Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Neelam is decorating the rangoli. Uddham approaches her. Uddham asks her did you make this rangoli. Neelam says yes. He says you make good rangoli. Can I help you with anything?

Sona gives some lassi and food to Renu. She advises her to eat something often. She says its not good staying hungry in this condition. Renu tastes the lassi and says Sona there seems to be extra sugar in the lassi. Next time please put less sugar. Sona says yes I’ll make sure. Sona tells the girl you come, I’ll get you ready. She says okay. Chiku says chachi ask Devika a question in English and see how well I taught her English. Sona says Chiku we have so much to do right now. We’ll do what you asked later. She tells Devika to come with her. Chiku says please chachi. Sona says Chiku…Chiku says pleaseee. Sona says you’re so stubborn. Okay. Sona asks Devika how are you? Devika says please have some water.

Uddham is helping Neelam with the rangoli. Neelam is smiling Uddham asks what happened? Why are you smiling? Do you think that I only know about bullets and guns? And I don’t know anything about rangoli and stuff? Neelam says I’m seeing an army major making rangoli for the first time. Uddham says slowly you will learn what else an army major can do.

Renu says Sona if you ask her a wrong question then obviously she will answer wrong. Ask her how you are? And Devika you will answer I am always fine. Okay? Chiku says mummy…Renu says okay then you teach. I go. Renu leaves. Neelam comes and says Sona I’ve finished my rangoli stuff. I’m going in the kitchen and will take care of everything that needs to be done in the kitchen. Sona says okay. She says to Devika let’s go. I’ll get you ready. Sona and Devika leave.

A grandfather figure storms into the police station yelling and pissed off. Kanhaiya asks what the matter is. The grandfather figure says a bad guy came in our area. That bablu is a very smart person. Kanhiaya asks one of his colleges to call a guy named Yadav. Kanhiaya scolds Yadav. He tells Yadav to arrest Bablu and bring him to the police station.

Devar ji says arey bhabhi you don’t worry. Let today pass by. Then everything will be alright. Sunaina says you’re too much devar ji. We can’t just leave everything to time. I feel that something somewhere is not right. We have never seen this family until now. Its not normal. They entered our house as if it is there house. Its to much. Devar ji says bhabhi it is wrong to suspect someone like this without any proof. Keep patience. Suhnaina says devar ji keeping patience has already led to all of this already happening. How much more patience should we have? Devar ji says everyone doesn’t understand the way we do. Maybe they don’t realize how much they are putting us through. Maybe they think that everything is normal. Suhniana says they haven’t done anything to put harm upon themselves. My mind is saying that something is wrong. And my thinking is never wrong, devar ji.

Part 2:

The bablu guy is caught and brought to the police station. He says why are you believing this old man. His grand daughters are not the normal type…Kanhiaya slaps him. Kanhiaya tells his co worker to put him in jail. Kanahiaya says don’t you dare look at his family in that manner again. Kanhiaya says okay chacha. Any more complaints? He says because of you he is in jail. Thank you. He leaves. One of the inspector’s says that the old man tends to lie a lot. Kanhaiya asks you swear? He says yes. Kanhiaya slaps him.

Durgesh and the Pandey ji are playing some card game with money. Mrs. Pandey ji walks in and says what is this? There people are preparing food and here card games are going on? And you Pandey ji is wasting his money who has been giving us commission after commission. If you keep wasting money then what is the point in staying here? Come downstairs. Darshana walks in and says you’re staying in our house and telling my husband he is a commission thief? If my husband refuses to help you then it won’t be long until you will see yourself on the streets. Mrs. Pandey says because of your husband my husband will get bad habits. Then what’s the point tell me? Darshana says enough. That’s enough. Control what you’re saying otherwise Durgesh will stop everyting and make you pack your bags that you’ll forget the roads of Allahbaad. Mrs. Pandey thinks to herself that it is best to keep her mouth shut in front of Darshana because Darshana speaks to much. Darshana tells her husband to get up. Darshana and Durgesh leave.

