Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2013 Written Update

Sid says, I am going to end this game right now by telling truth to entire family. He leaves. Prem and Simar follow him telling Jhumki to change her clothes and come outside. Khushi and Veeru are angry with themselves wondering why Jhumki came to dance. Khushi says, but we know her truth already so it will be easy for us to prove that in court. Jhumki is passing from there, Khushi stops her. She asks her to give an autograph. Both of them tell Jhumki that they are her fan and say what a performance you give. Khushi tells Jhumki to work for her and she will give her double amount. Jhumki says, what else can I expect from you, but you can’t buy me. And people who are going to be beggar, from where they will give me money? Khushi gets angry, Jhumki also raises her voice and shuts her. Jhumki says, once court order comes, you will be thrown like a garbage. Veeru says, time will say who will be thrown out. You don’t know us that well. By messing with us, neither you will be able to live in Delhi nor your Laxmanpur. Jhumki tells them to worry about themselves first saying who knows you may not a find a place to hide yourself after you’re thrown out by Bharadwajs. Khushi gets furious. Jhumki teases her talking sweetly and says, can I go now? my family is waiting for me. She leaves.

At home, everyone is praising the show. Mausiji starts dancing in excitement. Sid comes there in anger. Prem and Simar come running after him. Mataji asks Sid why he looks tensed. Sid glares at Prem. Sid is about to say something, but Khushi comes there making loud noises. Mausiji says, are you practicing how to beg? Khushi laughs off and says, you guys talk big even after knowing you will be thrown out in 2 days. Veeru joins Khushi and tells Bharadwajs, pack your stuff because we have found a solid proof. Get ready to say tata bye bye to this house. Jhumki gets angry and asks them, who are you to throw us out from our house? It’s good to see dreams, but not in day. She warns Khushi if she says anything like this again, then she won’t spare her. Everyone is surprised seeing Roli talk like that. Khushi smiles and whispers to Veeru, let’s go from here.. Jhumki trapped herself by getting angry like this. read full updates daily only at Jhumki turns back and sees family staring at them. Mataji, Sujata ask her, what kind of way is this to talk to elders? Jhumki says, when Veeru kept me with him in Kishangadh, I figured that people like him understand their own language. Didn’t you see how they got quiet? Mataji now turns her attention to Sid. She says to him, you were saying something. Sid says, I am not feeling well… I will rest for a bit. He leaves. Jhumki is relieved.

Sid comes to his room where Bantu is sleeping. Sid sees Roli’s photo and sits beside it. He remembers their sweet memories. He takes photo in his hand and says, your Sid made a mistake. I took someone else as Roli. I did very wrong. I am sorry. Sid is only his Roli’s and will always be. I am sorry. He hugs the photo. Bantu turns back while sleeping and Sid gets pushed and is about to drop the photo, but Jhumki comes and catches it.

Sid snatches the photo back. Jhumki is leaving from there, but stops at the door. She looks at Sid and remembers their memories. She then imagines her going back to him, putting her hand on his shoulder and wiping his tears. She speaks in her mind, I know I am somewhat responsible for this, I wish I could share your sorrow. She leaves.

Khushi is surprised seeing Jhumki’s guts and speaking loudly against them despite knowing that they found out her truth. Veeru tells Khushi to calm down and says, soon her truth will be out. We just have to find her weakness and attack on it. Khushi asks, what’s her weakness? Veeru says, her brother, Bantu.

Precap: Khushi purposely says bad about Bantu. Jhumki loses her control and says, he is not an orphan. He is my real brother. Khushi smiles. Jhumki then says, you know I am Jhumki, right? Today I will confess to you, yes I am Jhumki from Laxmanpur. No one seems to be around while they are having this conversation.

Update Credit to: shreya

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