Balika Vadhu 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th June 2013 Written Update

Meenu explains to Sanchi, you’re used to city’s life. You won’t be able to adjust in village. You will say now that you will adjust but everything is too different about a city and a village. She then asks Shiv if she is right or no. If Sanchi will be able to live in the village. Shiv says, I don’t know, but we shouldn’t rush in such decision. He tells Sanchi, and in matters like this, entire family’s approval is important. We are not your enemies. We want you to be happy. We want to do everything best for you. Alok interrupts and says, but Jagdish is not the best. I agree he saved you from goons and we are thankful to him, but that doesn’t matter I marry my daughter to him. Alok is very furious and asks Ira why she is quiet. He asks her, are you supporting her by staying quiet? Alok says, I am quiet because I don’t think there is any need to have any discussion on this matter. She agrees with everyone and says, I won’t give my daughter’s hand to someone who has married twice and both his marriages failed. I am ready to keep my daughter in house her entire life, but I won’t allow her to marry Jagdish. Sanchi interrupts and says, I am serious about him and I will only marry him. Everyone is shocked. Sanchi continues, if this marriage doesn’t happen, then I will stay alone my entire life. Forget about me marrying to someone else. Ira raises her voice and asks Sanchi to shut. Ira says, you spent two days with him in hospital and saw dream of living your entire life with him? Whatever your dad just said is true. He saved you from bad incident, that doesn’t mean you give yourself to him. What has happened to you? You want to be called his third wife? Sanchi says, why don’t you understand.. he is a very nice guy. I never seen such sensitive guy ever before. I told you before that no one understood Jagdish till today. Ira says, and you understood him this quickly?

Ira now calms down and says, it’s possible that Jagdish is acting to impress you. We know his truth. What Anandi had to go through by marrying him. She asks Anandi if she is right as who else can know more about him. Anandi says, I agree Jagya wasn’t a good guy before, but he will never act to impress anyone. Ira is surprised and asks, you’re saying this? He left you from another woman. According to you, I should give Sanchi’s hand in his? Anandi says, no.. I am only saying that Jagya is not kind a guy who would act to impress anyone. Sanchi is relieved. Anandi continues, he won’t take a first step. Ira says, so it’s only Sanchi who is after him since these many days? Shiv tells Ira, I know very well Jagdish is a decent guy. It’s not in his nature to act to impress anyone. Sanchi gave us hints many times. When that attack happened on Jagdish, Sanchi went to hospital right away. Alok says, but you said that you met her in your way. Shiv says, I lied. He tells truth to everyone now. How Sanchi refused to return with him and Anandi, and then him telling Anandi to stay in Jaitsar. He says, last night Anandi also told me about this, but I didn’t believe her. Alok says to Shiv, so you’re saying that all this is one sided? Whatever happened was just from Sanchi’s side? And Jagdish is not responsible? Shiv says, yes. Alok says, then let’s talk.. I want to end this right now. He asks him to call Jagdish. Sanchi says, Jagdish doesn’t know that I love him. Alok says, that means he never said anything like this to you? Sanchi says, no and I didn’t tell him anything either. I wanted to express my feelings to him, but I never got chance. Alok tells Sanchi, whatever happens.. happens for good. It’s still not too late. We all are with you. Mihir is a nice and a sensible guy. He also likes to enjoy life like you. I know you both and your hobbies and everything match. Once you two understand each other, I am sure you will start liking him. Believe me, he will keep you very happy. Meenu agrees and adds even both families are very alike. She asks him to think and then make a decision. Sanchi says, I have said already, I love Jagdish and I will marry him only , no matter what. Even if you ask me thousands of times, my answer won’t change because I can’t think about anyone beside Jagdish. She runs to her room. Alok screams, this girl has gone crazy. She is destroying her life by her own. Alok and Ira break down and cry.

At Jagya’s house, Ganga comes to kitchen. She apologizes to Sumitra as she got late, and then tells her that she will do everything. But Sumitra asks her to leave and says, I will handle everything. Ganga asks her, did I do any mistake? Why are you talking like this? Angry Sumitra says, what do you want to hear? Don’t you know whatever is happening is because of you. Because of you my son almost lost his life and you’re asking me what happened. I didn’t say anything until now, but now if anything happens to Jagya because of Ratan Singh, then you will also have to pay for it. Just like you, I love my son a lot as well. Ganga cries and runs away. Sumitra also seems to be feeling bad.

Ganga is crying in her room. Jagya comes there and she wipes her tears. Jagya plays with Manu. Ganga asks him, why did you come here? You could have told me and I would bring Manu there. You should rest. Jagya says, I need to walk a little and I wanted to talk to you about your and Ratan singh divorce. If it’s proved that Ratan Singh attacked on me, then he will be caught soon and when court finds out he used to abuse you as well, then it will be easy for you to get divorce and you will get Manu’s custody as well. Because they don’t give custody to any criminal. Ganga recalls Sumitra’s words and cries. Jagya asks him what happened. Ganga says, you’re a very nice person and you did a lot for me, but not anymore. Whatever has to happen with me and my child.. will happen. You don’t get involved in all this. I am requesting you to stay away. Jagya says, what are you saying? And why are you crying? If you’re afraid that Ratan Singh will attack on me again, then you don’t need to worry about it. Nothing like that will happen.. Police is already searching for him, so stop crying. You have to do a lot in your life.

Precap: Sanchi tells Shiv, you had told me that you won’t have any problem if I marry to a divorcee. Only condition was that he has to be a nice person.
Anandi tells Sanchi, you only know one side of Jagya. There’s a lot that Jagya keeps to himself only. I will advice to think once more before making any decision.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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