Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in a hospital, Soumya and Natasha arrives there and asks the receptionalist about Ayesha’s room number. She tells them that the visiting hours are over. They replies that they are not visitors but family members and soumya address herself as bhabhi where as Natasha as sister in law. Soumya says it is necessary for us to be with her. Finally she says Ayesha’s room number 26. They thanks her and proceed towards the room.

Ram and Priya office:

Ashwin comes to Ram and says come with me. I need to talk to you. They goes inside and Ashwin tells Mr. Kapoor Did you understand what is happening? Ram says excuse me. Ashwin says in this meeting all the presentations, ideas and plan is all yours but sadly it will presented in my name. I am taking all your credit. I want to tell you why I am doing this. So that you shall know that you have fallen low. I am exploiting you openly. You cant do damn about you. If you tell anyone, nobody will believe you. I am doing this for the slap which you did slap me. It is an answer for you. you will get an answer in this meeting. Time changes Mr. Kapoor. Ram questions him that did you telling me or giving justification to yourself. Ram leaves.


Soumya and Natasha comes into Ayesha’s room and she asked why you came here? Natasha says to expose your cheap movements. Soumya says what you think nobody will knew, but we are smarter. Ayesha smiles. Saudamini comes out from the loo and says it is positive. Natasha asked what are you doing. Ayesha says Saudamini is pregnant and came here for an abortion. Natasha asked then why your name is written on the reception. Ayesha says because she is single and I am married, I dont care. Saudamini thanks her for such a good friend. Ayesha asked them to go. They leaves.

Ram and Priya office:

The investors praises Ashwin for company’s growth. Ashwin goes on the stage and starts to read the business plan for the next six months. It is actually Ram’s plan. Priya just looks on sadly. Ram remembers what he said that Kapoor Industries must have closed with his bad plans.

Ashwin presents Ram’s presentation as his. Ram is sad and thinks how Ashwin threw his presentation in the dustbin in a flashback. Presentation ends. One of the investors asked whose idea is this. I never saw this plan in 30 years. Ashwin says it is my plan, Why should I take someone else plan infront of you. I have a vision for this company. The investor asked Priya to give bouquet to Ashwin, she gives congratulating him. She asked the investor if she can tell something about Ashwin sir with your permission. Ashwin shocked.He allows her to speak. Priya says first of all It is a prestige working under you. She says Ashwin is genius. I learnt a lot from him. how ideas are created, how team is motivated. He is a great business man. Good business man knows good talent and good business man takes advantage of that talent. He knows how to use that talent and where. Good business man takes advantage. Idea must be someone else but good business takes the credit from him. She says this plan is someone else who have 20 years of experience, and nobody didn’t know anything. He smartly steal someone else plan and presented on his name. We are learning this from him. We have good luck that we got Ashwin sir. Investors asked who made this plan. Priya says real genuis, one such businessman who does hardwork. He knews how to work hard and he is with us. She says He is Mr. Ram Kapoor whose business plan was this. Meanwhile Ashwin is fuming to no end.

Someone asked The Ram Kapoor, Kapoor Industries owner. Priya says yes. since last three weeks he is working in this office.
He is working under Ashwin’s sir but it doesn’t mean that Ashwin sir did not do any hardwork. It is a hardwork to steal someone else plan and presents it on his name. Ashwin comes near her and stops the microphone with his hand and says what are you doing. Priya says what the hell you doing. Ashwin says you are fired. Priya says as usual you are late. I kept my resignation letter on your desk table. It is good to resign rather than work with a boss like you. He says I will destroy you. Priya says do whatever you want. It is good to be hungry rather than working with you. Priya leaves.

Ram came running after her and asked what the hell you were doing. Priya says I was doing what you should do before. everything has limits and today all limits crossed. Ram says we need this job. Priya says we will die hungry but not do this job. I cant tolerate all this. I dont know why you are tolerating. I have a choice to workout. I dont like when he insults you. I dont like when he treat you like a peon. When he steal your ideas. I can see the pain in your eyes. I know you feel pain. I cant see anymore. I can be hungry but not see you humiliated. She feels dizziness and faints in Ram’s arms.


Natasha and Soumya talked about Ayesha coming to the hospital. soumya says she got a call from khush that Ayesha fainted. Natasha says Saudamini is covering this for Ayesha. Soumya says how Ayesha know about this. They wonder how Saudamini was here and how she came to know that they were coming here. Natasha says it is a let down. Sid is standing there and says to himself when I am here, it will not come out.

Ayesha tells Saudamini if you were not here today then I might be in a problem. Saudamini says it is ok Ayesha. Mamaji comes there and tells Saudamini not to worry and he will take care of her delivery and baby. Saudamini says it is so sweet, but it is not like that. Mamaji says I will give your child my name. We shall live happily. Ayesha informs Mamaji that Saudamini is not pregnant. Mamaji asked what you are doing here, if it is not saudamini then Ayesha. Ayesha says I will handle it, dont interfere. Saudamini asked Mamaji to take her for shopping. They leaves.

Ram and Priya at same hospital:

Ram tells Priya how are you feeling now. He says you fainted and about to fall. Priya says she didnt have anything and got busy in investors meet. Ram asked her not to talk. I dont want to listen anything. you are not a doctor. He says your token number is 42. I will bring something. Priya says I am not feeling like eating. Priya says we will meet the doctor and will do as doctor says. Ram says it is strange that doctor used to come at my home. Priya replies that we were not together then but it is good that they are together now. and time changes and it is life. Episode ends on Priya happy face.

Priya sees Sid in the hospital and says Siddhant.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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