Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 19th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Meera sitting around in front of the fire, looking at Anirudh’s picture. A woman tells her she had been looking for her (Meera) for ages, and that she should come home. Meera looks into the distance and replies that this is where they used to meet. Flashback scene to the morning where Meera comes out of some sort of hut wearing Ani’s shirt whilst he comes from behind shirtless and feeds her tea/coffee with his own hands. Flash scene change to Meera and Ani pelting each other with snowballs and laughing. They hug and go on a boat ride. Next scene, they are on a raft boat with other people and then alone on the raft, Meera lying next to Ani. Voiceover of Ani: I love you, Meera. I really love you.

Flash forward to current day where Meera says that it was here when Ani told her for the first time that he loved her. The woman takes Meera away to somewhere else. The woman’s phone rings and she tells Meera that she needs to take this phone as its from London. She walks off saying (on the phone) that she knows that it’s really urgent. Meera watches back when the scene changes to a flashback.

Ani is laughing when Meera gives him a look. Meera tells him that it’s not funny that she fell as the water was very cold. Ani replies that my Meera gets cold very quickly. He rubs her hand, to get her warm and then touches her nose, resulting in her sneezing. They laugh and Meera says that whenever he leaves her, she doesn’t have trust in if they will ever meet again. Ani tells Meera not to be insecure as only they two are together at the moment. No one will take them apart, and besides every time he is there with her. Flashback ends to current day when the woman serves coffee to Meera. Meera thinks that now Ani will never come back. The woman talks about the house and that it’ll be better now that Meera is coming to London with her. Meera is still thinking about Ani whilst the woman is still talking. The phone rings and she leaves again. Meera thinks if only Ani was married to her, why didn’t she insist on it? Meera is holding a silver colour box (I think it’s a box)

Next morning, Nandini wakes up. She turns around in her bed with a smile, and places her hand on the other side of the bed. She wakes up, realising that reality has sunk in – and that Ani is not with her any more. Nandini gets up and walks near the mirror where there is a silverish box (same as the one Meera has?)

The other daughter-in-law (I don’t know who she is, but I’m assuming she’s the other DIL) wakes up her daughter before trying to wake up her husband. The husband (the police officer, don’t know his name! :/) tells her to let him sleep whilst she tells him that he’ll get late. She is about to go when he stops her and tells her that she is looking beautiful. They have a moment when they get interrupted His mum (I think thats his mum) comes in and tells him what he was saying last night in the table? He tells her about drunken driving statistics. She says if it wasnt for his uncle, everythign would have been ended. Now only he and Agasthya (if they play the game) then everything will be in their way. The police officer says even if Ani wasn’t their blood, he is still more important than their real brother. The woman says that she loves Ani so much but he didn’t have any interest in the business. The son says that Nandini carries Ani’s baby, but the woman says who knows what will happen before that? She says, what if a girl is born? She tells him to leave it, like father like son. He hugs her whilst she tells him to get off. He is happy to be linked to his father who is honest and righteous. SHe leaves saying not to touch her without taking a bath

Nupur (Ani’s sister) is looking for clothes when she sees Ani’s shirt. Nandini comes in saying that the last time he was going, he was looking for this shirt. Nupur asks her if she can keep it with her. Nandini says is this a thing to ask? She also mentions to Nupur to wear her yellow saree as she liked it. Nupur tells her that why does she wear these white clothes? If she wears nice clothes, then she will have a better mood. Nandini replies that she doesn’t care, after Ani left, all the colours in her life has gone. Who should she dress up for? The white colour gives her a feeling that she is different from everyone, that she is doing something for Ani, to keep him memories alive. She was Ani’s wife and is now his widow. Nupur says she understands everything but how to make her happy. She gives Nandini a jar with something you eat (I don’t know what it is). Nandini says how did she get this as you can’t find it here. Nupur says not to let anyone know, Nandini smiles as Nupur feeds her.

Meera tells the students that she is leaving for London and the new teacher will teach them hereafter. A kid asks her if she is leaving to get married, Meera gets upset hearing this. They leave after, she cries.

Balraj and Agasthya are talking at breakfast. Balraj asks A about the meeting, A tells him that he still hasn’t met them. Balraj says that when his father (A’s father) ruined the business, he couldn’t say anything as Balraj was the younger brother. But after A’s dad died, he took the company to high places on his own. He says that he wants the file at his table. Balraj says that that alcohol and women affairs only demean a person. Nupur is going out when Balraj asks her why she was late yesterday. Police officer’s wife comes and tells him that she had to go market to get some medicines. Balraj says about their honour of going to a market.

Beeji is with the kids (Nimmi – police man’s daughter and the other whose name I don’t know). They ask her for stories. Nandini comes and she ends up talking about how Ani had so many stories to tell. In Manali, he had done some rafting and that he had seen elephants. Beeji says okay she’ll tell story but only for Nandini’s sake. Beeji tells Nandini to always smile like this.

Meera thinking about Ani about how she told him about getting married. Cut to present, the woman (Meera’s mother!) asks her about this. Meera says she never really knew Ani, not about his life in Delhi. Meera’s mum says isn’t it weird how for the past two years, they have been involved but yet he never introduced her to his family? She says that now Ani is gone, and that its no use to keep chasing the darkness. She talks about starting her life in London. Meera says that she had a job here. Meera’s mum says that it was no real job in being with kids, Meera tells her to stop it and leave her alone. Phone rings and Meera tells her to answer it as for her, jobs are more important but Meera’s mum wasn’t able to give her a home or family.

Beeji telling her story saying that she was 9 when she came into the city. She says that her parents and brother had died, and that her mum had tried to save her by hiding her under a rickshaw. (I think she is talking about a war). Beeji says about how has been with the family and knows every secret, she is in deep thoughts when the kids ask her about what secrets. Beeji makes a joke about how Nimmi’s dad wasn’t able to do something… Beeji looks at Nandini and voiceover saying “A lot of secrets”.

Meera has a phone call that leaves her shocked. She tells her mum that she isn’t going to London but to Delhi.

Precap: Meera’s mum that Ani never came her any commitment but for him that she is able to leave her mother? Nandini has thoughts about Ani and runs down, she faints! Balraj says nothing should happen to Nandini as this is the only link to his son.

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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