Phir Subah Hogi 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 19th March 2013 Written Update

Jamuni asks them to eat and also to Hukum. Reva is watching Jamuni also sweet talks with her MIL that she was so scared of her and MS is watching her and Jamuni asks MS to put hurdles for her like before. MS is looking at her and asking whether she is OK.Suman takes her plate she is eating karela(bittergroud) and goes others are eating.
Haldi ceremony of Chulbul(CB) and ammaji is doing it and others dancing. CB asks Amma when she learned to sing and amma remembers her old days and feels her dream of marriage has been fulfilled through Chulbuli. CB asks for TVS and someone asks where his family is as mother has to put Haldi. CB says she is his complete family.Bunty says he is the 1st one as he brought him here.TVS says he is not very keen on ceremony CB says she will put his name haldi with lot of love.TVS is serious as Haldi ceremony goes on.
Real Suman comes and calls everyone to come fast . All come and she asks why did you not put food on the table and Hukum thinks she has gone mad and MS says have you gone mad.Naganiya says we ate your food and your food bitter ground you ate. MS says you ate so much now no one will prepare for you. Suman is mad and throws the vessels but does not find anything. She thinks what is happening she finds some leftovers and eats them Reva looks and smiles at her
In the bathroom CB is washing her haldi and remembers saying she will put haldi with lot of love and she sees Sugni image in the mirror she runs and hugs TVS who asks what happened and she tells she is seeing all odd things and TVS placates her .CB does not want to go and TVS says show me what you saw. And CB can not see anything she smiles I see my life and reason for living. TVS thoughtfully asks her to get ready and she smiles.
Suman is walking in her room Hukum brings her saree and she asks why he did not bring any food. Hukum says he brought and she ate and feels confused that some devil has taken over her .She says she is still hungry. She gets angry when he suggests that she take a cold bath.
Reva is smiling and things good she is able to confuse Suman but she has to be careful and do everything fast and soon before anyone feels suspicious. Jumuni says she will carefully do whatever she wants
Reva thinks whatever I thought if it happens then Suman’s chapter will get closed completely .


Update Credit to: chalhov

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