Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th March 2013 Written Update

Agasthya stops Meera from avoiding his question. He corners her and holds her tightly to stop her from going away without answering. Meera tells him she was not aware of Ani being married. Agasthya says he cant believe she was not aware of Nandini being Ani’s wife. Meera tells him she was shell shocked and wanted to leave when she heard about Nandini’s relationship with Ani. Agasthya remembers the moment on the day of puja when Meera ran away from there and bumped into him while leaving. Agasthya believes her and tells her not to share her secret with Nandini or anyone else because it would hurt a lot of people. He lets her go

Meera is in thoughts remembering Nandini asking about Ani to her and Agasthya’s words of keeping her relationship with Ani a secret. She gets up from bed and stands near window looking at the moon. She remembers Anirudh talking about moon to her. She is saying she wants to leave right away living a minute inside the house is making her restless but she’ll stay back for 2 days only because she promised Nandini.

Its morning.. Meera sitting on the garden chairs outside remembering Anirudh.
Anirudh describing the place as his favourite spot in the house. Meera lost in thoughts suddenly she comes out of the daze hearing Nandini’s voice. Nandini asks Meera how she knew this was her favourite spot in the house. Nandini remembers her moments with Ani the flashbacks scenes from first episode and Meera also at the same time sees the flashback moments of Ani with her from the first episode!

Nandini tells Meera how attached she is to the house because she grew up here. Meera asks her what she meant by growing up in the house. Nandini tells her the house was her father’s house before it became Asthana’s house. She talks about her and Ani’s first meeting and shares how nervous they both were that time. Meera is surprised to learn about Anirudh being nervous. Meera is thinking if Anirudh loved Nandini as much and same way as he loved her. She calls him a betrayer and is sad why she cheated her and Nandini both. Meera gets up from the chair and tells Nandini she needs to leave now. Nandini holds her hand and requests her not to leave so soon. Nandini says with her she can share anything she wants about Ani and she knows Meera wouldn’t feel bad. Meera is upset hearing it. Nandini calls her tum and mentions how she moved from Aap to Tum. She goes on to request her to not leave.

In the kitchen Niranjan jeejaji is making tea for everyone. Nupur comes there to tell her to make one for her. Akhil saw Niranjan making tea and calls out for Shyama. Shyama and Akhil share a romantic moment. Payal comes to the kitchen asking for her cup of tea from Niranjan. Niranjan shows her empty vessel since Nupur and others took all the remaining tea.

In the living room Meera and Nupur are talking. Nupur asks Meera if she had her tea, Meera says she doesnt feel like having tea. Nupur says she likes that Meera does what she feels like doing. She tells Meera she really likes her she too wishes to be a free bird like her where ties and regulations wont rule over her. Nupur shows Meera a common sight of their house during breakfast. Meera looks how stressed Shyama, Anuja and the women are in preparing breakfast for Balraj and making things exactly the way Balraj would have it. Meera finds it amusing.. Nupur and Meera share some laughter watching everyone flipping out.

Balraj comes there and looks at Meera. He goes inside his study cabin. Meera ask the girls why they are so scared of their father. She tells Shayama she wants to take the breakfast in for Balraj today. Shyama and Nupur tells her not to do so. Meera insists and takes the breakfast tray for Balraj. Shyama and Nupur looks worried.

Meera comes inside with breakfast for Balraj. Balraj is surprised and unhappy to see her there. He asks her why she brought it. Balraj tells Meera to stay within the limits and behave like a guest only. He says there are some rules in the house which everyone has to follow. He tells nobody in the house ever heard of her before none of them knows her. Agasthya comes there for some work and notices Meera standing there too. He asks Balraj if he got introduced to Meera yet. Agasthya introduces him to Meera… he says remember Ani bhaiya used to go to Dharamshala very often. He questions if they knew each other because of work or something else. Balraj becomes little curious and asks if Ani was her colleague. Meera answers she and Ani were friends. Balraj tells her his family has a good reputation and name in the society and she should not behave differently from what she should be behaving. She is only allowed to live for 2 more days and she has to behave like a guest in the house. He also tells her to dress properly the way she should be !

Meera snaps at Balraj saying.. she is just a guest and since she is a guest he cannot lay orders for her to follow and definitely cannot govern her what she should wear or should not wear. Balraj is shocked !!

Meera is looking at Anirudh and her pictures. She keeps the envelope with photos on her bed. Nandini comes there and sees the envelope.. she is taking the pictures out from the envelope.. Meera passes by and is shocked to see the envelope in Nandini’s hand. Nandini is about to look at the pictures.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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