Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 1

Hi Friends.. Here I am with HPDDKB

The story begins in a college: Vardamaan college of arts and science, Delhi. Here our story is mostly focused on the Chemistry and Physics class. Physics class’s 3 gems(best buddies) who are very famous in college: ANSH, PARTH & JAGAT. On the other hand, 3 close friends in Chemistry class(whom u might have by now thought of as the most boring ones). They were studious. Fully silent types in the class. Their details would be mentioned later on.

Episode 1:
1st Physics class room is in frame, where a boy(Parth) is holding a folded book like mike and is singing ‘gulabo…….zara…..’. He is too good when it comes to singing, just like abeer of badtameez dil. Everyone is busy listening to his song. Just then, Thaapar sir enters. Parth altogether stopped his song and ran towards his seat. It took few minutes for others to understand what just happened. They quickly settled down as soon as the fact that Sir is inside the class seeped in. Everyone became silent. (His class is the most outstanding one. Everything is conveyed so effectively that there was no need to look back anything. Even if we have took a vow not to study, we won’t be able to avoid his class. So everyone, respected him. It was the only class, where our 3 MEN ARMY took a front bench. So once again back to our story).
Now a glimpse of our Chemistry class is shown. Full class is chaotic, except our REEVA, SANA & PANCHI. They were known as the 3SP in the college. (Feel good to hear the name. Right? Wait…. Before that, just hear the full form. 3 Sadiyal Padhaakoo(meaning the 3 boring bookworms). They were still reading some book and studying. That time, the macho guy in the class, Sid, took Panchi’s book and started messing with her. Our Panchi was angry & at the same time, she felt like crying. But what could she do? She just stood there crossing her arms on her chest and staring at him with angry teary eyes. At that very moment, Sakshi mam entered into the class. Everyone went over to their respective seats & Panchi ‘s book also got back in its place.
A clock is shown with time running.Meanwhile, our 3 MEN ARMY(3MA) bunk the class one after the other through the window and then in canteen. On half of the screen, some happy and frineldy moments of 3MA are shown and on the other half, the scene of chemistry class with the 3 SP joting down notes. Meanwhile, the background music ‘Saath hum jo chale, bann gaye kaafile….Aur koi hamein ab mile naa mile, mauj hair oz hai, roke se bhi na ye rukte kabhi silsile…’
Again time is running. Now,it’s evening time. Everyone is ready to go home. Our 3 MA are leaving the campus in Ankit’s jeep(dark red and black combo color) making noise and at the same time, our 3SP are proceeding towards the exit in slow-motion. Everyone lost in their own friend circle-gossips, expectation, day to day gupshups n all.. BG “Saath hum jo chale, bann gaye kaafile….”Pause.

Precap: Parth n Sana r arguing . Sana:” Did I ask you for help? Then?

I am trying to bring back the story. I don’t know how much it will be effective. Tell me if it is boring to read it again.

Credit to -Anaya

  1. Hi anaya….. nice dear…. u r doing fabolous job dear….. nice stories yaar…. dont stop the stories…. continue….. i wish gud luck to u?????

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  3. hii anaya….This is the first time i am reading ur story….it is soo nice yaar…I loved it so much yaar

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  5. first of all thnx alottt for come back with your dazzling story … missing HPDDAB badly. .. but thanks god now we would read your dazzling story..
    plzzz continue it. we are eager to read their college tour at hill station with lots of fun, many more twist n turns…
    I love parth sana sensitive fighting..
    love you loads

  6. Nc story yaar. 3 heroes & 3 heroines. Plz reveal the pair soon in nxt epi.

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  9. Hi anaya, nice start, getting me interest. Please continue…keep it up…loving the plot and narration of the story…Eagerly waiting for the next episode…Love you

  10. Thank you Hayati, Deepa, Sree,lulu, aparna, dia and roma
    And Zara, you remember it good enough.!! Am happy. 🙂

    1. Hey Anaya thanq soooooooooooooooooooooooo much yaar !!!???????????????????????

      I hope is d same story of DYM ???

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