Mrs. Pandey comes in the kitchen and says bahu. I’ve replaced the fake flowers with real flowers. What’s the point if you don’t have real flowers? Pandey ji has gotten them from the baazar. Guests are coming and it should look like a wedding house. I want this house to be decorated well. But what’s the point in saying all of this to you guys? No one is helping me. Neelam says why are thinking like that? We are there for you. Mrs. Pandey says look don’t talk in between. When I’m talking and the daughter in law talks in between, I can’t tolerate it. But what’s the point in saying anything in this house? It won’t affect the two of you. Sona says chachi ji why do you feel like we are yelling at you? Didi only…Mrs. Pandey says be quiet. Before more trouble is caused in this house, you be quiet. Will you both just stare at my face? Go and do the work I have assigned to you. Neelam and Sona leave.

At the police station Babli is doing sit ups holding his ears. Kanhaiya says if you bother a girl here on forth, this time you’ll be sitting for hours and suffer here. You’l forget your friends and all. Bablu says forgive me and give me another chance. It won’t happen again in the future.

Devika is getting ready. Sona walks in. She says Devika, what are you doing? Devika says I am making a seeet…Sona says huh? Devika says you didn’t understand? I’m speaking in English and English doesn’t come to anyone quickly. Its just such a hard language. She says I am collecting new things for my hair color. Sona says hair color? Devika says all the girls in London are beautiful and gori. I have to look beautiful and white. So I bought all the stuff today. Look. She shows her all the creams and lotions. Sona says Devika all of this is rubbish. They make these ads so that we buy those products. Natural beauty doesn’t need all of this. Devika says what are you trying to say? Sona says look in the mirror and look at yourself. You’re very pretty. You don’t need all of these things. If you apply all of this and win their hearts and then say say yes. But when your true colors come in front of them then they’lll know you lied. Devika a person has only been hurt when the truth has come out. And I don’t want that. That’s why I’m telling you to leave all of this and be honest with your to be husband. Devika says but he’s from London and wants a white girl. Sona says who told you that you’re not white? You’re not as white, but your a beautiful Indian girl. THere should be not much influence on western culture. Just go in front of them as yourself. If you win them by your true self you’lll be at peace and happiness.

THe London family arrives. Devar ji greets the family and welcomes them inside. Devika’s parents greets them too. The entire family gathers together and everything is introduced. Sona brings Devika downstairs. The guy asks how are you? Devika says I fine. What you do in London? He says I work for an insurance company. The mother says our son works in a big company in London. He has done all of his education in London. Mrs Pandey says Sona bahu why are you standing here? Go in the kitchen. Sona nods and leaves. Mrs Pandey says to Sunhiaya to watch over Sona. Don’t let her ruin your good daughter in law, Neelam. Suniaya says you focus on your guests. I know how to run my house.

Part 3:

Neelam comes with a tray of snacks to give to everyone. The guy says wow this house is awesome. Devika says yes awesome…like you. The guy laughs and says you’re amazing…Devika says you said so, so I listened. If someone else told me that, I would break their face. Don’t laugh. You’re my to be husband. I won’t say anything to you. The mother of the guy says who knows maybe in English you just laugh like that. Devika says I want to tell you something. Sona is listening from the kitchen. Devika says I don’t know any English. I only said a few lines to impress you. Someone told me that I should do what my heart tells me. I told you the entire truth. Now you do what your heart tells you. The mother figure says okay we’ll get going now. Devika’s mom says what have you decided about the marriage? The mother of the guy says listen we’ll go home and talk to the pandit ji and find out details and stuff. Then we’ll give our decision. The father says okay so we’ll leave now. Let’s go beta. They get up. They all leave. Mrs. Pandey says all of this happened because of Sona. They were going to make a decision now, but I don’t know what Sona told Devika. They left without making a decision. Pandey ji says you’re right. Sona is responsible for this.

Precap: Devika says to Sona I got the courage to say all of that because of what you explained to me. I feel good after whatever I’ve done and said.

Update Credit to: Rani

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