phone. Sona says hello. Her expression looks very shocked. She rushes to the police station. Sona runs in and asks where is he? Where is he? He isn’t that injured right? Why are you all quiet? Tell me where is he? Kanhaiya turns around. Sona says thank god you’re okay. I was so scared. Kanhiaya starts his poetry mood again. Sona seems serious and sad while Kanhaiya is having fun.

Part 3:

Kanhaiya asks, Sona ji you thought something happened to me? When you’re with me, what can happen to me? Sona says don’t do these kind of pranks in the future. Sona is about to leave when Kanhaiya stops her and says listen to me. He sits her down on a chair. Kanhiaya says smile please. I just wanted to see how much you loved me. As soon as you heard the news you rushed here straight to the police station. I felt so good. Sona says did you know when I got the call, I almost died. If something happened to you…He puts his hand over her mouth. He wipes her tears. Kanhiaya tells another inspector to turn the fan on. He tells another inspector to go get some drinks for Sona. Kanahiay says Sona ji, I was joking. Okay I’m sorry. Forgive me. What if an inspector in the police station holds his ears and begs for your forgiveness? Kanhaiya does just that. Someone in jail claps his hands. Kanahiaya says there are some people when they laugh it looks so good. They just have to smile once and the heart is pleased. Some people look good when they smile. Sona smiles. He starts his poetry mode again. He kisses her hand.

Sunaina says Neelam bahu these days you’re mind is not on your work. Sona walks in too. Suania says I told you a long time ago about my medicine. Neelam says mummy ji I…Sunaina says what I I I ? Sona thinks to herself: all of this happened because of me. I forgot to give mummy ji the oil. Sona says mummy ji Neelam didi is not at fault. It’s my mistake. I had told her I’d make it but…Sunaina says okay when you said you’d make it then why didn’t you make it? There’s a limit to carelessness. How much will I remind to everyone? And by the way where are you coming from? Sona says I had gone to the Civil Lines, his police station. Suniana says what was the need to go to the police station? This Kanihaiya is too much. He wasted your time there. And you went without even thinking. There is so much work to be done and no one cares. In our house whenever anyone wants to go anywhere, they just leave and go. Neelam says mummy ji we’re just go and get your oil right away. Sunaina says no need Neelam bahu. Despite having 2 housewives in the house, when one doesn’t do anything then the mother in law forcefully has to enter the kitchen. Okay, I’ll go. What else can I do? Sona bahu, according to you this is what it means to be a housewife? Suanina leaves.

The next morning everyone is praying. Uddham seeks the blessings of his mom. Suninia says Sona to get yogurt and sugar. The doorbell rings. Manhoar opens the door. The army headquarters come and say Mr. Major. Uddham Chaturvedy. We have come from the army headquarters. Manhohar says please come inside. Uddham says yes? The guy says sir you and some other regiment officers have been suspended for selling weapons. Everyone is shocked. The guy hands Uddham a piece of paper. Uddham opens the letter and reads it. Uddham says what is all of this? I haven’t done any such thing. This is certainly someone’s plan against me. Or you guys are under some misunderstanding. Believe me, I can’t do such a thing. Sunaina says officer saab. My son is telling the truth. He can’t do such a thing. Since childhood he hasn’t done anything but protect the country. He can give up his life, but he can’t go against his own country. You’re under some misunderstanding. Uddham says I’ll die, but I will never go against my country. The army headquarter guy says sir I can’t do anything. Someone amongst us betrayed us. And because of that some innocent officers have been suspended. Very soon the investigation will be complete and the truth will be revealed. In this paper for the last few days have been some articles related to the investigation. Sunaina takes the paper. The guy says there was a report in it and based on that there is an investigation going on. Suanina is reading the article. Sona is just about done making what she was told to make is about to head out. Sunaina says what is the name of the person who has written this article? Sunaina says reporter Sona? Everyone is shocked. Sona comes and says mummy ji yogurt and sugar… EVeryone stares at her shocked. Sunaina walks towards her and says did you write this report? Because of this report my Uddham has been suspended. Sona looks over the article. Sona says but mummy ji I wrote this report before marriage. And I was told that they were trying to find out…Suaniana tells her to stop. there is no point in saying what happened and how it happened. THe truth is because of this report, my Uddham is suspended. His life is ruined. There is a case on him. And as long as this case goes on, Uddham will remain suspended. Sona says but mummy ji I haven’t written anyone’s name in this article. And neither have I accused anyone. I just mentioned what is happening. I haven’t written anything more…Uddham shouts Sona. What do you think? That I’m a bad person? He snatches the newspaper from her and throws it at her. Kanhaiya comes and picks up the papers.

Precap: The headquarter guy says if the person who wrote that article says he/she wrote according to whatever the investigation was about and it wasn’t based on anything, then maybe this suspension can be lifted. Kanhiaya says because of you (Sona) the whole house is in this state. By tomorrow an apology needs to be out on this article.

Update Credit to: Cutiepie Rani

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