Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

As Kanhaiya is walking back with Kamal, Deva and Bheema, Kanhaiya sees memories of a person walking away with a small boy and Kanhaiya is about to run towards the place and sees the road. Kamal asks Kanhaiya what happened and Kanhaiya says he was just here and where did he go? Kamal asks who is Kanhaiya talking about and Kanhaiya changes the topic saying he was confused since its so hot. Kanhaiya calls to Sona who is helping Chitrasi cooking and Kanhaiya informs that the minister’s trip is cancelled and they are going back to their guest house. Kanhaiya asks if is Sona at the guest house and Sona says that she was bored and went to Shakti Dham and Kanhaiya thinks to himself that Sona went there? Sona asks if is there anything and Kanhaiya asks Sona to go back to the guest house. Chitrasi says to Sona if they are leaving back late, they need to come over for dinner and Sona leaves. As Sona is walking, she notices the room door opened and wonders who opened it? Kanhaiya again sees illusion of a small boy playing with a ball on the road and a van is approaching. Kanhaiya is about to run but realize he is imagining things and Deva asks hope Kanhaiya is alright. Sona pushes the door slowly and sees Ridheswar holding Kanhaiya’s childhood photo and recalls Ridheswar saying there is no such photo. Sona is about to walk in and Chitrasi pulls Sona out saying she thought Sona left. Sona says she was about to leave and she saw the door opened and decided to see who is inside. Sona says if this room was never opened before.. and Chitrasi says i don’t know anything about this room. Sona says i am sorry and Chitrasi says lets leave from here. Sona thinks to herself that she will not get any clue from the family members and she needs to find another way. In the night, Kanhaiya asks Sona what is happening to him? Who is the kid and who is the guy he keeps seeing? He had never believed in such things before and why is this happening? Sona asks Kanhaiya not to worry as Kanhaiya is only imagining things. Kanhaiya thinks what would happen the next day? He says he needs to find what is this all about. Sona says lets go back since we were only supposed to stay here for one day. Sona says that she needs to return first to Allehmabad and asks Kanhaiya to handle things here. Kanhaiya agrees and Sona asks Sona not to worry. Sona thinks to herself that she is sorry as she has to make a decision and looks at the calendar.

Part 2

Kanhaiya is on the phone with Sona asking Sona to call him once she have reached. Bheema comes to Kanhaiya and says lets go. Kanhaiya says lets go where? Bheema says that you and Sona ji is coming over to our house for lunch. Kanhaiya says but Sona have gone back to Allahmebad and Bheema says she went back without meeting us? This is not good and she will get penalty for this. Babuji asked us to call both of you and since Sona ji is not here, you have to follow us back to Shakti Dham. Kanahaiya hesistates and says that of course since Babuji had called us, lets go. Chitrasi is bathing Gulaboo and both Bheema and Kanhaiya walks in and Ridheswar calls Chitrasi. Chitrasi holds the water house in the direction of both Kanhaiya and Bheema and both of them gets wet while Kanhaiya slips and falls down. Chitrasi says sorry as she didn’t realize and they got wet. Kanhaiya says its alright and she has to give him new clothes and Chitrasi says follow me, i will give you new clothes. Kanhaiya is given different clothes and Chitrasi says sorry to Kanhaiya and asks if is Sona angry with her? Kanhaiya asks why is Sona angry with you? Chitrasi says she left without informing and Kanhaiya gets call from Sona and Sona informs that she have reached safely. Kanhaiya also informs that he is now in Shakti Dham and Sona thinks to herself that he surely have relation to that house that he keeps going there again. Kanhaiya says that Chitrasi thought Sona is angry with her and Sona says nothing like that and Sona says she has to go to do the work which she had came to do. Kanhaiya ends the call and hears a music and asks Chitrasi what music is this? Chitrasi says that this is Babuji’s favorite music which he listens to daily and Kanhaiya sees Ridheswar listening to the music. Kanhaiya seems to be lost in the music while his phone rings. Bajrangi informs that the Minister is not coming to Srirampur today and his plan is changed. Kanhaiya says i have to stay for another day? I thought of coming back soon and Ridheswar asks why? Are you not liking our village? Kanhaiya says says its not like that and Ridhheswar says that as long as he is in Srirampur, he will stay in Shakti Dham and not in the guest house. Kanhaiya says its alright, i will stay in the guest house and Deva, Bheema and Kamal says that Risheswar’s decision is final and he will stay here. Kanhaiya agrees and Ridheswar says lets all eat together and Kanhaiya gets sad thinking of everyone in Chaturvedi house. Sona comes to meet Suhnaina and Suhnaina gets happy and greets Sona asking how is she? Suhnaina says she is very happy to see Sona here as she never appreciated Sona when she was around and when she is not here, she is missing her and regrets for all her acts. Suhnaina says that since they left, she keeps thinking of both of them every moment and its good you came to meet me. Suhnaina asks if Kanhaiya didn’t come? He doesn’t wants to see my face right? Sona says that Kanhaiya is now not in Allahmebad now. Sona says can i ask for somethings? Can i see Kanhaiya’s childhood photos? Suhnaina says you took all the photos with you. Sona says but all the photos was after he is 5 years old. Is there any photos before that? Suhnaina says that she doesn’t have any of them as they fell in the water and the photos are ruined. Sona says all the photos? Suhnaina says yes, all the photos and why are you asking for the photos? Sona says simply and asks for the birth certificate and Suhnaina says that the birth certificate is also ruined together. Sona thinks to herself that mummy ji is lying and she wonders why.

Precap :
Kanhaiya and Ridheswar is playing chess and Ridheswar says a line and Kanhaiya completes the line while everyone is shocked and Deva asks how Kanhaiya knows this line? Kanhaiya says that he have listened to it before.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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